• Published 11th Dec 2013
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Element Pony Rangers - Shazam 25

Nightmare Moon escapes and Celestia chooses the Mane Six to be the Element Pony Rangers.

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Twilight moves in

Twilight was in the Canterlot library looking for something about the Thunder Coin she had. She didn't find anything before but she wasn't going to let that stop her. There was something about the Thunder Coin she just couldn't figure out. She ask Celestia about it and she didn't know much about the coin ether. Twilight just place the book back when her coin went off. She look around to make sure she was alone and answer it.

"This is Twilight." She whisper.

"Twilight come to the throne room. I need to tell you something." Celestia's voice come though.

"You know it kind of weird talking into a coin." Twilight whisper before putting the Thunder Coin away.

Twilight teleported to the Throne room and saw Spike carrying some suitcases. Twilight turn to Celestia with confusion on her face.

"Are you going somewhere, Princess?" She ask.

"No Twilight, you are." Celestia told her.

"ME? But where am I going?" Twilight ask in surprise.

"I have decide it best for you to live in Ponyville where you can help your friends more easily." Celestia explain.

"And I'm coming too!" Spike said smiling.

"Me...live...in...Ponyville?" Twilight try to form words but she was so shock that she could barely get them out.

"Yes Twilight, I have arrange for you to live in a library in Ponyville. I also already told your friends that you are coming and Pinkie will have a surprise for you when you get there." Celestia said.

"Princess...I don't know what to say." Twilight was lost with words.

Celestia smile and the guards in. They started carrying the cases out with Spike right behind them.

"Twilight there another reason why I what you to go to Ponyville.", Celestia spoke once the guards were gone, "Nightmare Moon will try everything to destroy the Elements but the Thunder Coin has proved that it can help the Elements even in the most dangerous times."

"I see, Trixie already attack Canerlot once, we don't need Canerlot to get in a crossfire." Twilight said seeing Celestia point.

"Very good my student, now I wish you a safe trip and may the Thunder Coin guild you." Celestia said bowing to her.

Twilight bow back and left the Throne Room. Before heading to Ponyville, Twilight ask to stop at her parents house to let them know where she was going. After that she was off.

On the Moon, Nightmare Moon needed a way to get the Thunder Coin back. Lighting Dust had disappear from Equestria and no pony know where she was, not that she care, she could always find another pony to be her evil Green Ranger. Zecora was at work making a new Monster that will over power the Rangers and take back the Thunder Coin. She just finish it and place it in her monster-making machine. Trixie was still warp in bandages from her last fight. Her mind was still on what Twilight told her.

"Zecora! Is it ready yet?" Nightmare Moon ask.

"Making a Monster that steal power is no easy pie, but it will soon be alive." Zecora said as the monster pop out.

It was Unicorn that was black and a fire mane and tail. It had armor covering it completely so his face could not be seen and it was hard to tell if Zecora gave him a Cutie Mark or not.

"AH, alive once more!" It said.

"Welcome back War Lord I have a job for you." Nightmare Moon said walking up to him.

"Yes my queen whatever you say." War Lord bow.

"There a Unicorn that stole the Thunder Coin and I need you to get it back." She said.

"Of course, Tell me who it is and I'll get the coin back." War Lord said.

"Her name is Twilight Sparkle. She is the Green Ranger, but don't be fool on what you see, she somehow has control over the Thunder Coin. She could easily destroy you just like your rival." Nightmare Moon said.

"Twilight Sparkle? That name rings a bell for some reason." War Lord said.

"One more thing War Lord.", Nightmare Moon spoke, "She not alone. There are five more mares that are Rangers as well. All Six of them are strong so don't underestimated them."

"Of course my queen, I'll have the Thunder Coin back for you." War Lord said.

"Good, I just heard that Twilight Sparkle is on her way to were the other Rangers live. Stop her before she get close." Nightmare Moon said.

"Yes my queen." War Lord said and disappear.

Unknowing to all of them, A unicorn dress in the same type of armor as War Lord was listening.

"So you have return War Lord." It said, "I will not let you have the Thunder Coin." and disappear as well.

Twilight was on the Train with Spike heading for Ponyville. She couldn't believe that she was moving to Ponyville. She was happy to be near her friends but at the same time she was worry that Nightmare Moon might try to attack Canterlot while she was gone.

"Hey Twilight don't worry about Canterlot.", Spike said, he knew what Twilight was thinking about, "Celestia got it cover. There no way Nightmare Moon would attack Canterlot without getting rid of Rangers first."

