• Published 11th Dec 2013
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Element Pony Rangers - Shazam 25

Nightmare Moon escapes and Celestia chooses the Mane Six to be the Element Pony Rangers.

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Rangers in Cloudsdale

"Ohgoshohgoshohgosh!", Rainbow Dash shouted very fast after looking at her mail, "I can't believe it! The Wonderbolts wants me to preform with them?!"

True to what she said, Rainbow was holding a note that ask if she would like to preform with the Wonderbolts in Cloudsdale. She was so excited that she was preforming loops in that air.

"I got to tell the others!" She said and few off at top speed ignoring the rest of her mail.

Rainbow flew until she reach Sugarcube Corner and bust in and stop near her friends, who were talking about something when Rainbow come up to them.

"Rainbow what with you?" Twilight ask.

"I just got a letter asking me if I can preform with the Wonderbolts at Cloudsdale!" Rainbow shriek happily.

The other were just as surprise.

"Wow! I know you see yourself as cool, but preform with your heroes? That a shock." Rarity said.

"I bet your going to have lots of fun!" Pinkie said happily for her friend.

"Yeah, you bet I am!" Rainbow said proudly.

"Um, Rainbow. Do you know why the Wonderbolt are preform?" Twilight ask.

"Hmm, don't know really. I guess I got so carry away that I never thought about why." Rainbow answers, claiming down and thinking about it.

"Well, they are preforming because....", Applejack stop and look around to make sure no pony was listening before she continue, "It for the Element Pony Rangers."

"WHAT?!" Rainbow shouted out loud.

Applejack quickly cover Rainbow mouth and pull her down before looking around to make sure nopony heard that. Luckily no one did.

"Rainbow, are you trying to blow are cover?" Applejack ask the blue mare, reminding her the third rule.

"Hey, I'm not trying to.", Rainbow said after she push Applejack's hoof off her, "I'm surprise that it for us as rangers."

"Um, there is one problem.", Fluttershy spoke up, "It in Cloudsdale right? Only Pegasus can walk on clouds."

"Wait, Cloudsdale is made out of clouds?" Pinkie ask.

Rainbow hoof-face herself for forgetting that. She and Fluttershy could easily move around but the others can't. Ponies were thinking that the Element Rangers could do anything, even walk on clouds.

"So what can we do? We know the Element Rangers can't walk on clouds." Rainbow ask quietly.

"I think I got something back at the library that can help some of us. Why don't you and Fluttershy head to Cloudsdale and we'll met up there." Twilight said.

"Do you even know where Cloudsdale is?" Rainbow ask her friend.

"Yeah, Celestia had told me about it before meeting you girls." Twilight answer showing that she was prepare.

"Ok then, Come on Fluttershy, let go to my house first and pick up my Wonderbolt suit before we head to Cloudsdale." Rainbow said then turn to Fluttershy.

"O...ok." Fluttershy said and follow Rainbow out of Sugarcube Corner.

"Come on girls. We better get to the library." Twilight said.

"Huh? What for?" Pinkie ask a little out of loop.

"I have a spell that can help us move around Cloudsdale." Twilight answer and walk out the shop with her friends right behind her.

On the Moon, Nightmare Moon was completely shock that Cloudsdale was having the Wonderbolt preform for the Element Rangers. She growl deeply and turn to Zecora who was working on a new Putty Pony.

"Zecora! I need a monster to teach Cloudsdale that they must never cheer for the rangers!" She said.

"Vey well my Queen, A monster will fight and be very mean.", Zecora said as she finish the last new putty, "and with these new putties, Cloudsdale could get quite muddy."

"Good!", Nightmare Moon smile, "make me a monster as soon as you can."

Zecora bow and Nightmare Moon turn away. She walk pass Trixie who was deep in thought.

"Come on Trixie, I know you are powerful at Magic, most of the blasts were knock me out, if I wasn't morph. Celestia can help you learn better magic if you just let us."

