• Published 12th Dec 2013
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Pony Rangers Jungle Fury - Shazam 25

When the CMC's go into the Everfree Forest they find a power to become thier own set of rangers and defends Ponyville as the Jungle Fury Rangers.

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Jungle Pride Megazord and Jungle weapons

"The new Team of Rangers have stated to be allies of the Element Rangers and that they will help to save Ponyville. It is still unclear if they are helpers, but hopefully they can stay true to what they said." Rainbow read off the paper.

It has been five hours since the Element Rangers got back from Canterlot, and the paper was already covering a new team of Rangers. Rainbow couldn't believe there was another team of Rangers, and she believed they were just fans, not that she minded it, but it sounded like somepony was trying to steal their thunder, and Rainbow wasn't happy about that.

"Come on Rainbow, Don't get ya tail in a knot. Celestia herself told us that Ponyville was safe before we could morph." Applejack said.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. She still didn't like this one bit.

"You know, these Jungle Fury Rangers do sound like they're on our side. I mean, we already have to deal with evil Rangers." Fluttershy said.

"It is nice to have another team watch and protect Ponyville when we are away.", Twilight said, "Maybe if we can meet them..."

"And tell them to let the pros handle the danger!" Rainbow said cutting Twilight off.

"Oh, Dashie! It not like they are trying to replace us. In fact I heard that they said that they are here to help, and that they came from the Cakes!" Pinkie said happily.

"I still don't trust them." Rainbow said crossing her hooves.

Before more could be talk about it, they heard something else.


They jump up and ran outside, there they saw Scootaloo wearing a training suit that was red and looked to have a thunderbolt on it. Closing in were Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle also wearing training suits that was blue and yellow.

"Ow, mastering this tiger technique is harder than it looks." Scootaloo said as she stood up.

"Scoots? What are you and the girls doing?" Rainbow asked as they walk up.

"Hey Rainbow Dash, you'll be glad to heard that the Cutie Mark Crusaders are done with dangerous stunts." Scootaloo said.

"Yeah, we want to try out some fighting move you try to teach Apple Bloom and so far no luck." Sweetie Belle said.

"But Sweetie Belle, why would you what to learn that kind of stuff?" Rarity ask.

"We heard about the new team of rangers, and the things they fought." Sweetie Belle said.

"And after being saved by both the Element Rangers and the Jungle Fury Rangers, we want to be able to defend ourselves." Apple Bloom said.

"What’s the Tiger Technique?" Pinkie ask.

"And what is a Tiger?" Applejack added.

"A Tiger is a big cat that has stripes, and I’ve never met one, but it would be nice." Fluttershy said.

"The Tiger Technique is something I made up, and my technique isn’t the only one." Scootaloo said.

"I have what is called the Cheetah Technique." Sweetie Belle said.

"And mine is called the Jaguar Technique." Apple Bloom said.

"OH! More big cats! Wait, I remember something, those three are called the jungle cats." Fluttershy realized.

"You three wouldn't happen to know anything about the Jungle Fury Rangers would you?" Rainbow asked.

"Rainbow Dash! They are just fillies, they’re fans of the Element Rangers, so who can say there aren’t fans of those other Rangers too?" Applejack said.

"Yeah, heh, fans." Scootaloo said quietly.

"Hey Twilight, do you have anything about our techniques?" Sweetie Belle asked her.

"Huh? Well, yes, but are you three sure about this? I understand you want to protect yourselves." Twilight asked to be sure.

"In the words of Big Macintosh, Eyep!" Apple Bloom said.

Twilight could see that they weren't going to back down, so she went in to the library and brought out a book that had everything about hoof-to-hoof combat and all fighting moves.

"Thanks Twilight!" The three said and ran off.

"That was weird." Rainbow said.

"So now what?" Pinkie asked.

"I guess we go and find these Jungle Fury Pony Rangers and give them a piece of my mind." Rainbow said.

The other rolled their eyes and walk back in Twilight's house.

At the Castle of Joi-Shi, Camion walked up to his master and bowed.

"I have a Rinshi that will test both Rangers teams." He said and a Rinshi dressed a lot different than the rest with something on its head that looked like a Praying Mantis.

"Mantor, the spirit of the Praying Mantis will fight the Element and Jungle Fury Rangers." Camion said.

