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Yes this is the same Shadow Storm as on Youtube so check out my channel I hope not to disappoint and im a Milwaukee Wisconsin brony

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Red Ace may act like a wisecracker, but he is dedicated to his dream. Since he was four years old, he has had his eye on one prize. The Equestrian league championship.

Before he gets there, he will have to face eight powerful Gym Leaders...

His equally skilled Rivals...

And the sinister Team Chaos.

Star will be there to snark his way through it.

An homage/parody of the Pokémon games. Using an OC as the Trainer and company, and Canon ponies as other characters.

Just me having fun. Like most of my writing.

Chapters (4)

The Doctor has had many adventures, but none are as memorable as when he was thrown into an alternate universe consisting of talking, magical, multicolored ponies. Now, over 2,000 years after returning to his own universe, he continues to reminisce about that place, or more accurately, the mare he spent most of his time with back then. All the adventures. All the stars. All the love. Why did it all have to end...

(I do not own any of the characters in this story, nor claim to)

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What happens when 7 diffrent ponies are transported to a world where the inhabitants are Digimon? Follow a princess, a farmer, a wonderbolt, a supermodel, a royal guard, a nurse and a pony from the wasteland when they are trying to save the Digital World.

The story begins one day after "Luna Eclipsed" in season 2.

Mlp/Digimon crossover, I own nothing.

Level 3 Anthro.

I know there are many who do not like Flash Sentry, but this Flash Sentry has nothing to do with the movies at all.

Chapters (14)

It seemed like such a normal day in Equestria, everything seemed as average as it got for everpony..that was until a strange rift in the sky opened. It was only open for a few minutes but what came out of the portal would give any pony a major shock. The main six are the first on the site but the only thing they find are 6 mysterious eggs, what lies inside the eggs is a mystery to even them, but the eggs weren't the only thing that came out of that rift.

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Two months have passed since House faked his death to avoid prison and spend time with his best friend, Wilson. Together they have traveled the United States doing whatever it is Wilson wishes to do before he dies from terminal cancer.

The most recent decision was to go to Trentville, a small town with little to offer the pair, apart from an unbeatable drinking challenge.

After successfully completing the challenge House and Wilson pass out in an an alleyway behind the pub, only to wake up in rather different land.

How will House cope in a land that is filled with ideas he believes to be moronic, where kindness and friendship roam free. More importantly, how will Equestria cope with House's cold, hard, cynical logic? Also how will Wilson cope living in a land filled with ideals he has tried to convince House of his whole life?

Chapters (17)
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