The words that Twilight told after their first battle appear in her head each time she thought about Twilight. She wanted them to stop but she admitted that the idea was good but was afraid that Nightmare Moon would seek her out and destroy if she did. She was so lost in thought she didn't hear Gilda speaking to her.

"Hey, Trixie!" Gilda shouted snapping her out of her thoughts.

"What is it Gilda?! Can't you see that the Great and Powerful Trixie is trying to come up with her own plan to stop the rangers?" She said annoy.

"Really huh? Anyway I heard that Cloudsdale is going to have the Rangers show up after the Wonderbolt preform." Gilda ask at first then told Trixie wants was going on.

"Trixie knows, and she doesn't care." Trixie said and got up.

"What? You don't care?" Gilda ask.

"Yes, Trixie doesn't care. She has other things to worry about." She said and walk away.

"What eating her?" Gilda ask.

Nightmare Moon stood by and heard everything between the two. Trixie actions was started to puzzle her but she was aware that Trixie could betray her at any point.

"You better not betray me Trixie. Or you will be punish." She said.

Back on Equestria, Rainbow and Fluttershy flew to Cloudsdale with Rainbow holding on her Wonderbolt suit. Rainbow was so excited to see the Wonderbolts. But she also knew that the Element Rangers were suppose to show up as well. She wasn't quite sure how all her friends were going to appear, after all Cloudsdale is made out of clouds and only Pegasi can walk on clouds. They both land on a cloud road and started to walking. They spotted the Wonderbolts already practicing for the preform they were going today. They walk up and stop at Spitfire who was couching the team.

"Alright you fillies, remember we are showing our tricks when the Rangers show up." She said.

Both Rainbow and Fluttershy grew a little worry about that. After all, they were only two of the six rangers. Rainbow knew there was no way for her to preform and show up as the Red Element Ranger at the same time, plus there was no way her friends could make it up here...yet.

Spitfire turn and saw both Pegasi right behind her. She also saw they were in some kind of thought. She decide to break them out of it for now.

"Well Rainbow Dash, I see you got the letter." She said.

"Huh? Oh yeah! I did, but it didn't tell me that it was for the Element Rangers." Rainbow said still coming out her thoughts.

"Truth to be told either did we." Soarin said as he land to Spitfire holding a Wonderbolt suit.

"Who that for? I mean if that ok." Fluttershy ask meekly.

"It fine, actually it for Rainbow Dash." Soarin said.

Rainbow was surprise to hear that. She bought her training suit but she never thought she get a real Wonderbolt suit. She gave her training suit to Fluttershy and took the other suit. Rainbow couldn't help but to pet the suit with her hoof as she lay her head on it with her eyes close.

Fluttershy giggle as Spitfire roll her eyes.

"Rainbow Dash, you better go get ready. Practice will be going on for another 15 minutes." She said.

Rainbow snap up straight and said, "Yes Ma'am!" then flew off to get change.

"That Rainbow for you. She always dream of being in a Wonderbolt suit." Fluttershy giggle to see her friend like that.

"So what bring you here?" Soarin ask the Yellow Pegasus.

"Well, I heard about the Element Rangers showing up here and I like to see them." Fluttershy quickly told them.

"Hm, now that I think about it, The Rangers only show up when there trouble and they are mostly seen in Ponyville. If I remember correctly, that where you and Rainbow Dash lives." Spitfire said catching Fluttershy off guard.

Before she could try to find a answer, Rainbow came back now dress in the Wonderbolt suit.

"Well, how do I look?" She ask proudly.

"Wow Rainbow, you look just like a Wonderbolt." Fluttershy said seeing that this was the best way to avoid talking about her ranger self.

"Yeah, I think so too!" Rainbow said happily.

"Alright, enough talk. Rainbow, get your flank to the practice area and work those wings!!!" Spitfire said.

"YES MA'AM!!!" Rainbow shouted and flew to the practice area.