"Good, now go! And see if these rangers are worth fighting!" Joi-Shi said.

“Yes, my master!" Mantor said and walk away.

"Camion, go with him. Make sure you can try to keep the Element Rangers fighting us so they can fall." Joi-Shi ordered him.

Camion bowed and followed Mantor out.

Thanks to reading the book they got from Twilight, the CMC's were able to use most of the fighting moves they learned and they even learned how to use their animal spirits to increase their senses.

"Wow! Who knew Twilight had something like this." Sweetie Belle said kicking an dummy.

"This book really helped out. It’s like we are morphed when we're not." Scootaloo agreed.

"It has been quiet and we got lots of time to train, but Ah can't shake the feeling that Joi-Shi is about to attack." Apple Bloom said.

Their animal spirits acted up as a warning confirming Apple Bloom’s suspicions. They looked away and saw that something was attacking Ponyville.

They ran outside of their clubhouse and into Ponyville. They saw the Rinshi again and knew what to do.

Scootaloo jumped over one and bucked it before standing on her back hooves and starting to use her Tiger Techniques. She
knocked one Rinshi down and kicked the other away.

Apple Bloom slid under one Rinshi and jumped up to uppercut the Rinshi in front her. Then she used the Jaguar Technique. She punched one away before flipping into the air and kicked out both legs that hit two Rinshis.

Sweetie Belle sped past three Rinshis and rammed into another one. She then tried to use the Cheetah Technique. Sweetie started to more faster than normal, and she able to block and counter some attacks.

The three regrouped and nodded. They took out their morphers and put them on.


Once more they become fully grown mares, and they charged into the battle as Pony Rangers Jungle Fury. They charged back into the fight and took down some Rinshis. Sweetie Belle kicked down a Rinshi and turned to punch another one down.

"Cheetah Jab!" She shouted and started to punch a Rinshi at fast speeds before knocking it away.

Apple Bloom jumped on one Rinshi and rolled on the ground and jumped back up. She caught one of the Rinshi spears and spun around before pulling it to her and kicking it down.

Scootaloo charged and sweep kicked a Rinshi down before getting back up and blocking another attack. She jumped away as three Rinshis tried to stab her. She kicked the spears away and jumped over them and hit the others from behind.

The three took down the Rinshis in no time at all. The three high hoofed before hearing somepony speak up.

"Ok, I admit, that wasn't bad." They heard.

They turned and saw the Element Pony Rangers step up. They stood in a line and held out their hooves to shake. Five of them shook hooves, only the Red Element Ranger didn't.

"You three were so good!" The Pinkie Element Ranger shouted.

"Yeah, looked like you three have been doing this for years." The Blue Element Ranger added.

"What are those things?" The Yellow Element Ranger asked.

"Rinshis, they are warriors that were sent by their master, Joi-Shi." Scootaloo answered.

"Joi-Shi?" The Red Element Ranger repeated.

"Yes, long ago there was a war between animals and Ponies. Joi-Shi lead the animals to fight ponies, however some animals cared for the ponies and helped them. That was about 10,000 years ago." Sweetie Belle said.

"Oh, my! All those poor animals." The Yellow Element Ranger gasped.

"There, there dear, I'm sure they were ok afterwards." The Black Element Ranger said to her.

"So what’s your story, Rookies?" The Red Element Ranger asked.

"We were given animal spirits from the Tiger, Jaguar, and Cheetah Masters. They had told us that Joi-Shi was watching you while you fight your monsters and had us fight these Rinshis." Apple Bloom said.

"We see, thank you for helping keep Ponyville safe." The White Element Ranger said.

Before more could be said, a strange attack shot out and they two Ranger groups jumped back. The Jungle Fury Rangers weren’t sure but they thought it looked like a tongue. They followed and saw they were right, only they never thought they would see a pony do that.

"Camion!" Scootaloo said and the Jungle Fury Rangers got ready.

"Did dat pony stick out it tongue out in, like, ten feet?" The Blue Element Ranger asked.

"Why yes, I did. I have the Spirit of the Chameleon." As soon as he said that he gained an armor that looked like a Chameleon.

"And he’s not alone." said another voice.

The Rangers watched as another creature stepped out that looked like a bug.

