• Published 12th Dec 2013
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Pony Rangers Jungle Fury - Shazam 25

When the CMC's go into the Everfree Forest they find a power to become thier own set of rangers and defends Ponyville as the Jungle Fury Rangers.

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Enter Jungle Fury

It was a normal day in Ponyville. The papers just spoke of the Element Rangers defeating another monster. The CMC was reading the paper liking the rangers more and more. They liked the rangers so much, they wanted be rangers themselves. They often pretended to be Rangers. But one day all that playing became real.

They were about to try another dangerous stunt that Scootaloo thought of when Sweetie Belle spoke up.

"Hey, Scootaloo? Are you sure this is a good idea?" She asked.

"Of course and just to be safe I decide we'll do free-falling a few feet from the ground." Scootaloo said.

"Ya call this a few feet?" Apple Bloom asked plainly while looking over the cliff they were on.

They were ten feet from the bottom and there was a haystack at the bottom as well.

"Come on it’s not that high!" Scootaloo brushed off.

"I don't know about this one Scootaloo.", Sweetie Belle said, "I think we need a safer plan."

"No way! As Cutie Mark Crusaders we have to find our Cutie Marks by doing something extreme." Scootaloo said.

"This is a little to extreme if ya ask me." Apple Bloom said.

"Come on girls, you want your cuties marks don't you?" Scootaloo asked.

"Fine, but if we get hurt, I blame it all on you!" Apple Bloom said as Sweetie Belle nodded.

"Ok, then let’s get to it!" Scootaloo shouted and jumped.

Sweetie and Apple Bloom watch as Scootaloo try to pull off air moves but she was falling too fast. She landed in the hay and popped out. She looked at her flank and saw it was still blank. Then a small rock hit her head and she looked up. Apple Bloom's and Sweetie Belle's weight was too much for the cliff to hold and it broke, casing the two and some rocks to fall on her.

A little bit later, after having Twilight heal them, they were walking through Ponyville looking for a way to get their Cutie Marks when Snips and Snails ran up.

"Hey everypony! We got an idea of who the Rangers are!" Snip said.

"Oh boy, don't they ever give up?" Sweetie Belle asked.

For months Snips and Snails had been trying to find out who the Element Pony Rangers are and they failed many times. They claimed they have a clue? Apple Bloom already knew one of the Rangers was her sister, but agreed not to tell, not even to Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

"We heard that the Rangers come from the Everfree Forest." Snip said.

"No they did not.", Apple Bloom said, "They come from Canterlot. The paper said that the Princess was the one to send them here."

"How do you know? I heard the newest Ranger came out of the Everfree Forest after the Green Ranger went back to being evil." Snips said.

"Yeah, back to being evil." Snails repeat.

"If you read the papers, the Evil Green Ranger is a Pegasus, the Good Green Ranger was a Unicorn.", Apple Bloom told them, "Plus, the Princess clearly states that the New White Ranger was an ally."

"Yeah, yeah, so what? We’re still going to find out who they are." Snip said and walk away.

The CMC rolled their eyes. They were never going to give up. Still, what they said about the New White Pony Ranger got them thinking. Apple Bloom already had a guess who it was but the other two didn't.

"Well, girls, I can't believe I'm saying this, but let go into the Everfree Forest." Scootaloo said.

"What?!", Apple Bloom asked in surprise, "Why? All we know is that Zecora lives there to reform."

"Maybe she can help us learn a little about the Rangers. I mean I don't want to know who they are, but maybe learn more about the White Ranger." Scootaloo answer and ran off.

The other two sighed and followed her.

A little while later, the three Fillies were walking through the Everfree Forest trying to find Zecora’s home. They were having no luck and they were lost.

"Come on girls, I'm sure it’s this way." Scootaloo said.

"Scootaloo, you do know we are lost right?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"And do you even know where Zecora live in the Everfree Forest?" Apple Bloom added.

"No" Scootaloo admitted.

