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When a strange dream enter Celestia mind one night, she and four other ponies are call together to to form a new team call the Pony Rangers Megaforce. Now the creator of the Element Pony Rangers, as well as In Space Rangers, must use her new powers along with some friends to fight a evil that her rangers can't deal with. Luna, the princess of the night joins her sister in the fight. She also the creator of the Turbo Rangers and Lightspeed Rangers. Cadence, member of the Lost Galaxy Rangers, joins in to help her aunt thanks to her time being ranger before hoof. Maud Pie, sister of Pinkie Pie, joins in as well, to protect her family. Flash Sentry a newly join soldier for Princess Celestia join to do his job and unknowing get a chance to know the Princesses. As for Shining Armor, he reason to join will be unknown. It his reason only. Take place after all 19 Ranger Teams. (Still working on a few of them by the way.) Go! Go! Megaforce!

Celestia as Megaforce Red,
Luna as Megaforce Blue,
Cadence as Megaforce Pink,
Maud Pie as Megaforce Yellow,
Flash Sentry-Megaforce Black,
Shining Armor as Shining Knight (Robo Knight)

Chapters (1)

The Element Pony Rangers are well know heroes around Equestria. Many Ranger teams form because them them. Spike is an friend and ally of the Rangers. He also loves reading comic books. His favorite is the Power Ponies, a group ponies that have their own powers. Unlike the Rangers, they fight crime every time they are needed. When Spike buy the new comic he find it blank. Confuse and upset Spike wanted to get his money back. Before he could the book make a strange light and he and the Rangers get suck it. It time for the Comic Book heroes and Equestria Heroes to team up. Pony Rangers meet the Power Ponies. IT MORPHIN' TIME! Chapter One now has the Intro for the whole story.

Side story to my Pony Rangers Series.

Rainbow Dash-Element Red/Zapp
Fluttershy-Element Yellow/Saddle Rager
Applejack-Element Blue/Mistress Mare-velous
Pinkie-Element Pink/Fili-Second
Rarity-Element Black/Radiance
Twilight-Element White/Masked Matter-Horn

Also joining is, Spike/Hum Drum, Mane-iac, and a new Villain.

Cover not mine.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Element Pony Rangers

Five months pass since Celestia and Luna was reunited and the Element Rangers enjoy their Peace. But when a old evil that was defeated by the Princesses return, the Element Rangers take up the Elements to defend Equestria once again. Welcome Discord, the god of Chaos and Disharmony. Will the Rangers be able to stop this threat or will Discord do what Nightmare Moon can't, destroy the Element Pony Rangers.

During the fight, a ranger will fall, new monsters will be fought and there will even be a evil team of rangers! Can the Rangers handle this new threat or will fall under Discord?

Returning from Season 1
Rainbow Dash as Element Red
Fluttershy as Element Yellow
Applejack as Element Blue
Pinkie as Element Pink
Rarity as Element Black
Twilight as Element Green and later Element White

Also returning from Season 1 are,
Trixie-former minion of Nightmare Moon and partly minion of Discord
Fighter-former minion of Nightmare Moon and now minion of Discord
Lighting Dust-Former Evil Green Ranger
Snap and Snails-that will have a bigger role then season 1 this time

New to the season
Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Twist-As Discord's Thunder Rangers. Along with Trixie, Fighter and Lighting Dust.

A bigger cast and hopefully bigger action. Get ready, because IT MORPHIN' TIME!

Chapters (3)

I had this idea for some time and I'm not the only one to write this type of crossover.

When the Evil Nightmare Moon and her minions escape their prison on the moon, Princess Celestia chosen five mares to be a new team, The Element Pony Rangers! My very first try at show I just started to watch and My childhood show. IT MORPHIN' TIME!

As the season continues, more ideas of my own will be added and Twilight will join her friends. I even have other Pony Rangers stories up. Feel free to read them.

Rainbow Dash is Element Red,
Fluttershy is Element Yellow,
Applejack is Element Blue,
Pinkie Pie is Element Pink,
Rarity is Element Black,
And much later Twilight joins as Element Green,
Hope you enjoy it!
Season 1

Cover made by Zenitram like he for Lance Skyes

Chapters (21)

Take place after Twilight get her element and before Lightspeed Rescue.

After hearing about where the new Element Ranger came from. Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle goes in and come out as a new team of Pony Rangers. Jungle Beast! Spirit Unleashed!

Scootaloo as Jungle Fury Red
Apple Bloom as Jungle Fury Blue
Sweetie Belle as Jungle Fury Yellow
Much later, Shining Armor as Violet Wolf Ranger
Much, MUCH later, Babs Seed as White Rhino Ranger

The animal spirits from the show are in here to give them their powers. The Cutie Mark Crusaders first time as Pony Rangers. Shining Armor is added to be the master of the three once he discovers the rangers. Babs Seed join on a visit.

Chapters (3)

When Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash find themselves in Reefside, California, they find three dino gems. Each one lends the power of a certain dinosaur, along with the ability to morph into power rangers. Will the three mares be able to stop evil from taking over Reefside (and possibly Equestria too)?
Crossover with Power Rangers: Dino Thunder
Special thanks to chrisharte97 and Alticron for giving me the idea for the fanfic and editing.

Chapters (7)
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