"I know Spike, but it not just Canterlot I'm worry about, It my parents. Trixie took them and thought she was better at magic because I didn't save them." Twilight said.

"Hey, she told you that you can bring your friends. You still save them Twilight." Spike said.

"Thanks Spike, I'm glad you're coming with me." Twilight said rubbing his head.

"I'm glad to go too. I mean it will be boring without you." Spike said before the Train come to a sudden halt.

All the passengers were thrown from their seats and Twilight stood up.

"What going on?" She ask.

As it answer her question, a Putty Pony broke though a window and was joined with others.

"Putties! Everypony get to safely!" Twilight call out.

Soon all the Ponies ran to the back of the cart as Twilight jump in front of Putties. Twilight block one Putty attack and punch it down. She kick another away and was grab by one. Spike quickly threw some flames to make it let go as Twilight buck it.

"Thanks Spike, go help the other ponies get somewhere safer then here." Twilight thanks the Dragon and told him what needed to be done.

Spike nods and ran off to help the other ponies.

Twilight punch one Putty to the ground and block another. She was hit from the side and then punch back. Twilight recover and fire a magic blast that knock four Putties down. She rush up and jump kick another Putty before throwing a roundhouse kick to another Putty. Two Putties grab her and threw her out of the Train. Luckily, there was no ponies outside the train. Twilight stood back up as some of the Putties jump out of the train as well. Twilight jump kick one putty back into the train with it flank being stuck in a window. Twilight block another Putty attack and knock it down. Another Putty try to jump kick Twilight but she counter by getting under the Putty and threw an uppercut that knock the Putty to the ground. After that the Putties disappear.

Twilight sign, she did it. She beat the Putties on her own without help once more. Still she was still having trouble with them. She was about to walk back on the train when explosions knock her down.

"Well, I must say, you fought well for a Unicorn." Said a voice.

Twilight look up and saw War Lord in a tree. Twilight stood up and ready herself.

"Well, the Putties might have fail, but the way you fought really had interest me.", He said and jump down, "Now hand over the Thunder Coin and I'll let you live."

Twilight was surprise. He was after the Thunder Coin? No doubt Nightmare Moon wanted it back.

"You want it? Then come and take it." Twilight said and summon the Thunder Coin.

"IT MORPHIN' TIME!" She shouted.


Twilight morph into the Green Ranger and drew her Thunder Dragger and charge. War Lord drew his own dragger and charge as well.

They slash their draggers across each others and spin around to fight. Twilight threw a high kick that War Lord duck under. He then try a low sweep that Twilight jump over. She then slash her dragger at War Lord that he block with his own. War Lord try to slash Twilight but she jump back before jumping up and threw a kick that knock him back.

"Impressive. You are clearly a good fighter.", War Lord said, "But you have to be better than that to stop me."

War Lord charge once more and swing his dragger, Twilight block it and try to punch him. But he kick her away and slash down on Twilight knocking her to the ground. Twilight got up and held put her Thunder Dragger. War Lord put his hoof to his face and threw his hoof forward and fire energy beams at Twilight knocking her down. She was in trouble and need help. She rise her hoof to contact Celestia but was grab by War Lord.

"You are strong, but not as strong as I am. I'll be taking the Thunder Coin back to my Queen now." He said and a glow appear on the coin.

Twilight could feel her power leaving her and try to fight back. Before the coin could come off, War Lord was sudden hit. He was thrown off of Twilight and she stood up in surprise.

"Who did that?!" War Lord shouted.

"Long time no see, War Lord." Said a new voice.

Twilight and War Lord look up to another armor pony standing in a tree. This one was white, with a white and purple mane and tail. It cutie mark was also cover.

"Light Spark! My old rival, so you are still around too." War Lord said.

"No, I long since pass, I came from the past to making sure you stay gone. And the Thunder Coin will never fall into your hooves." Light Spark said rise her sword.

"Heh, It been a long time since we fought, how about we fight for old-time sakes?" War Lord ask.

"That something I was hoping you say." Light Spark said and jump down.

Twilight watch as the two armor ponies charge and clash their swords together. Light Spark block a strike from War Lord and kick him away. They clash swords again and War Lord try to low sweep her but Light Spark jump over. She kick him away and brought her sword down slashing him. War Lord roll on the ground and jump back up. He charge and slash his sword again. Light Spark block it and their swords clash for the third time. The two were evenly match. Twilight just stood there ready to help if it was needed.