"A Praying Mantis?" Yellow Element Ranger asked.

"Ah, the Ranger that loves animals. You know, our master wants us to let you live as we get rid of the others." Mantor said.

"You're not going to get rid of any Ponies!" Scootaloo said.

"Leave this to us." Red Element Ranger said.

"No way! Our animal spirits were given to us to stop Joi-Shi. We're not backing down." Scootaloo said.

"Leave this to the pros, you Phony Rangers!" Red Element Ranger shouted getting in Scootaloo’s face.

"Element Red!", White Element Ranger shouted, "They may have a point."

"What?!" Element Red demanded.

"Heh, and I was told to test the Jungle Fury Rangers, but it looks like I’m testing the Element Rangers as well." Mantor said.

"No you're not!" Scootaloo said and jumped out at them.

"Jungle Red wait!" Apple Bloom said trying to stop her.

Scootaloo didn't listen and she soon started to attack both Camion and Mantor.

Mantor was able to slash Scootaloo as Camion slash down with his sais. Scootaloo rolled on the ground as they walked up.

"Charging head first into battle is not a smart idea." Camion said.

"Cheetah Jab!" Sweetie Belle shouted and got in front of them and hit them back.

Apple Bloom ran up and helped Scootaloo get up.

"They're right about that, we can't just head into a fight. We need time to look them over before we can fight them." She said.

"You deal with the Jungle Rangers, I'll have the Element Rangers." Camion said.

"Sure thing! Taking down two Ranger groups will be a snap." Mantor said.

The Jungle Fury Rangers readied themselves as the Element Rangers did as well. Mantor started to slash down the Jungle Fury Rangers as Camion did with the Element Rangers. Scootaloo got up and started to throw attacks she knew but all of it was blocked and countered. Apple Bloom rushed in and grabbed Mantor but she was knocked off. Sweetie Belle ran up and tried to attack again but she couldn't do anything either. Mantor slashed all three away and turned to see Camion was still battling the Element Rangers.

"Too bad for you! You rangers are history now." Mantor said and started to walk up them.

Before he got close, a howl was heard and everyone stopped.

"What was that?!" Mantor ask before he was attacked by a purple mist.

Once it remained still only Element Yellow knew what it was.

"A wolf?" She asked out loud.

Soon, a purple mist-like pony stepped up and look at Mantor.

"You won't be harming these three students." He said.

"Huh? Who are you?" Mantor ask.

"I'm Wolf Master! And this is the spirit of the Wolf." He said.

The wolf spirit howled as if it was ready to fight once more.

"Ha! You can't even touch us any more! Your body is long gone!" Camion said.

"Maybe so, but I have found someone to take my power and he will join us once he is ready." Wolf Master said.

"Huh? Who's that?" Scootaloo asked.

"You'll know in time Rangers. But first to remove the traitor and this foul creature." He said.

"Traitor?" The Rangers ask.

"Wolf Spirit, ATTACK!" Wolf Master said and the Wolf Spirit did as he commanded.

Mantor was easily knocked away due to he can't hurt a spirit. The Wolf tried to go after Camion next but he quickly got away. The two Ranger groups walked up to him as the Wolf Spirit howled in victory.

"Wow! That was awesome." Scootaloo said.

"Thank you, young student of the Tiger Master." Wolf Master said.

"So it’s true? There was a war between ponies and animals?" Element Yellow asked him.

"Yes, I am one of the Master that fought in the war." Wolf Master said.

"You said traitor earlier, who did you mean?" Element White asked.

"Camion, he was once a pony that used the spirit of the chameleon to spy on our enemies, but he betrayed us for ever lasting life." Wolf Master said.

"What, you mean that pony is over 10,000 years old?" Element Pink asked in surprise.

"Yes, and he is not the only one, but there is no time, Jungle Fury Rangers." Wolf Master said before turning to the Rangers he called for.

"Yes master?" The three said.

"I have to take you some where to train for a bit. You will need it." He said.
"We see.", Scootaloo said, "See you Element Rangers later."

Soon the Wolf Master and the Jungle Fury Rangers disappeared as the Wolf Spirit covered them.

"Ok, is anypony else just as confused as I am?" Element Red asked.

"I'll send a note to the Princess about the new team and that war." Element White said.

