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Principal of Equestria - MareDoVVell

Why is Celestia laying on the floor in Twilight's library? Why does she seem so confused? Why does she look different? WHY IS THE PORTAL MIRROR STILL ON?

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1: The Perils of Sulking Near Portals

Celestia frowned as she read through the letter for the fourth time that evening.

Principal Celestia,

Given the number of stressful events that have occurred recently at CHS, it is the board's recommendation (and by recommendation we mean mandate) that you take an extended vacation. It will of course be fully paid, and is by no means intended as any kind of punitive measure. You have always done an exemplary job as Principal, and we simply wish for you to be at your best to allow that trend to continue. Your sister has agreed to take over your duties in the interim, so you need not worry about the state of the school during your vacation. We hope you have a wonderful time, and look forward to your return

Superintendent Faust

She sighed as she finished and let the letter fall back onto her desk. She leaned back in her chair and sighed again, though with a bit more emphasis, casting her eyes to the ceiling of her office. "I can't believe I'm being forced to take time off, that's just idiotic..." she mumbled to herself. She sat back forward and looked around for something to do, the small clock on her desk catching her eye. It was almost 9PM, which meant she wasn't even supposed to be in the building anymore.

A deep frown creased Celestia's face as she drummed her fingers on the desk, the voice in her head trying to rationalize staying a bit longer and delaying the official start of her exile, but eventually she gave up, standing and gathering a few personal effects. As much as she wanted to, she was not about to break the rules, rules she had made herself.

A few minutes later and she was exiting the main doors of the school, the cool darkness of a parking lot in late spring rushing to greet her. She began making her way towards her car, but halfway there, the large statue out on the lawn caught her eye. "Well, technically I'm not in the building anymore," she told herself, turning slightly and making a line for the statue. There was something inviting about the large marble monument, and it was a common loitering spot for many of the students. Celestia herself had sat there a few times while reading over policy documents or whatever else, and it seemed the perfect spot to mourn her impending absence just a bit longer.

She sat down on the stone walkway just in front of the statue's base and looked over the front of the school, a small smile threatening her sour mood. She personally thought it was a very beautiful building, looking a bit more like a small College than a typical High School. You couldn't even tell a hole had been blown in the front of it earlier that year. At that thought, her smile disappeared again.

She hated herself for it a little but, if she was honest, she still held a bit of a grudge against Sunset Shimmer for breaking her school, brainwashing her students, and now contributing to her forced hiatus. Originally Celestia had wanted to get the Police involved, or at least expel her, but Luna had made a compelling case for showing some lenience, and it seemed to be paying off, as Ms. Shimmer seemed to be doing quite a good job at turning her life around. That being said, Celestia still felt a bit miffed over the whole thing.

She could feel another big sigh of annoyance and self-pity welling up inside her, so she made to lean back against the statue and make her presentation as dramatically huffy as she was feeling. Unfortunately, the sigh never got the opportunity as it caught in her throat and was replaced by a panicked "eep!" as she leaned backwards and felt no statue to support her. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she thought it was a lot like the panic you feel when you are walking up a flight of stairs and try to step up one too many times as you reach the top.


Sunset Shimmer was whistling a light tune to herself as she walked towards the school. She had just left her friends for the evening as they had finished seeing a movie, and needed to stop by the school to get a book that had been forgotten in the bottom of her locker. Technically, nobody but the janitorial staff were supposed to be in the building so late at night, but she still knew a few ways to sneak in, experience gleaned during her time as Queen Bitch of the school. Normally she wouldn't bother, preferring to stick to the rules these days, but she needed the book, and after tonight the school would be locked up tight until Monday.

As Sunset neared the building, she noticed someone was sitting in front of the school statue, and it didn't take long to recognize the rainbow haired Principal. She frowned slightly, a few second thoughts on sneaking into the school popping into her mind. Principal Celestia had certainly been more friendly towards her than most of the student body since the she-demon incident, but there was still a noticeable coldness there whenever they interacted.

Sunset turned to make her way back home, deciding to give up on the book, but was forced to look back in surprise when she heard a sudden yelp. She turned just in time to watch the last few inches of the Principal's legs disappear into the base of the statue. "Ugh...well that's probably not gonna go well..." Sunset said aloud, her expression scrunching as she tried to think of what she should do next.


Celestia landed on her back with a soft thud. It hadn't hurt, which was surprising since she felt like she had fallen a lot further than a few feet. She also couldn't figure out why she felt like she was laying on a very soft carpet, why it was suddenly a lot darker and less windy outside, and why everything smelled like old paper. "I better not have given myself a concussion or something," she grumbled as she attempted to sit up, but lost her balance halfway and landed back on the floor with a second muted thump.

Something about her body felt off, as if all her limbs were shorter and clumsier than they used to be. "Great job Celestia, start your vacation with brain damage, way to go." At least she was still capable of sarcasm, so that was something. She reached to grab her cell phone from her coat pocket, figuring an ambulance might be a good idea, despite how humiliating the circumstances were. As her hand reached her side however, she let out a high pitched scream of shock. What should have felt like fingers touching cotton instead felt like a wooden fist touching soft fur.