Fluttershy decide to look around Cloudsdale whiling waiting for Rainbow Dash to get done and come up with a plan to explain to everypony how the Element Rangers can't show up.

Back on the Moon, Nightmare Moon watch as Zecora finish making a new monster. It look like a griffin but had four wings and sharper claws. Zecora place it inside her monster making machine and soon brought it to life. Gilda was a little unhappy of a Griffin monster but suck it up and deal with it.

"AHAHAHA! Oh does it feel good to flap these wings." He said with a deep scary voice.

"General Griff. It been a long time." Nightmare Moon said.

"Ah! my queen. It good to see you again." He said and bow.

"I have orders for you.", She said having him look up, "Go to a place call Cloudsdale and show those foolish ponies that they must never apposes me. But be careful, there two ponies that have the Elements of Harmony and should not be taking lightly."

"Yes, my queen. Where are my soldiers?" He said the ask.

"Take Zecora's new Pegasi Putties. They will help you carry out your orders." Nightmare Moon said.

"Yes, my queen." General Griff said and bow again.

Nightmare Moon smile, once Cloudsdale realizes their mistake and two of the Rangers destroy, then taking out the rest of the Rangers and Equestria will be easy. She laugh once again thinking that she was going to win.

Rainbow was really excited to preform with the Wonderbolts but knew the main problem was how she was going to preform and show up as a ranger. And how she going to explain that the rangers won't show up in the first place. Rainbow didn't get a chance to think about it when she hear Spitfire call her name. Rainbow land and waited for her report.

"Ok Rainbow, you are doing great but you need to easy up on the turns. Give too much and you will crash, give to little and you will fall behind." Spitfire told her after watching her.

"Other then that, if you keep it up, you will preform with us." Soarin added.

"Yes Ma'am and sir!" Rainbow saluted and flew about back in the air.

"Hm, she really good. In fact I say she make a better Wonderbolt then the rest of us." Soarin said to Spitfire.

"I agree, she a Wonderbolt by spirit and heart." Spitfire agree.

The practice went on for another few minutes before a pony scream was heard from close by. Everypony stop and turn to see a pegasus fall from the sky and Spitfire act by catching it.

"What are those things?!" Soarin shouted and they look up to see grey ponies flying in the air.

"Putty Ponies!", Rainbow said as she land next to them, "And look like Nightmare Moon got around to making Pegasi types."

"You know those things?" Spitfire ask.

"Yeah, they attack my home many times and I do what I can to stop them." Rainbow said seeing the putties fly in closer.

Rainbow quickly got to fight and punch one putty away before kicking another. They soon land and started to fight back. Rainbow block one putty before grabbing it hoof and kick backwards at another that charge from behind. She kick the one she had into another putty and threw a round house kick that knock down three putties at once. Rainbow then flip backwards a bit before jump up and kicking her legs out knock away two Putties that flew to her. She then turn and block another putty before give it a bunch of punches and kick it away.

Spitfire and Soarin just was in shock to see Rainbow take the things down as if she been doing it for a long time. Rainbow soon knocks the last one and watch them disappear.

"Wow, they are just as weak as Earth Ponies putties." Rainbow said to herself.

"Well done! Well done!" A voice spoke out.

Rainbow turn to see a claw coming right at her and flip out of the way but her Wonderbolt suit was cut by them.

Rainbow stop after a few feet and saw a Griffin with four wings and really sharp claws. She look down and saw the cuts on her suit.

"Hey! I was dreaming about the day I'll have a Wonderbolt suit!" Rainbow yell at it before getting ready to fight.

"AHAHAHA! So you one of the ponies my queen wants remove right? You did well against the putties but now you face a General." He said and ready himself to attack.

It must be one of Nightmare Moon monsters. I should morph but Spitfire and Soarin are still close by. I'll have to fight him unmorph. Rainbow thought and charge at him.