The CMC appeared in the Everfree forest and discovered they were un-morph.

"Huh? What are we doing here?" Scootaloo asked.

"You have found your Spirit Animals in the Everfree Forest, so this is where you must train with your new weapons." Wolf Master said.

"Weapons?" The CMC asked.

"Don't worry, they will only hurt the Rinshis, but first you must learn how to use them." Wolf Master said before three fake weapons they never saw before appeared.

"Apple Bloom, these are your Jungle Tonfas. Designed to be held by ponies hooves." He said.

Apple Bloom looked at them, they were two sticks with a perpendicular handle attached a third of the way down the length of the stick, and it is about 15-20 inches long but shortened to fit her hooves. Once she grabbed them, she started to do tricks she didn't know she had thanks to her animal spirit.

"Sweetie Belle, this is your Jungle Bo. Use it to stop Joi-Shi’s evil animals spirits from long range." He said next.

Sweetie Belle saw that the Bo was a very tall and long staff, normally around 1.8 m (5.9 ft) long, but shortened for her size. Like Apple Bloom, Sweetie grabbed it and started doing tricks she didn't know she had because of her animal spirit.

"And Scootaloo, these are your Jungle Chunks. Use them for quick movements to take down any Rinshi in your way." He said last.
Scootaloo saw that the chucks were two sticks connected at one end by a short rope. Unlike Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, she did not know how to use them.

"Well Scootaloo, what are you waiting for? Use them." Sweetie Belle asked.

"Um...I don't know how." She answered.

"It appear Scootaloo has not learn the importance of teamwork." Wolf Master said.

"What? But I do! How can I not know?" Scootaloo asked in shock.

"The fight you were in, shows that you was really to fight on your own instead with your team. Your animal spirit knows this, and therefore doesn't help you like your friends’ animal spirits are doing for them. If you are a team, you must work together. Only then will the next lesson be learned." Wolf Master said turning away.

Scootaloo couldn't believe it. She wanted to show the Element Rangers that she and her friends are here to help, but if she doesn't learn about teamwork as a Ranger then they will never stop Joi-Shi. Scootaloo sighed.

"Teach me." She said.

"I can not. I have to return to my Student. He is almost done with his training, and he will join you soon." Wolf Master said.

"When can we meet him?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Soon, young rangers, very soon." He said before disappearing.

"I'm going to train." Scootaloo said.

Her two friends watched as she walked off carrying her Jungle Chucks. They felt sorry for Scootaloo, but they thought they should leave her be for right now and train as well. Taking their Jungle weapons back out, they started to practice with them.

Rainbow flew through the air not happy. She met the Jungle Fury Rangers and Twilight had agreed they were friends and fellow rangers. She on the other hoof didn't think they were members yet. Like the Element Rangers, they appeared from nowhere and started calling themselves Rangers, except for a few things. Celestia said that she didn't send these Rangers, and Luna was still recovering from her time as Nightmare Moon. So who sent them and why? Rainbow was turn away from her thoughts when she heard something below her.

"OUCH! Come on, I can do this...OUCH!" She heard.

Rainbow decided to see what was up. She landed near a clearing and saw Scootaloo waving what she knew as chucks around and hit her head a few times.

"Come on, I got to learn about teamwork if I'm going to master these techniques." She heard her say before she started waving the Chucks again.

Rainbow watched as Scootaloo hit the back of her head and grabbed it in pain. She saw that tears were showing in her eyes.

Rainbow sighed, Scootaloo was taking this new training really seriously. Maybe she should help her out. The question about teamwork ran through her head but she just ignored it.

"Hey squirt!" Rainbow said as she walked up.

Scootaloo snapped her head up and quickly wiped her tears away. She turned to see Rainbow and put on the best smile she could.

"Hey Rainbow Dash! What up?" She said.

"I should ask you that.", Rainbow said, "What are you doing out here?"

Scootaloo sighed and picked up her Jungle Chucks.

"Training." She answered and tried again only to hit her head once more.

"I see, for using fake chucks, they got to hurt." Rainbow said as she flinched from another hit Scootaloo gave herself.

Scootaloo said nothing. She didn't want Rainbow to think she'll give up easily. She was about to try again when Rainbow stopped her.

"You know, maybe I can give you a few pointers about how to use these." She said.