Before she could dwell on the thought for too long, she heard nearby footsteps, footsteps that sounded like wooden shoes on stone. As they drew nearer, a number of lights came on, illuminating the room, and Celestia realized she was lying on the floor of an enormous library. The footsteps were very close at this point, and she looked in their direction, hoping to see a familiar face, or at least someone friendly and helpful looking despite their strange choices in footwear.


Twilight Sparkle came up to the half open door to the library, noticing the castle had seen her coming and kindly turned the lights on by itself in anticipation. "This place is so weird sometimes..." she whispered to herself, pressing a forehoof to the door and opening it the rest of the way. "Spike is that...oh! Princess, what are you doing in the library...laying on the ground...in the dark...at night?" She asked her mentor quizzically, one brow firmly arched in question. "That sorta seems like something I'd do..."

Celestia was utterly speechless. A tiny purple horse, with wings and a horn, had just walked in, started talking, and called her Princess. "Yep...I definitely have brain damage...um...Ms. Purple Horse, could you please call an ambulance for me? I fell a minute ago and I think I've hit my head pretty badly and, as I just mentioned, am hallucinating that you are a purple horse." It probably wasn't the best way to ask for immediate medical assistance, but it was the best her utterly baffled mind could come up with in the moment.

Twilight's eyes widened at the mention Celestia might be hurt and she was about to start full on panic mode and teleport the Princess to the nearest hospital when her mind finally processed what had just been said and brought her train of thought to a grinding halt. "Horse? Princess, we're ponies, you know that, not to mention I've always been purple." Part of her knew she should be focusing more on her teacher's strange confusion than pedantry, but she couldn't help herself.

Celestia ignored the strange statement, chalking it up to more hallucination, and attempted to get up again, this time managing to roll over onto her front at least. She was about to take a second stab at asking for help when she was interrupted by a sharp gasp from "Ms. Purple Horse".

"Celestia, what happened to your wings!?" Twilight gasped, so shocked she forgot to use the alicorn's, well former-alicorn's, title.

Reflexively, Celestia turned to look behind herself, letting out a gasp of her own. Of course, in her case, the surprise wasn't in her apparent lack of wings, as having any would have been disconcerting all on it's own, but instead it was in the reflection that stared back at her from the surface of a strangely ornate mirror.

In the mirror was the image of a bright white pony with a multicolored pastel mane and tail, a horn jutting from it's forehead, and large magenta eyes widened in shock, and no small amount of terror.

"WHY AM I A TALKING HORSE!?" she screamed, scrambling awkwardly up onto four long legs so she could properly survey herself.

"What in Equestria are you talking about Princess?" Twilight asked meekly, beginning to worry even more at the display of bizarre behavior. "...and why are you...smaller?" Now that she was standing, it was obvious Celestia lacked her normally imposing stature, and now stood an inch or so shorter than Twilight. Twilight couldn't help but marvel at the thought for a moment, never before in her life had she been able to look down on Celestia. Well physically at least. Twilight knew she'd never look down on her beloved mentor in the other meaning of the phrase.

This line of thinking, as well as Celestia's panicked self inspection, were both interrupted as the mirror began to ripple and a deep yellow mare burst through the portal. "Twilight! The other Celestia has..." Sunset stopped mid sentence as she noticed the white unicorn standing right next to her. "Oh...I guess you already know..."

"Sunset? What are you doing here, not that I'm not happy to see you," Twilight gave her newest friend a warm but confused look. "and what do you mean other Celestia..." Twilight now too had stopped mid sentence as she connected the dots. "Oh...you mean...oh...um....that's not good is it?" she asked with a deep frown, all sorts of questions forming in her mind and shoving at each other to demand her mental attention.

Celestia meanwhile looked the newest pony in the room up and down. The yellow color, the fiery hair, and the purple one had called her Sunset, it had to be. "Sunset Shimmer? You've turned into a h-pony too?" she asked, her daze of confusion worsening. She wasn't even sure why she had acquiesced to referring to them as ponies over horses, though it did seem to be a more fitting term.

Sunset looked over to Celestia, taking a moment before answering. "Um, yes, well sort of...technically I've always been a pony...um...and this is...well, you remember Twilight Sparkle?" she gestured to the young princess as she asked, a plastic smile on her face.

Celestia looked back and forth between the two. Now that she thought about it, just as she had noticed with Sunset, the other pony had some very obvious similarities with the awkward purple skinned girl who had saved her school from certain doom twice now.

"I see..." she started slowly "I do remember you Ms. Sparkle, and while it is very nice to see, uh, you again, could one of you two please explain to me WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!"

Author's Note:

So, story number 2, here we go! This idea popped into my head one day and I couldn't resist writing it. Gonna try to keep both this and The Sun Has Lost Its Mind regularly updated, though it might be a bit longer between chapters as a result. Anyways I hope you all enjoy it!

Thanks to Vanderblast for editing.

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