Rainbow first threw a high kick that the griffin duck under, then she threw an punch that the griffin caught and kick her away. Rainbow recover thanks to her wings and flew at him in top speed. The Griffin flew up and Rainbow follow only to get knock back into the clouds that stop her from going through them.

"HAHAHA! Is that the best you got? No one has beat General Griff!" He laugh.

Rainbow stood up and look at him. She knew there was no choice, She had to morph. Despite times call for despite measures.

"Spitfire, Soarin.", Rainbow call out to the two Wonderbolts that was still watching, "Listen, I need you to make a promise."

"A promise? What promise?" Soarin ask confuse.

"A promise that you will told no pony of what you are about to see." Rainbow said not turning from her opponent.

"Rainbow Dash your not making any sense." Spitfire said just as confuse as Soarin.

Rainbow stood on her back hooves and place one of her hooves behind her. Both Wonderbolts and General Griff was confuse by her action.

"You told me that your preforming for the Element Rangers right?" Rainbow ask and the two nods.

Rainbow smile and shouted, "IT MORHIN' TIME!


In no time, Rainbow Wonderbolt suit was replace with her red ranger suit and her head was cover by the helmet that also form. Rainbow stood ready for battle as Spitfire and Soarin jaws drop. General Griff just floated in the sky with a surprise look on his face.

"Rainbow your one of..." Soarin try to say but Rainbow answer for him.

"Yes, I'm one of the Element Rangers. Now that you know, you can't tell anypony or I'll lose my power." Rainbow said, still looking at the griffin.

"A ranger? All you did was get a new suit. What will that do for you?" Griff ask thinking that it still was going to be easy.

"I guess Nightmare Moon forgot to tell you about the Element Rangers. I'm Element Ranger Red, the leader of the group. And I'm going to take you down. Element Sword!" Rainbow said then drew her weapon and flew at him.

Rainbow's sword clash with Griff's long claws and the tow started fighting in close quarters as the two Wonderbolts watch.

Meanwhile in a different spot of Cloudsdale, Fluttershy was still looking around to see what has change since she left. There wasn't much new things a new shop here and there but other wise still look the same. She was sudden cut off from her sightseeing when a group of Pegasi ran past her saying something about grey Pegasi. Fluttershy look up and saw the Pegasi Putties landing on the clouds and knew what was going on. She wanted noting more then to get somewhere safe and contact the others, but that plan was cut off when she saw a small family of Pegasi surrounded by the new putties. Putting all her fear behind her, Fluttershy rush up and kick one putty away and punch another before blocking two putties at the some time.

Once she had room she turn to the family and said, "Get out of here!"

The family nods and runs off. Fluttershy smile and quickly kick way the two putties she was fighting against. She was caught off guard when two putties kick her after jumping out of the clouds. Fluttershy roll for a bit before stopping at a Cloud house and look up to see the same two putties flew in the air to attack her again. But the were sudden kick away by Twilight and Rarity! Fluttershy was happy to see her friends but remember they weren't Pegasi. She was about to warn them when they land on the clouds without falling through.

"Hey Fluttershy, You're alright?" She heard and look behind to see Applejack and Pinkie come running up to her.

"What...how...?" Fluttershy just couldn't get the words out of her mouth but Twilight explain anyway.

"Cloud walking Spell. It let any non-Pegasi ponies walk on clouds without the fear of falling down." She said.

Fluttershy nods but was still confuse. Before she could ask another question, more Pegasi Putties show up.

"Gezz, these thing are every where." Rarity said.

"And some thing tell me being un-morph is going to work since four of us can't fly." Applejack added.

"Hey, where Rainbow?" Pinkie ask notices that the sixth member was no where to be seen.

"She still practicing with the Wonderbolts but I got a feeling she knows about the Putties too." Fluttershy answer.

"Well, no time to stand around. I know they aren't that tough but, with our weapons we should be able to beat them." Twilight said thinking over how they were going to beat them.

