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She's an aspiring Pegasus with dreams of fame and fortune. He is a dragon who wanted to change the world and bring all races together in harmony. Although they are old friends, a dangerous accident brings the two closer than they could ever imagine, and even more than they expected.

Collaboration with Sky Charmer, edited a bit by him as well but if anyone would like to help edit it completely or proofread, it would mean a lot.

Chapters (2)

Twilight is trusted by Princess Celestia with looking after and studying a mysterious, yet mundane-looking artifact: a rucksack. However, it has the ability to give its wearer whatever he or she desires. After having it stolen by a pony with an unknown agenda, she will be on a race against time to reclaim it before any havoc is wreaked in Ponyville.

Chapters (7)

What would happen if rubbing a pony's tummy turned you into a pony? We'd be doomed. That's what'd happen.

Picture related in spirit, not substance.

Chapters (1)

A "The Swan Princess" crossover/parody. (I'm not sure which.)

As his friends prepare to go to Manehatten for a ballet, Spike comes across a frail swan in the Everfree Forest. Determined to help, he takes care of the swan while his friends are away.

The night after his friends depart, however, the swan makes its way to a pond and transforms into a filly when touched by moonlight.

Now, Spike must discover how to break Pirouette's curse before the wicked mare who cursed her finds her. While at the same time, developing feelings for her?

Title card created with Pony Creater by generalzoi and Medibang Paint Pro.

All OCs belong to me. The rest belong to Lauren Faust and Hasbro.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to The Twilight Enigma

Princess Flurry Heart inherited her mother's beauty and grace as well as her father's strength and bravery. The Empire couldn't hope for a better or more suitable heir to the Crystal Throne. Everypony in Equestria admires her and thinks she will be an ideal ruler. They're wrong.

Young Flurry Heart has no interest at all in being a prim and proper princess, and would much rather have wild and dangerous adventures like her Aunt Twilight.

Chapters (29)

Sequel:The New Stallion's Adventure in Canterlot
When Sweetie Belle finds out her sister, Rarity is dating the new mysterious stallion in town? She gets curious. When she finds out Spike has no problem with this new stallion? She thinks it's odd. When she finds out Rarity has fallen madly in love with this stallion and Spike still has no problems with it? She gets worried.

Now Sweetie Belle is determined to find out who this stallion is. And does Spike really have no problem with this new stallion? Unfortunately, problems arise when she can't get help from her friends who are busy out of town. So instead she is forced to get help from...... Button Mash.

Cover Art by: Jade Crossroads

Please if you going to favorite, also upvote, please.

Chapters (8)

On the evening of their weekly sleepover, Scootaloo has a very big surprise for Rainbow Dash. She bought her a copy of the newest Daring Do book, knowing that Rainbow wouldn't have had time to get one of her own because of her job. Her only condition is that Rainbow has to read one of the last few chapters of Daring Do and The Sapphire Statue to her for a bedtime story.

Chapters (1)

What if instead of waiting in Twilight's throne room like some cheap, one-dimensional villian, Starlight decided to play it smart? What if she decided to strike at Twilight when she off guard? And what if instead of sending her through time, she decided to do something abit more drastic to the princess of friendship?

An What-if story for The Cutie Remark that came to my mind when I saw this picture. This story main theme is brainwashing and hypnosis.

Rating may change to mature.

Chapters (1)

"Hey, uh, Rick, what did you want me to, uh, write down here again?"

"Look, Morty, it's not that urp complicated, just, just write down a generic description of what we did."

"But Rick, we did a lot of things!"

"Then figurp it out, Morty. Christ, and here I thought you were getting at least a bit smarter. Just, write down something about, uh, 'Rick and Morty Get Stuff From Horse Land'. 'Morty and Rick and something something horse pun'. I dunno, something."

"I want to go back to the ponies..."

"Oh, I bet you would like that, huh, MMMorty? Go back to the girly dimension full of urp friendship and magic and all that. Look, just give it here, I'll, uh, just put it up as it is."

Now with coverart by some guy named Shadow Bolt

Chapters (5)

Principal Celestia has accidentally fallen through the mirror into Equestria, and it may be a bit before she can go home. Until then, she has to learn to cope with a strange world, in a strange body.

At the same time, Twilight has to figure out how she can help her new guest while keeping Equestria from freaking out over the presence of a second Celestia, and Sunset Shimmer has to figure out how she is going to make amends with those she had left behind in Equestria, while keeping an eye on her Principal.

Disclaimer: Since I wrote this description ages ago before I even knew the plot, the story is mostly pure comedy in the beginning, with eventual Sunlight and Chryslestia shipping!

Cover image by Arvaus, used with permission.

Chapters (21)
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