They sighed, they were lost and had no way to tell other ponies where they were. Even if they did, their sisters would yell at them. Well, Apple Bloom's and Sweetie Belle's sister would. Scootaloo doesn't have one, although she sees Rainbow as a sister. They tried to find a way out of the forest and surprisingly came to a cave they never seen before.

"Where did this thing come from?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Don't know, but it might have something about the White Ranger and we might get are cutie marks for finding a secret that no pony knew was here!" Scootaloo said and walked inside.

"Come on Sweetie Belle, we better make sure she doesn't get hurt." Apple Bloom said as they ran to catch up with their friend.

As they walked through the cave, they saw some strange pictures of many animals fighting even stranger creatures. Once they reached the end they saw three big cats that were colored Red, Blue, and Yellow. That confused them, where all the other animals were the same color as the walls of the cave, these ones were in three colors. Then they heard three loud roars coming from the cave. They looked around trying to figure out where it came from.

"Um, girls? You think this is a good time to get out of here?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Yeah, good call." Scootaloo agreed.

They started to walk back to the cave entrances when they spotted three Timber Wolves.

"Uh oh." Sweetie Belle said as they backed away.

They backed up until they touched the wall. They were trapped and were about to be eaten if it weren't for the three roars that they heard earlier happened again. They watched as three big colored cats that look to be mist-like fight off the Timber Wolves. Though the Timber Wolves kept reforming after getting destroyed, it was clear they were not getting any lunch today and they backed off. When they were gone the three mist-like cats turned to them and three mist-like ponies appear.

"Welcome to the cave of the Animals Spirits. I'm called Tiger Master who mastered the Spirit of the Tiger." The Red mist-like pony said.

"I'm Jaguar Master who mastered the Spirit of the Jaguar." The Blue mist-like Pony said.

"And I'm Cheetah Master who mastered the Spirit of the Cheetah." The Yellow mist-like pony said.

“This cave is only for the chosen to see and enter. You three are a little young but who can we question about fate." Tiger Master said.

"Um, if you don't mind, how did you become mist-like and what are those behind you?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"10,000 years ago, there was a great war between ponies and animals. Though ponies were declared the smartest out of the all the animals, there was one that thought he was better." Jaguar Master started.

"His name is Joi-Shi. A creature that was mixed with every animal. He tried to overthrow the Ponies and many animals helped him." Cheetah Master said.

"It is said that his brother Dai-Shi is trying to take over another world, but we don't know what is going on there." Tiger Master said.
"We are but the few Masters to fight in that war, some of the animals cared for us and fought with us. It was a long war, but we won in the end." Jaguar Master said.

"The three animals behind us are the Tiger Spirit, the Jaguar Spirit and the Cheetah Spirit." Cheetah Master said.

"We watch over this land, waiting for the new ponies to master the spirits. We never thought it would be three fillies." Tiger Master said.

"Ya sure it’s not a mistake? I mean we came here trying to find our way back home." Apple Bloom questioned.

"It is no mistake young one. But tell us, who are you?" Cheetah Master asked.

"I'm Apple Bloom, an earth pony that works on an Apple Farm." Apple Bloom said first.

"I'm Sweetie Belle, me and my sister are unicorns that live together in our own house which is also a shop for dresses." Sweetie said.

"And I'm Scootaloo, a pegasus that can't fly right now, but one day hopes to be the greatest flyer!" Scootaloo said last.

"We see." Jaguar Master said before all three masters turn to their animal spirits.

"It appears that our Animal Spirits want to go with you." Cheetah Master said.

"Huh?" The three fillies asked.

"Yes, our animal spirits want to leave but only if the chosen ones will agree to use them." Tiger Master said.

"Why can't you leave?" Sweetie asked.

"Our bodies are long gone and we are stuck in this cave. If we try to leave we fade away along with our animal spirits." Jaguar Master said.

Sweetie Belle looked at the three animals and nodded.

"Ok, we'll take them to see the world they been missing." She said.

"We will?" The other two asked.

"Thank you, and now to give each of you an animal spirit of ours." Cheetah Master said.

"Scootaloo, though you are a little reckless, you are willing to stand up with your friends. For that I give you the strength of the Tiger Spirit." Tiger Master said as the Tiger Spirit roared and walked over to her.