All five mares stood on their back hooves and place one hoof behind them.

"IT MORPIN' TIME!" Twilight shouted as each one brought out their Elements/Coin.






Soon the five rangers stood ready for battle and pull out their weapons. Pinkie fire arrow after arrow at the Pegasi Putties knocking them out of the sky. Rarity has switch her Element Ax to blaster mode and started doing the same thing as Pinkie. Fluttershy flew through the air and slash any putty with her Element Draggers and knock them out of the sky. Because Applejack and Twilight were the only rangers at the moment that can not attack Putties in the air, they took care of the putties that was still on the clouds. The new putties were useless against the rangers weapons and fell in no time.

"Gezz, Nightmare Moon makes new putties and their are just as much as a pushover as the other kinds." Applejack sigh.

"Yeah, We better go find Rainbow, you all know how Nightmare Moon works. Send putties first then a monster." Twilight said before an explosion was heard.

"That come from the Training field!" Fluttershy gasps in shock.

"Then let move!" Twilight said that the five rangers ran to the training field.

Thanks to the boost that Rainbow gets every time she morph, she was able to keep up with Griff but he was still to strong. Rainbow did successfully get a few hits in but Griff was stronger then he looks. He knock Rainbow away and slash her a few times and end by using two of his wings to knock Rainbow back to the clouds below them. Rainbow boucle off before flipping back to her hooves and held her sword out.

"I must say, that suit really does help you. Too bad it not enough!", Griff said as he landed on the clouds, "time to say good-bye."

Rainbow was still recovering from her fight and saw Griff open all his wings and cup his claws together. An energy ball was form and shot right at Rainbow. Before the attack could hit she was push out of the way by Spitfire and Soarin! The attack hit the spot behind them and made a huge hole in the clouds. Rainbow turn to them and smile under her helmet. The Wonderbolts just help her but they were no match for the Griffin that Nightmare Moon send.

"You better get outta here.", She told them, "it too dangerous."

"We see your point but you can't hold off for long." Spitfire said knowing Rainbow was in big trouble.

"HAHAHA! Trying to run away? No going to happen!" He said and ready another attack.

But explosions around him cause him to stop his attack and watch as the rest of the rangers appear. They stood ready to fight as Rainbow stood back up.

"How did you guys get here?" She ask the four rangers.

"We can talk about this later, can you still fight?" Twilight said then ask.

"Yeah, let's show this creep what happen when you mess with Equestria." Rainbow said as each ranger ready themselves.

"With the Element of Generosity, Element Pony Ranger, Black!" Rarity said.

"With the Element of Laughter, Element Pony Ranger, Pink!" Pinkie said.

"With the Element of Honesty, Element Pony Ranger, Blue!" Applejack said.

"With the Element of Kindness, Element Pony Ranger, Yellow!" Fluttershy said.

"With the Element of Loyalty , Element Pony Ranger, Red!" Rainbow said.

"With the Power of Thunder, Element Pony Ranger, Green!" Twilight said.

"In the name of Harmony! We protect the weak and insure the peace! We are the Element Pony Rangers!" They shouted and held their weapons out.

Applejack and Pinkie ran up to Griff and Applejack jump over and place her Element Lances on his neck to get his claws to move up. That gave Pinkie an open shot and fire a flew arrows after Applejack jump away. Rarity and Twilight ran up to him next and both slash him as hard as they could and slash downwards to make him take few steps. Rainbow and Fluttershy both few at him and Fluttershy slash a few with her element draggers before standing up straight and held her upper hooves out. Rainbow jump off her shoulders and slash down as hard as she could making Griff fall back.

"Looks like you can't handed us by yourself, but we ain't going to let you call for back up. Ready girls?" Rainbow said then ask.

"Ready!" They shouted and held their weapons out one more time.

"Element Ax!" Rarity shouted flipping it around and move the handle to the base before throwing it in the air.

"Element Bow!" Pinkie shouted flipping her around before throwing it in the air and it combine with the Element Ax.