"Agh! You are just as strong as the day we first met." War Lord said.

"And you are just as weak. It time I finish you for good." Light Spark said and ready her sword.

"Heh, I have charge since our last fight Light Spark, Here something that I learn after all theses years!" War Lord said and held up his sword.

Thunder crack as it power up the sword. War Lord turn his sword to the side and strike. The lighting shoot out and knock Light Spark to the ground.

"How do you like that? It my new move, the Thunder Finisher. Not even your armor can stand up to it." War Lord said.

He walk up and rise his sword.

"You told me that you pass long ago and now to make sure of it!" War Lord said and ready to strike down on Light Spark.

Before he could bring the Sword down, he was kick away by Twilight.

"Forget about me?" Twilight ask as she ready to fight some more.

"Heh, guess I did for get about you Green Ranger.", War Lords said before turning to Light Spark, "You were luckily today, Light Spark. Next time, we fight to the end."

After that he disappear. Twilight turn to Light Spark and ask, "Are you ok?"

"You should have stay out of the fight." Light Spark told her.

"No way, he attack me and he was about to finish you, I just save your live." Twilight said.

Light Spark stood up and look at Twilight.

"You carry the Thunder Coin. He will be back and I must stop him." She said.

"He may come after me, but next time I won't be alone." Twilight said.

"Having others will slow you down. You're more better off alone." Light Spark said.

"That were you are wrong.", Twilight said, "I have friends that will back me up. It better to have back-up."

Light Spark look at Twilight then walk away.

"My name is Light Spark, a warrior from the past that sever under Princess Celestia long ago." She said.

"I'm Twilight Sparkle also know as Element Ranger Green. I'm a student under Princess Celestia." Twilight said.

"Hm, our names almost sound alike." Light Spark whisper before turning back to her.

"I welcome the help, but this fight is between me and War Lord." She said.

"War Lord is working for Nightmare Moon, our villain. We may have to team up once he show up again." Twilight said walk next to her.

"I fight alone, but for now you should make sure the others are ok." Light Spark said and jump away.

Twilight watch she did and de-morph. Looks like she got something to tell her friends once she gets to Ponyville.

Back on the Moon, Nightmare Moon was not happy that War Lord did not get the Thunder Coin back.

"Care to explain why you fail to get the Thunder Coin?" Nightmare Moon ask him.

"I was about to when Light Spark show up and stop me." War Lord said as he bow.

"Light Spark?" Trixie ask.

"Yes, the very same Light Spark that defeated me long ago, I was about to finish her off when the Green Ranger attack me. With two of them working together, I knew I had no chance, so I decide to return and come up with plan." He said.

"Very well, by now Twilight will tell the other about you. You must be prepare for your next attack." Nightmare Moon said and walk away.

"War Lord, what can you tell me about Light Spark?" Trixie ask.

"Well, there not much to tell but I will tell you what I do know." He said and told her all he knew.

The train made to Ponyville after the Putty trouble. Twilight and Spike had exit the Train and spotted the other Rangers.

"Twilight! You're here!" Pinkie shouted.

"What took ya sugarcube?" Applejack ask.

"Nightmare Moon attack the train." Twilight said.

"Was anypony hurt?" Rainbow ask.

"No I had Spike get them safely as I took care of the Putty Ponies." Twilight said.

"Why did Nightmare Moon attack the train?" Fluttershy ask as they walk away from the Train Station.

"She was after my Thunder Coin." Twilight whisper.

"What? But Twilight there no way Putties couldn't even get the coin." Rarity said.

"The Putties were just away to test me because of Nightmare Moon's new Monster." Twilight said and told them what happen.

As Twilight did, they near the Ponyville Library. Once there, they drop about Nightmare Moon new monster and act like normal ponies that just welcome a new friend. They enter and Twilight was shock as all of Ponyville was there to welcome her and, unknowing, the Green Ranger.

During the Party, Light Spark follow Twilight to Ponyville. She saw how she got well with the other ponies. She being to think, would she be better with friends? She shook her head. She had a mission, destroy War Lord and make sure the Thunder Coin is safe. Can this Twilight Sparkle really trust with it? She couldn't think anymore about it when she spotted Putties head for the Library.

Twilight and the others enjoy the party and they got a chance to talk about the attack on the train. Then somepony scream and they jump up to see Putties crashing the party.