"Apple Bloom, though you are very brave and point out mistakes, you never let anything stop you. For that I give you the stealth of the Jaguar Spirit." Jaguar Master said as the Jaguar Spirit roared and walked over to her.

"Sweetie Belle, though you are emotionless, you're trying to tell the truth and understand how others feel. For that I give you the speed of the Cheetah Spirit." Cheetah Master said as the Cheetah Spirit roared and walked over to her.

"With these three animal spirits, you are now a team." Tiger Master said.

"Master your animal spirits and one day you too can be masters." Jaguar Master said next.

"Though there is another reason why we give you animal spirits. Are you familiar with the Pony Rangers?" Cheetah Master said then asked.

"Yeah! We have the Element Pony Rangers back at Ponyville." Sweetie Belle said.

"Though they have been fighting the monsters they meet, they failed to notice another evil working behind the scenes while watching them." Tiger Master said.

"A few days ago Joi-Shi had escaped his prison and has been working on a new army to overthrow the ponies. He even took another pony’s body so he can fit in." Jaguar Master said.

"Your Element Pony Rangers will not be able to stop him once he's ready. So we need you to become Rangers as well." Cheetah Master said.

"What?! You want us to be Pony Rangers?!" Scootaloo asked in shock.

"Yes, here take these." Tiger Master said before he made three sunglasses appear, each one was red, blue, or yellow.

"These may look like sunglasses, but they are the keys to calling your animal spirits." Jaguar Master told them.

"When you need to use them, just tap the side button and say 'Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleash,' and you will morph into the Jungle Fury Pony Rangers." Cheetah Master said.

"There are also rules that you must follow." Tiger Master warned them.

"First, never escalate a battle unless you need to." Jaguar Master said first.

"Second, never use your powers for personal gain." Cheetah Master said next.

"And finally, keep your identities secret. These rules are being followed by the very same Rangers you know." Tiger Master said last.

"Ok, Ah can live by those rules." Apple Bloom said taking the blue sunglasses.

"Yeah, plus I think Rarity wouldn't be happy if she found out I was a Ranger." Sweetie Belle said taking the yellow sunglass.

"It’s kind of cool, we pretend to be Pony Rangers but now we are real Pony Rangers." Scootaloo said taking the red sunglasses.

"Good, if you get into fights and can't win, call your animal spirits and they will aid you." Tiger Master said.

"Now you may leave. We can rest in peace now that there is somepony else to use our animal spirits." Jaguar Master said.

"Mastering the animal spirits won't be easy, but we believe you can do it." Cheetah Master said.

"We won't let you down Masters. If this Joi-Shi shows his face then we'll stop him and make sure the Element Rangers won't have any problems when they fight him." Scootaloo said.

The three masters nodded and started to disappear.

"Good luck Pony Rangers." They said before fading away.

"Now how are we going to hide three animal spirits?" Sweetie Belle asked.

To answer her question, the three animal spirits entered their bodies. It was strange at first but they knew they had to get used to it.
They were able to find their way out thanks to the animal spirits, but what they didn't know was that they would become rangers soon than they thought.

Deep in a mountain area far from Ponyville, there was a castle hidden from sight. Camion, a pony with the chameleon spirit was watching over creatures called Rinshi that were not ponies or animals, in a matter of fact nopony knows what they are. They took the forms of ponies to copy their master.

Speaking of their master, Joi-Shi walked up to Camion and said, "Any reports about the Rangers we’ve been watching?"

"Yes, their fallen ranger has returned and now has a white tiger." Camion said bowing.

"There’s nothing like the White Tiger Spirit, but even with it they will be no match for us." Joi-Shi said.

"I also report that they are at Canterlot Castle for a few days." Camion added.

"Hm, I think it is time to test our warriors, they look restless." Joi-Shi said.

"I'll lead them to the village you are after master." Camion bowed.

"Yes, but leave the Ponies alive, I want them to know that I have returned." Joi-Shi said and walked away.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders were walking back to their tree-house talking about what happened in the Everfree Forest.