"Element Lance!" Applejack shouted and spit the lance in half before throwing them to combine at the end of the bow.

"Element Draggers" Fluttershy shouted and flip her before throwing them. They went right next to the lances half's.

"Element Sword!" Rainbow shouted and jump up and grab the Element Ax before placing the Element Sword on top.

Rainbow land on the ground and aim at General Griff. The others place their hooves on Rainbow's shoulders.

"ELEMENT CANNON! READY!" They shouted.

"What the?!" He shouted.

"Added with the power of thunder." Twilight added and place her hoof on Rainbow as well.

"FIRE!" They shouted and the cannon fire a energy beam that made Griff fall to the clouds without a word and explode.

"Yeah!" The rangers cheers seeing that they defeat another monster.

But it was cut short when a beam shot from the sky and hit right were Griff was. He was relieve and grew to 30 feet tall.

"This is bad. Only my zord can fly." Pinkie said knowing this was a problem.

"Then we might just go straight to the Dragon-Megazord." Rainbow said knowing Pinkie can't do it on her own.

The other nods and raise their hooves and shouted, "WE NEED DINOZORD POWER NOW!"

Twilight place the Thunder Dragger near her mouth piece and play the tune that summon the Dragonzord.

Soon all six zords were running to Cloudsdale and the Pterodactyl zord flew over Cloudsdale to show all the Pegasi that the rangers were here and ready to fight. The other Zords stop at the bottom because they had no way of getting up there.

"Alright rangers, let go!" Rainbow ask as they all jump on top of Pinkie zord as Pinkie went in the cockpit of the zord.

Pinkie flew the Pterodactyl zord near the others and the Rangers jump in their zords. They quickly form the Megazord and ready for the next form.

"DRAGON-MEGAZORD COMBINE!" They shouted and soon it stand tall.

The Dragon-Megazord flew up to Cloudsdale and floated in front of Griff.

"Well, well, I see you don't know when to give up!" He said and started to slash them with his claws.

The rangers counter with their swords before hold them in place. Griff was about to throw a kick out them but Pinkie was quick enough to see it and had them move back making the attack miss. They charge forward and slash him a few time before he back off.

"Heh! Try all you want, you can't beat a general!" He said.

"We beat a former captain before so who said we can't beat a General?" Rainbow inform him.

They had the Dragon-Megazord fly even higher before stopping and have it ready for it attacks.


The Rangers then got all their zords' weapons into firing position, aimed right at the Griff

"What in the?!!!" Griff shouted and cover himself with his wings.

POWER OF HARMONY," The Rangers shouted in unison, "FINAL BLAST!"

The heavy attack hit Griff and did lots of damage to him. He remove his wings to tell the Rangers again that they can't beat him when he saw the Dragon-Megazord fly right at him.

"WHAT THE?!!" He shouted again.

"FINAL SLASH!" The Rangers shouted.

The Megazord pulled both of its blades back in preparation for the attack. Just before the Megazord hit Griff, the Rangers swung both blades in a scissors formation, hitting Griff directly.

"What? How can this be? I'm a general!!!" He shouted before falling on the clouds and erupted in a glorious explosion that kind of destroy the clouds he was on.

"Opps!" Pinkie said when they saw what happen.

The other smile sheepishly under their helmets, they were more use to using the final attacks on the ground. But the cheering of the Pegasi show them that they forgave them and they smile brightly.

"My Little Ponies, Victory is ours." Rainbow said as the Dragon-Megazord relax.

A shot time later, Rainbow and her friends, still in their rangers forms but with their helmets off, were talking to Spitfire and Soarin about them being rangers and they had to keep it a secret.

"So you see, that way we can't tell anypony. It will not only put them in danger, but it could make us lose our powers." Rainbow finish explaining.

"I understand Rainbow. We won't tell any pony." Spitfire said.

