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"I hOpE tHeY dOnT hAcK mY fImFiCtIoN!!!!!"


What happened to my main account on discord · 3:13pm Mar 28th, 2021

To keep everything simple it was someone who was thinking I had personal information about people when o don’t publicly show anyone information without permission first. I don’t think I ever publicly uploaded people things unless it’s something someone has information on a issue. Don’t blame the message that bring public information it’s public for a reason those dumbass thinking I’m stupid I can’t believe theses people think they know what I do behind the scenes. From what I did ,I did

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Cody W Patrick backstabbing pedo · 11:16pm Oct 25th, 2020

This person I used to know for 2 years now went behind me and lied many times in the past .

Now in prison for life for rape a 12 year old in Ohio.

He did it without me knowing what going on if you wanted to know his beliefs he was sadistic type I’m not kidding you what happened in his server.

I’m assuming he groomed a individual on it I’m afraid he had committed more pedo behaviors towards his victims. I’m still had to come out and say he cheated on many others I can’t even say.

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Weekly updates on everything what’s going on with my stuff. · 8:22am Aug 4th, 2020

Firstly, I’ll have to remind everyone that my last blog update from last week were a hard time for me to explain what’s going on lately.

I have tendency to get upset if reading about something no one else likes.

My obsession outcomes are irrational due to my mind thinking someone going to blame it on me.

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I removed all fics I didn’t want to like anyway · 6:42am Jul 20th, 2020

I have removed all foalcon content and insist content off my bookshelf’s ,I will not allow myself to read or be given theses please be warned I will not like u if you write this stuff I’m not going to now not accept anything sort of troll or shits fics and underage characters or aged up not allowing this to judge myself for this decision I’ll make.

Anything involves Anon filly and annyra nazi pony is strictly off limits s from my likings.

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All my bookshelves are now private · 10:20pm Jul 18th, 2020

As of recently events on discord and ect I’m not allowing anyone to see my reads I’m sad to say no one needs to know my liking any more until I feel like showing again.

Dms are now close on this account unless it’s important like co writing

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Straight with vs outlining rant · 10:22pm Jul 5th, 2020

Not sorry for blogs lately,Outlining vs straight writing that’s the question?

Why this question why me explain things because I feel like it anyways.

It’s a statement from my question about writing my statement is don’t write straight out making stories in a day think before writing the blank pages.

Simply put outlining separate the story plot and flow and everything in grammar checks.

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someone is still re uploading fanfics on the god damn tf tg groups · 11:05pm Nov 24th, 2019

oh for the love of god this person or whoever isnt helping with this re uplaoding fanfics during a one week time period its starting to get annoying now for the last two to three days .

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SO IT COMES TO MY ADDITION YOUTUBE HAS FINALLY HIT THERE NUTS HARD ENOUGH TO FINALLY BAN EVERYONE's ACCOUNTS WHO DONT HAVE MORE REVUE IS GOING TO SHITS even accounts that are under 100 subs i don't make nearly 100$ on it like 2cents to 1$ a months and 40$ in a whole year this new rule on youtube apply s to fanfic readers and everyone who subs to them most readers get around 2k views to 200k depending on whos readers good enough it evens includes clop readers and sfw readers and beyond that .

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fanfics in progression so far · 12:40am Nov 2nd, 2019

so i been busy with four fanfics for the past year only one is about ready to be released later on, one's fanfic of twilight being a dick during Christmas and being greedy fatty the others not completely finish in draft formats only the twilight one has over 5,300 words counting if so on . and every damn person keeps asking if its through ? not really, halfway down I planed it to have 10k words

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qauestion what fictions do i write normaly ? and some onthers · 9:32pm Feb 15th, 2019

hmm easy , i write clop slash inflation/growth/gaint and chubby ponies stuff
what i can write: growth,inflation,waight gain,transformation. and some onthers i cant say outloud
what i cant write : i dont even know what i cant write

what are my normal fics : anything involing comdey or slice of life or grimdark and simple one shot fics

what are my fav friends as zodica signs . most likble ones im fond is gemni and leo or vigro and libras and sometimes pices the twin fish , or capicorn

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