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Element Pony Rangers - Shazam 25

Nightmare Moon escapes and Celestia chooses the Mane Six to be the Element Pony Rangers.

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Pony Rangers meet Power Rangers Part 1

Twilight was looking though a book she just got from Celestia, She couldn't believe it been five weeks since she move to Ponyville and strangely Nightmare Moon has been quiet. That was something that was on all the Rangers minds. Still she was really want to new magic. She look over the book until she come across a spell that interest her.

"A dimension spell?", She ask herself, "But is that for Alicorns only?"

Twilight went over it carefully. Though it look for to be for Alicorns, it look like even a unicorn like herself can cast it. Then she heard a knock on her door.

"Come in!" Twilight answer.

The rest of the her friends enter and walk up to her.

"Hey Twilight! What going on?" Rainbow ask.

"Just going over this new spell book that the Princess send me." Twilight said.

"Really? What kind of Spells?" Rarity ask.

"There a whole lot of them and I just come across a dimension spell." Twilight said.

"A dimension spell?" Applejack ask.

"Yeah, you see there are other dimensions out there. The Princess told me that there are dimensions that had us but not as Rangers and there dimensions that has other Rangers but not ponies and there even a dimension were we are different genders and many more I can't explain." Twilight said.

"So there are different dimensions that has different things? Gotta ya." Rainbow said in a simple matter.

Twilight roll her eyes and lift the book back up.

"It strange because it for Alicorns only but it looks as if a unicorn can cast it." Twilight said.

"Hm, that does sound odd." Rarity said.

"Oh, please you are only agreeing with her because you're a unicorn too." Rainbow said rolling her eyes.

"Unlike Twilight, I don't know many spells, so we been studying together to learn more magic." Rarity told her.

"Well, I want to try the spell out but, I'm afraid that Nightmare Moon will return and you five won't be able to stop her." Twilight said.

"Nightmare Moon hasn't been seen in five weeks, yes. But what if she went to another dimension too?" Pinkie ask.

"Oh! Then that means the ones that live there made not be able to stop her and her minions." Fluttershy said worry.

"So we all go with ya Twilight." Applejack said.

Twilight look up in surprise.

"Don't try to talk us out of it. We are Rangers and you're friends. We are going with you." Rainbow said before she couldn't say anything.

Twilight smile and said, "Thanks girls."

Soon the six mares stood around each other and waited for Twilight to cast the spell.

"Remember girls, This is my first time using it, so I don't know what will happen or what dimension we will go to." Twilight remind them.

"As long as we are together, we don't mind were we go." Rainbow said.

Twilight smile and started to cast the spell. It started to become harder and Twilight soon saw many lines. She look thought them trying to find one that they can go and return. As soon as she look at one line it try to suck them in.

"TWI! WHAT GOING ON?!" Applejack shouted.

"I DON'T KNOW!" Twilight answer.

They could felt themselves get pull as they try to stand their ground. The Wind was so strong that they couldn't even try to morph to counter it. But the Elements and the Thunder Coin has different plans. They started to glow and soon each mare was cover in their respective colors. Before they could do anything else their colors spend all over the Library. When it fade the Rangers were gone, leaving only the book behind.

In a place call Angel Grove, the Power Rangers just defeated another one of Rita's monsters and for some reason she had strange new putties. They had questions but decide to save them for later. Jason and Tommy was busy training while Trini was watching Kimberly do her gymnastics while Zack was busy trying out some new dance moves. They all stop as Billy come in and walk up to them.

"Hey Billy! What up?" Zack ask.

"Well, I do have some news." Billy said as the others step up.

"Is it about those strange new Putties?" Jason ask.

"Well that the thing, I can't find anything about them. I try talking to Alpha and Zordon but they don't know ether." Billy told them.

"Hm, that weird. If Zordon doesn't know then why does Rita have them?" Jason ask.

"Maybe we should head to the Command Center and see if we can help at any." Billy said.

Just then, their watches went off. They look around before getting somewhere with fewer people. Then Jason answer his watch.

"We read you, Zordon." He said.

"Rangers Come to the Command Center, we have a problem." Zordon's voice said.

The Rangers look at each other before teleport to the Command Center.

Above Angel Grove, six color lights head straight for a park. They crash into the ground casing peoples to run. No one stay to see six colorful mares crawl out of the carter they made. Twilight was the first one out and rub her head. Her Thunder Coin lay on the ground with the other elements. She turn and saw her friends crawl out as well.