"Big Mistake!" Pinkie said angry and charge at the Putties.

Once Pinkie throws a party, you better not ruin it and the Putties found that first hand, err...hoof.

Pinkie kick the first Putty and punch the next one. She was able to knock the Putties outside and the other join her to stop them.

Rainbow started by flying into a flew Putties knocking them down. Rarity kick one Putty down and punch one that charge at her. AppleJack took out rope and lasso a few Putties and threw them into some that were close by. She then buck some behind her. Fluttershy duck under a Putty jump kick and kick out knock a few Putties down. Twilight fire a magic blast knock three Putties down before blocking and countering.

The Six mares took the Putties down in no time and all of the Ponies watch them were shock. The Six turn and saw their faces.

"What? The Putties had been attacking Ponyville a few time. We took time to train to fight them off." Rainbow told them.

"I met my friends at Canterlot and they train me to fight the Putties." Twilight added.

"Heh, You all are strong. Think you can handle me?" Said a voice Twilight knew.

"War Lord." She said.

"Well, well, you remember me." War Lord drop from the tree that they standing under.

War Lord had change since Twilight last him. His armor was a lot bulker but that didn't mean he was slow. He had his sword out. That all it took for the Ponies of Ponyville to run from Twilight's new house. But that just what they need. The Mares drew their elements and coin.

"IT MORPHIN' TIME!" Rainbow shouted.







The Rangers stood ready and drew their weapons. They charge at War Lord who wait for their attack. Rainbow strike with her sword that War Lord push away and slash her. Fluttershy went up next and try to strike with her draggers. War Lord knock them both away and slash her as well. Rarity swing her Ax and got the Sword stuck in it. Applejack ran up and try to hit him with her Lance. But War Lord threw his weapon up pushing both of them away and slash them both. Pinkie ran up shooting arrows that War Lord defect with his sword. He duck under Pinkie bow and slash upwards, knocking her away. Twilight ran up and clash her dragger on his sword and push it away. She slash a few time but his new Armor reduced the damage that it didn't do anything. He slash Twilight away.

She roll as the other ran up to her. They ready themselves again.

"Dang!", Rainbow said, "He got to tougher then you last fought him."

Twilight stood up and said, "Yeah, Nightmare Moon must give him stronger armor."

"Then why don't you let me handle him." Said another voice Twilight knew as well.

"Light Spark?" She ask.

Soon Light Spark jump down from the air and drew her sword. War Lord smile.

"Well, well, Light Spark. You follow me here." He said.

"No, I follow the Green Ranger to make sure the Thunder Coin was in good hooves." She said.

"Another one after Twilight power?" Rainbow ask.

"No, she trying to stop War Lord from getting it." Twilight said.

"Don't think you can stop me this time Light Spark. You have a lot to learn." War Lord said.

They two armor Ponies charge and the fight they had before happen again, only this time War Lord had stronger armor. Light Spark push his sword away and slash him a few times, but watch as the attack did noting to him.

"What?" She said in surprise.

"Heh, that won't work this time." He said and slash downwards knocking her back.

Twilight knew Light Spark needs help. She ran up and jump in the air. She brought her dragger down as hard as she can and was able to knock him back. Light Spark stood up and look at Twilight.

"I told you this is my fight." She said.

"No it not.", Twilight told her, "It our fight too."

The rest of the Rangers walk up to them and ready themselves.

"Heh, nice hit there, Green Ranger, you mangle to scratch my new armor." War Lord said.

"There a reason why I have friends and you just saw what I did." Twilight told Light Spark.

"What do you mean?" She ask.

"What Twilight means, that when you have friends, they got your back." Rainbow said.

"Yeah! If they got your back then they know you get theirs." Pinkie pipe up.

"Twi just stop War Lord for destroy you twice now. She got your back even before you came here." Applejack said.

"And so do the rest of us." Rarity added.

"We are friends and you are one too." Fluttershy said.

Light Spark look away. Maybe they were right. With friends she could be better. They got your back as long as she has their. She going to try that once she gets back to her time.

"Alright Rangers, let put them together!" Rainbow said.

"Element Ax!" Rarity shouted flipping it around and move the handle to the base before throwing it in the air.

"Element Bow!" Pinkie shouted flipping her bow around before throwing it in the air and it combine with the Element Ax.

"Element Lance!" AppleJack shouted and spit the lance in half before throwing them to combine at the end of the bow.

"Element Draggers" Fluttershy shouted and flip her draggers before throwing them. They went right next to the lances half's.