Scootaloo was shocked, Rainbow was giving her some help on using her Jungle Chucks? She always thought Rainbow would give her pointers on flying but not chucks.

"I used these when I was young too. Trust me, my parents thought I was in a fight every time I came home with bumps on my head." Rainbow said smiling.

"Really?" Scootaloo asked.

"Sure did! Hang on, I'll be right back." Rainbow said then flew off.

Once Rainbow returned, she gave Scootaloo a helmet and started to help her train. Scootaloo still kept hitting her head, but thanks to the helmet she didn't feel anything. Hours passed and Rainbow kept helping Scootaloo and soon Scootaloo was able to use her Chucks without hitting her head. She waved the chucks at the fake scarecrow pony that was made earlier. Scootaloo knocked it clear off the stick and smiled.

"Nice work Scoots." Rainbow said proudly.

"Thanks Rainbow Dash." Scootaloo said smiling.

Then her tiger spirit warned her about some trouble as Rainbow’s element went off.

"Listen Scoots I got to go and keep up the training." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, I got to go too. The others are probably wondering where I am." Scootaloo said.

The two Pegasi ran from each other looking for a safe place to morph. Once Scootaloo found a place, she pulled out her Sunglasses and put them on then hit the button on the side.

"JUNGLE BEAST! SPIRIT UNLEASHED!" She said and become the Jungle Fury Red Ranger.

The Jungle Fury and Element Rangers were fighting Rinshis again as Camion watched. He smiled, Mantor had come up with a plan to destroy the Ponyville dam to flood Ponyville. It happened before only this time nopony was going to stop it. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom jumped away before looking at each other and nodding.

"Jungle Tonfas! Jungle Bo!" They said and pulled out their weapons now normal size.

Apple Bloom blocked one of the spears and used her other Tonfa to knock a few down as she spun around. She flipped the spear away and kicked the Rishi away.

Sweetie Belle flipped in a group of Rishis and use her bo to trip a few before ducking low and letting the spears cover her. She pushed back up and spun around to knock the Rinshis down. She then stuck her Bo behind her and hit a Rishi that tried to sneak up on her.

Camion was surprised to see the Jungle Fury Rangers have new weapons but he relaxed. It didn't matter to him, the dam was about to explode and there was nothing that could be done about it. He heard the explosion and jumped to higher ground.

The Ranger heard it as well and saw the water raging towards them. They quickly jumped to higher ground and turned to see Mantor walk through the water now 30 feet tall.

"Girls!" The rangers heard two voices call out.

Soon Scootaloo (as Jungle Fury Red) and Rainbow (as Element Red) appeared and ran up to them.

"What happened?" Scootaloo asked.

"And what’s that?" Rainbow added.

"The dam busted and it looks like that mantis is behind it." Element White said.

Rainbow turned to the Jungle Fury Rangers who were talking about how it was going to be stopped.

"Hey, Jungle Rangers!", She called out having them turn to her, "We got this go see if any pony needs help from the flood!"

"You got it!" Scootaloo said knowing that they can't handle this yet.

The Element Rangers nodded and put up their hoofs.


Scootaloo spotted some ponies hanging on to the side of a building close by and quickly helped them up.

"You ok?" She asked.

They nodded and looked up to see the Element Megazord as well as the White Tiger Zord in battle mode fighting Mantor. The problem was they were losing, badly.

"We’ve got to help them." Sweetie Belle said, fearing for their safely.

Scootaloo turned back to the ponies she saved and said, "Get to safely."

They nodded again and ran off. Scootaloo looked at the Megazord and White Tiger Battlezord. She knew it was important to use teamwork and she was ready to try.

"Girls, I'm sorry about before. I guess I was so caught up on trying to show we are here to help I forgot about teamwork. So this time let’s use it to help the Element Rangers." She said.

"And you have learned the next technique." Wolf Master said as he appeared.

"Wolf Master?" The three asked when they saw him.

"Combine your Animal Spirits to from the Jungle Pride Megazord. Remember, work as a team to beat this evil animal spirit." He said before disappearing.

"Let’s do it for the Element Rangers and Ponyville." Scootaloo said.

"ANIMAL SPIRITS UNITED AS ONE!!!" They shouted as their jungle cat spirits appeared in their misty forms then appeared as zords as the mist faded from them.