"Wow, I never thought we would get the chance to be rangers." Scootaloo said.

"Shhh! Not so loud Scootaloo, remember the third rule?" Apple Bloom said.

"Don't worry, I’m just surprise we are rangers, that’s all.", Scootaloo said, "It would be awesome if Rainbow Dash could know."

"Well she and the others are at Canterlot for a few days but we still can't tell them." Sweetie reminded them.

Then their animal spirits acted up telling them something was wrong.

"What is it?" Sweetie ask.

Their question was soon answered by a group of Ponies running past them.

"What? There's an attack in Ponyville?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Well, what do we have here?" They heard a voice and turned to see Camion.
"Who are you?" Scootaloo ask.

"I'm Camion, my master Joi-Shi wants to test this village’s strength while the Rangers are away." he said.

The three Fillies knew that these guys were trouble, but how did they know the Rangers were gone was beyond them. They only saw the Rangers when there is trouble. They stood their ground, they were given power to protect Ponyville, and since they were told the Element Rangers were gone, they will have to take their place until then.

"Oh, this is cute. You three think you can stop us? Rinshi, attack!" Camion said.

That was a big problem for the three fillies. They just got their animal spirits and they haven't even gotten a chance to train. Luckily, the three big cats were ahead of them. Their spirits increased their senses and got ready to teach them how to fight in each style.
Scootaloo felt something in the back of her mind telling her to duck and she did. A Rinshi tried to attack from behind and missed when Scootaloo ducked. She kicked back knocking it into a few more Rinshis.

Sweetie Belle kept ducking and jumping mostly out of fear, but the Cheetah Spirit helped her. Sweetie Belle started to move a bit faster and was able to knock the Rinshi down.

Apple Bloom had a little more luck on her side. Due to her growing up on an Apple farm, she was pretty tough on her own. She bucked left and right taking out Rinshi as she did. The Jaguar Spirit helped by warning her about incoming attacks.

The three were doing well, but they couldn't hold out for long. While being small helped them a lot, the Rinshis were able to overpower them, and they were tossed away.

"Hmph, you did well, but you are no match for us." Camion said.

"What do we do now?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"We got to hold off until the Rangers get here but I'm not sure if we can." Apple Bloom answered.

Scootaloo felt something land on her nose and she reached to grab it. That’s when she saw it was the ed sunglasses that the Masters gave her.

"Girls, let call our Animal Spirits. Remember, we are Pony Rangers. We can protect Ponyville in the Element Rangers’ place." She told her friends.

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom nodded, then took out their sunglasses and put them on.

"You think those things will help you?" Camion asked thinking they were joking.

But they weren't. They put them on and pushed the button on the side.


As the colored mist appeared around them, they suddenly grew to be fully grow mares. Still no cutie marks, but they didn't worry about that as they were colored in three colors.

Sweetie Belle was covered in yellow with spots down her side. She had a bit of black on her shoulders and front legs. Her helmet was also yellow with spots on it.

Apple Bloom was covered in blue with spots as well but her suit had more spots than the others. She also had a bit of black on her shoulders and arms and her helmet had them too.

Scootaloo was covered in red with stripes instead of spots going down her side. She, like the others, had a bit of black on her shoulders and her front legs. Her helmet was also red with stripes down the middle.

All three had thunderbolt-like stripes on their crest.

Camion looked in shock on at what he just saw. Three fillies just used animal spirits to change into three creatures.

"Who are you!?" He shouted.

The three smiled under their helmets and answered.

"With the stealth of a Jaguar, Jungle Fury Blue Ranger!" Apple Bloom said getting into a position that showed was she ready to attack.

"With the speed of a Cheetah, Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger!" Sweetie Belle said getting into a position that showed she was ready to defend.

"With the strength of a Tiger, Jungle Fury Red Ranger!" Scootaloo said getting into a position that showed she was ready to both attack and defend.

"JUNGLE FURY PONY RANGERS!" They all shouted.

"What! More Pony Rangers?!" Camion shouted.

"We are allies to the Element Rangers! We protect Ponyville while they are away." Scootaloo said.