"Element Sword!" Rainbow shouted and jump up and grab the Element Ax before placing the Element Sword on top.

Rainbow land on the ground and aim at War Lord. The others place their hooves on Rainbow's shoulders.

"ELEMENT CANNON! READY!" They shouted.

"Heh, give me your best shot!" War Lord said.

"FIRE!" The Rangers shouted.

War Lord thought the blast was weak and his new armor will block it. But he didn't know that it was power by the Elements and the Rangers friendship. His armor crack and it along with himself was destroyed.

"That why no one can beat us. A team we are strong, but as Friends we're unbeatable." Twilight told Light Spark.

Light Spark was surprise. They were strong. Their friendship helps them win the fight. Then a blast hit the remains of War Lord. He was revile and grew to 30 feet tall.

"Looks like we aren't done yet." Rainbow said and the Rangers rise their hooves in the air.


Soon the Zords ran to Ponyville and the Rangers jump in.

"What are those?" Light Spark ask.

"The Rangers Zords and friends." Twilight answer.

"WE NEED MEGAZORD POWER NOW!" The Rangers shouted again and soon the Element Megazord stood.

"AHAHA!", War Lord laugh, "You can't beat me like that."

The Megazord walk up and threw a punch. War Lord dodge it and kick the Megazord. It recover and ready for another attack. War Lord slash it a few times before the Megazord block it and hit him. War Lord roll on the ground and stood back up.

"WE NEED THE POWER SWORD NOW!" The Rangers shouted and the sword drop from the heavens.

The Megazord grab it and ready itself once more.

"I better give them a hoof." Twilight said and took out her Dragger.

"Wait, what can you do that can help?" Light Spark ask.

"By calling a friend." Twilight said and play the tune to summon the Dragonzord.

In the far away lake, the water boil as the Dragonzord rose out. It roar and walk to Ponyville, ready for battle.

Light Spark was surprise. That was Twilight friend? Maybe friends can come in different shapes and sizes. Twilight jump in her zord and it charge at War Lord who was in a sword lock with the Megazord. Twilight made the Dragonzord spin and the tail hit him away.

"DRAGON-MEGAZORD COMBINE!" The Rangers shouted.

Soon the Dragon-Megazord stood and ready itself to finish the fight. It took to the air ready to unleash one of it attacks.


"HA! You can't hurt me! My Armor is far too strong!" War Lord said.

"POWER OF HARMONY," the Rangers shouted in unison, "FINAL BLAST!"

War Lord was hit with the powerful attack and it even destroy his armor. Without it he was just a black unicorn monster.

"WHAT?! NO!" He shouted.

The Dragon-Megazord then flew down to him ready to finish the fight once and for all.

"FINAL SLASH!" The Rangers shouted.

The Megazord pulled both of its blades back in preparation for the attack. Just before the Dragon-Megazord hit War Lord, the Rangers swung both blades in a scissors formation, hitting War Lord directly.

"AGH! NO! I CAN'T BELIEVE I FAIL!" War Lord shouted and fell to the ground and erupted in a glorious explosion.

The Rangers cheer once more as another monster was defeated.

"My Little Ponies, Victory is ours." Twilight said.

The Rangers finish the welcome party for Twilight and Light Spark even join. After it was over, Light Spark thought it was time to return to her time period. Before she did she turn back to the Rangers.

"Thanks Rangers, you have teach me a lesson about Friendship. Now I can make some friends on my own." She said.

"Glad to hear that. Thanks for you help Light Spark." Twilight said.

"It no problem.", Light Spark said and soon cast her spell, "Oh and my name is not Light Spark. It Twilight Sparkle, the first one to exist."

The Rangers eyes widen in shock as Light Spark disappear going back to her time line.

"Did she just say that her name was..." Pinkie ask.

"Lets, just let it go. I don't even want to try to find out." Twilight said.

"If she was the first Twilight, then who can say some of her friends are the first us?" Applejack had to ask.

"Forget Applejack. My brain hurt just from thinking about it." Rainbow said, rubbing her head.

"Yeah, I see what ya mean." Applejack said.

Twilight smile, she learn about friendship and she just help another pony learn it. This was going to be a great stay.

Author's Note:

Nightmare Moon's first try at stealing Twilight's powers and she did get one piece of it, she keeps trying and there is no green candle. Next will be the started of the five parts chapters of the Pony Rangers meet the Power Rangers.