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Yes this is the same Shadow Storm as on Youtube so check out my channel I hope not to disappoint and im a Milwaukee Wisconsin brony

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Take place after Twilight get her element and before Lightspeed Rescue.

After hearing about where the new Element Ranger came from. Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle goes in and come out as a new team of Pony Rangers. Jungle Beast! Spirit Unleashed!

Scootaloo as Jungle Fury Red
Apple Bloom as Jungle Fury Blue
Sweetie Belle as Jungle Fury Yellow
Much later, Shining Armor as Violet Wolf Ranger
Much, MUCH later, Babs Seed as White Rhino Ranger

The animal spirits from the show are in here to give them their powers. The Cutie Mark Crusaders first time as Pony Rangers. Shining Armor is added to be the master of the three once he discovers the rangers. Babs Seed join on a visit.

Chapters (3)

The engagement of Big Mac and Rainbow Dash is the talk of Ponyville! Everypony wants to know how the proposal happened, when the date is, and how Rainbow Dash reacted! There is only one problem, Big Mac never proposed. Now Rainbow Dash has to try to get through a normal day with everypony trying to find out how the proposal happened and how she is planning her wedding.

This is a very late Valentines Day story dedicated to the one and only Jake the Army Guy. I wanted to have this story done before he came back, but that didn't go as planned. So here you go brother, a large MacDash story just for you!

Big shout outs goes out to Arbarano and The Masked Ferret for all the edits and idea bouncing. I am sure both of them have gone a bit insane because of it.

Art is done by KeyLimePie, go check them out on Facebook!

New cover image belongs to honeyheart23

Chapters (7)

A married Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash must go on a long and tretcherous journey through the Everfree Forest to cross a new mile-stone in their relationship.

This is my first FimFiction so I thought that I'd start with a "BOOM!" So, I will accept any and all criticism... Okay. MOST critisism. So enjoy.

Cover art by: FlutterPal

Chapters (7)

Twilight's Cuckoo Clock stopped working, so she took it to Time Turner to have it fixed. It turns out to be an ancient artifact covered with seals and filled with mechanical impossibilities. What secrets is the library's Cuckoo Clock holding? ((NOT a Dr. Whooves Story))

Chapters (12)

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have been happily married for about two months. When Fluttershy believes that they are ready to start to their own family, Rainbow Dash reluctantly goes along with it eventually. However, they find their relationship strained and tested under the new conditions.

Also contains RariJack. Rated teen as it does contain some adult themes.

Cancelled due to a change of mind. Story to be replaced but the original will be on gdocs at some point.

Chapters (10)

It all begins with a night spent above the clouds�
Overnight, everything changes for Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash as they at last begin to realise that they�ve always been a little more than just friends. As they unravel their newfound feelings, discovering more about each other and themselves, they can't help but wonder if they both feel the same way � and after Rainbow Dash makes a mistake that could take a lifetime to mend, she fears that she may lose her closest friend forever.

Cover Art: Mornin' Sleepy Head, by Kiyoshiii at DeviantArt

Chapters (10)
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