"And now, to make sure that it standing when they get back!" Apple Bloom said.

"Let take them down." Sweetie Belle added.

"Rinshi, attack!" Camion shouted and the two groups charged.

Thanks to using their animal spirits, the three were on a whole new game. They started to take down Rinshi left and right. One filly saw the fight and took a quick picture. He ran off before getting spotted. Sweetie Belle took down three Rinshis with a roundhouse kick before seeing some Rinshi charge at her.

"Call for the Beast inside, Bring out the Cheetah!" She said and the Cheetah Spirit appeared. It took out a few Rinshi as Sweetie Belle looked in surprise.

Apple Bloom saw what Sweetie Belle did and tried it herself.

"Call for the Beast inside, Unleash the Jaguar!" She said and the Jaguar Spirit appeared. Like the Cheetah Spirit, it took out a few Rinshi.

Scootaloo ducked under one Rinshi’s attack and kicked it away. She turned and saw even more of them.

"Call for the Beast inside, Free the Tiger!" She shouted and the Tiger spirit appeared.

In no time all the Rinshi were defeated. The three Jungle Rangers stood ready to fight Camion, but he decided now was not the time to fight.

"You won this fight! But you will pay!" He said and disappeared.

"Whoa! He’s gone!" Sweetie Belle said.

"Joi-Shi try to attack Ponyville, but how did he know the Element Rangers were away at the time?" Apple Bloom asked.

"I think the bigger question is, how are we going to explain Ponyville there’s another team of rangers here." Scootaloo stated.

They three looked at each other before spotting a crowd moving toward them slowly. All three of them understood. After all, there was a group of evil rangers.

"Do not fear us. We are good Rangers." Scootaloo called out.

"Yes, we are here to help the Element Rangers." Apple Bloom said next.

"We are the Jungle Fury Pony Rangers." Sweetie Belle said last.

Then they jumped away leaving many ponies in confusion and awe.

Back at the their clubhouse, the CMC sat down and looked over their sunglasses.

"Who would thought the three of us would become Pony Rangers." Sweetie Belle said.

"Remember girls, we are allies of the Element Rangers, we not trying to take their place." Apple Bloom said.

"Relax, Apple Bloom. I bet they are just as surprised as the rest of Ponyville to see another team of Rangers." Scootaloo said.

"Yeah, Ah know, but who can say the Joi-Shi won't try again and go after the Element Rangers next? They won't stand a chance." Apple Bloom said.

"Then we'll stop him before he does. After all, when not looking for our Cutie marks, we can be ready to fight Joi-Shi and make sure the Element Pony Rangers fight to protect Ponyville just like us." Sweetie Belle said.

The three high hoof and shouted "JUNGLE FURY! PONY RANGERS!" before they covered their mouths.

"We got to work on our shouts when we’re not morphed." Sweetie Belle said before the other two nodded.

Camion appeared back in the Castle and bowed.

"We have a new problem. There’s another group of Rangers that call themselves Jungle Fury." He said.

"More Pony Rangers? Hm...", Joi-Shi said, "Find out what you can about these Rangers and continue to watch the Element Rangers. If those two team up, they could be troublesome."

"Yes, Master. There is one thing I found out when meeting them. They start out as fillies and have the animal spirits of the Tiger, Jaguar, and Cheetah." Camion said.

"The Jungle Cats? They met the Masters. Most impressive. They will be tested, so I can see if they can face me with my new body once it is time. They can't stand up to the King of the Beasts." Joi-Shi said and walk away.

Author's Note:

Now to let some people know, this is the CMC first time as rangers, plus their ranger teams that I put up, will be out of order. They will go Jungle Fury, boucle down to Dino Thunder, Then go way up to RPM. During all those teams Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom be the only three rangers from each team that will remain. In Jungle Fury, Dino Thunder, and RPM, Scootaloo is Red, Sweetie Belle is Yellow, and Apple Bloom is Blue. Ninja Storm has a new team so the CMC won't be doing it. I love Jungle Fury Theme is one of favorites. Chapter Edited by clueiepie