"Yeah, I can't believe that the heroes are just six normal mares. Ponies believe that you six were something from a story book." Soarin said.

"Oh, I know what you mean." Pinkie said.

Pinkie if you break the fourth wall...

"Oh relax Mr. Author, I wasn't going to until you spoke up." Pinkie said leaving confuse looks on her friends faces.

"Anyway, Thanks for understanding. Sorry I can't preform with you, but it is for the Element Pony Rangers." Rainbow said ignoring what Pinkie just did.

We are fine, because of you duties as a ranger, we will let any excuse about fighting a monster or Putties slide, but you will be push hard to make up for the drills you miss." Spitfire told her.

"Thanks, well, better get ready. They are waiting for us." Rainbow said as she and the other place their helmets back on.

Spitfire and Soarin quickly ran to get the rest of the Wonderbolts ready and the Rangers stood ready.

A mare was speaking to all the Pegasi in a boring speech before the Wonderbolts flew over them. They follow the Wonderbolts until a colt notices the Rangers.

"Hey it the Element Pony Rangers!" He shouted and all the Pegasi turn to see them.

At first they just stood there, the cheer for the Rangers as the walk pass. Some of them stopping to shake hooves with the others.

"I heard that the Red Ranger was the fastest out of all them." One colt said.

"I heard that the Yellow Ranger really kind." A filly added.

"I heard that the Blue Ranger is really strong." Another colt said.

"I heard the Pink Rangers loves having fun but take her fights really seriously." Another filly said.

"I heard that the Black Ranger is a lovely unicorn that hides under that suit." A colt said with a dreamily look on his face.

"But what about the Green Ranger? Last I heard she was evil." The first colt said.

"That was a different pony at the time." The five fillies and colts heard.

They turn to see all the Rangers right behind them and the gasp in shock.

"The stuff her heard about us are true, but we will keep fighting to protect all of you." Rainbow told them before patting one of the colts head.

They walk past them and up on the stage that was there. Then the same mare from before stood up and started a new speech.

"Welcome Element Rangers, we are glad that you could make it. We were all afraid that you couldn't. Now that you're here I can say on behalf of all ponies in Equestria, thank you! Thank you for keeping Equestria safe and stopping the monster that wants to destroy our home." She said.

Rainbow step up and decide to speak. Thank to her helmet, no pony could figure out who she really was.

"You are all welcome, however, we are not doing this alone. We have help from each and everyone of you in this fight. You cheer us on and never give up hope. That is why we are fighting, we want Equestria to be safe and we would like your continuances help to protect it. And to clear some rumors up, We were indeed been send by Princess Celestia to keep Equestria safe. We are just normal ponies like the rest of you, but we only use our power against Nightmare Moon. While it true that the Green Ranger was evil, you must remember that the Green Ranger with us is a unicorn and the evil one was a Pegasus. Other then that we ask for more of your help in this fight." Rainbow said.

They Pegasi cheer after Rainbow speech and the six rangers place their hooves on top of each others. They look at the crowd and smile under their elements.

"Nice speech there Rainbow Dash." Twilight whisper.

"It was a last second thing." Rainbow said show she didn't have one plan.

"Well it was great over all Darling and they love it." Rarity added in a whisper.

"Thanks for clearing some of the stuff up about us." Fluttershy whisper in thanks.

"Yeah that was really nice of you." Pinkie whisper happily.

"What do you say we give our cheer to the all ponies in Equestria?" Applejack ask in a whisper.

The all nods and turn back to the crowd who was waiting for them to do something. The Rangers smile under their helmets and threw they hooves up and shout...


Author's Note:

That this chapter, Rainbow morph in front of Spitfire and Soarin only and once Rainbow explain why they couldn't tell she was given a easy time for her training. I did a little break the fourth wall in this chapter but just near the end. Up next is the Chaos Pony Rangers that was base off the episode in Mighty Morphin episode. You might notices some of the changes I put from the show and some of the same things I use from the show.