The Cheetah and Jaguar Spirits folded their legs up and move their bodies up until their heads were facing straight. The Tiger was different, it folded its back legs when it jumpup and the Cheetah and Jaguar combine with the Tiger as it roared and a face appeared.

The Jungle Fury Rangers appeared inside and were ready for battle.

"JUNGLE PRIDE MEGAZORD!!!" They shouted.

Mantor had already knocked both the Element Megazord and the White Tiger Battlezord to the ground and laughed.

"So long Rangers, it was fun!" He said and rose his pincers.

The Element Rangers braced themselves as he brought them down. Before the blow was made, he was kicked away. The Element Rangers looked in surprise as they saw a third Megazord standing over them.

"You want to beat them? You got to get past us first!" Scootaloo as the three stood in a fighting position with the Megazord doing the same.

"WHAT?!" Mantor shouted.

"When did they get a Megazord?" Element Pink asked.

"Why don't ya rest for a bit?" Apple Bloom said surprising Element Blue.

"We got this!" Sweetie Belle added.

Camion walked up and saw the Jungle Pride Megazord and scoffed.

"Big deal, they won't last long." He said.

Mantor rushed up and tried to slash them but the Megazord dodged each attack.

"Come on Rangers, let’s show him the meaning of teamwork!" Scootaloo said and they nodded.

As Mantor came in to a rush for attack, the Jungle Pride Megazord jumped over him and landed right behind him and turned around.

"GRRRRR! Hold still!" Mantor said.

"SPIN ATTACK!!!" They shouted and started to spin.

The Megazord did the same and charged at Mantor. He tried to counter but he was taking down by the attack.

"WHAT?! BUT YOU JUST BECAME RANGERS!!!!" He shouted as he lost his color and blew to pieces.

"PONY RANGERS JUNGLE FURY!!!" The Jungle Fury Rangers shouted as the Jungle Pride Megazord made its victory pose.

"It’s clear that the Jungle Fury Rangers are heroes and allies to the Element Rangers. The Element Rangers agreed to leave the new Animal monsters to the Jungle Fury Rangers and agreed that they are here to help." Rainbow read off the paper.

"I see you're warming up to them." Twilight said.

"They saved our flanks. They were right, those new monsters are too strong for us." Rainbow said.

"Glad to hear that." Twilight said smiling.

They were going to talk more when they heard something near the Everfree Forest.

"Wow, Scootaloo! Nice move!" They heard Sweetie Belle’s voice.

"Yeah, thanks to Rainbow Dash, I learned how important it is to use team work." Scootaloo voice came next.

"Rainbow helped ya? Scootaloo that’s cheating." Apple Bloom voice said last.

"Hey, teamwork is imported! We better use it. But I wonder, if we get cutie marks for teamwork I wonder what it could look like." Scootaloo voice said.

The Mane Six shook their heads, the CMC's were never going to change. They walked over and saw them trying to put up some dummies and laying not to far was a Bo, some Chucks, and some Tonfas. Rarity gasped as she saw Sweetie Belle pick up the Bo and was about to walk over and take it from her when she saw how she used it. Applejack’s jaw drop when she saw Apple Bloom pick up the Tonfas and started using them like a pro. Rainbow smiled as she saw Scootaloo use the chucks without a problem. The three fillies went on training as the Mane Six watched. The day was great, the CMC's were learning how to defend themselves and a new Ranger team was accepted.

Camion walked in the temple and bowed at the sight of his master.

"Mantor had failed, the new Rangers can use their Animal Spirits to fight back giant ones as well." He said.

"So, the new Rangers are troublesome? I guess it time to release my fury!” Joi-Shi said as he turn around.

He had taken control of an orange pony with a dark red mane and tail. His cutie mark was a black belt. He let out a roar showing that he had the Spirit of the Lion. The King of the Beasts.

Author's Note:

Took some time planning this one, My Element Rangers show up as guests for this chapter and the CMC got their weapons and Zords. By the way, I believe I misspell a word and no matter what I can not get it spell right. Can some send me the word I need? Thanks, up next I'm doing the Three Jungle Masters and they will appear in order of the show, Also Wolf Master student will appear as well.

Chapter edit by clueiepie. who going to be my proofreading for this story.