"Agh! What just happen?" Rainbow ask.

"I'm not sure. I was looking for a dimension that we can just go to and come back when something try to suck us in, but I think our Elements and my Thunder Coin stop whatever it was but looks like they pull us into another dimension." Twilight said.

"So if we are in another dimension, then where is it?" Rarity ask.

"Don't know, but we are not in Equestria that for sure." Twilight said and hand them their elements.

"Um, Twilight?", Fluttershy ask, "If we come here then how are we going to get back?"

"I don't know. That was my first time using the Spell." Twilight answer.

"Well, darling we better figure where we are." Rarity said.

"And keep a low profile, got that Pinkie?" Applejack said turning to the pink mare.

"Okie Dokie Lokie!" Pinkie said happily.

After that, the Six mares walk off staying out of sight.

At the Command Center, The Rangers teleported in and was greeting by their friend Alpha 5.

"AYI,AYI,AYI!" He said running around.

"What wrong Alpha?" Billy ask.

"It impossible for two of the same Power Coins to exist!" Alpha said still running around.

The Rangers look confuse, but Zordon appear and explain.

"Rangers! A few minutes ago, we pick up a familiar power that match yours." He said.

"A power that match ours? Is that even possible?" Billy ask.

"I do not know but we have found it. It crash into Angel Grove park and is on the move. To where, we do not know. You need to go and find the source and make sure it is not Rita doing." Zordon said.

The Rangers nods and teleports to the park.

Meanwhile on the moon, the evil sorceress Rita Repulsa was spying on earth as she too pick up the Power that match the Rangers.

"You don't think it can be more rangers do you?" Squatt ask his partner.

"I hope not, We don't need to deal with more Rangers." Baboo said.

"What do you think my queen?" Goldar ask.

"I'm not sure, take some Putties and go check it out, with any luck we might have that power to beat the Rangers." She said.

"Yes, my queen, I'll even take some of our allies putties incase we have a fight." Goldar said bowing.

"Well, Nightmare Moon what do you think?" Rita ask the dark Alicorn that arrive five days ago.

"There is one group I can thinking of that match to what you saw, but I'm hoping I'm wrong." Nightmare Moon said walking up to her.

At the Park, The Rangers appear and started to look all over. They found the carter and Billy look over it.

"Man, whatever did this got to be maybe a little strong then we thought." He said.

"What could have cause this?" Trini ask.

"I don't know. We better keep looking for more clues." Billy said and the rest nods.

In another part of the park. The Six Mares stop to rest. They long learn that they were in a place call Angel Grove and there were Rangers here as well. Thanks to Twilight bring a paper over to them, they discover they were call the Power Rangers. They were shock but remember that Celestia told them about the Rangers in this dimension. They were more surprise to see that the paper cover the Putty Ponies. There was no doubt about it, Nightmare Moon was here. They move on hoping to stop Nightmare Moon and return to their home.

Back with the Power Rangers, they were still looking over the park. They regroup and started to talk about what was out there.

"Well, anything?" Jason ask.

"Non man, whoever or whatever they are, they must be good at covering their tracks." Zack said.

"Yeah we, like, look everywhere." Kimberly said

"There got to be something we are missing." Tommy thought out loud.

"Yes, like your defeat!" They heard and explosions appear around them.

The Rangers roll on the ground at saw Goldar with Putties and the new Putties. Unknowing that the explosions caught the ears of six mares close by.

"So Power Rangers, you must be after the power that we are looking for too?" Goldar ask.

"Guess, that clear up Rita not behind this." Zack said and they stood up.

"We won't let you or Rita have the whatever power that fell here, Goldar." Tommy shouted.

"IT MORPHIN' TIME!" Jason shouted as the pull out their Power Coins.







Soon the Morph Power Rangers were ready and taking down Putties.

The Six mares reach the fight as saw the Power Rangers.

"No way! They look like us only taller and no wings or horns!" Twilight gasp.

"And look! They are taking down Putty Ponies and what look to be Putties as well." Pinkie said.

They look and saw that the Rangers were taking down Putties like Pinkie said. Once all the Putties were gone, they saw a humanoid lion with red eyes walk up and draw a sword. That made Twilight think back to time she fought War Lord. They watch the Power Rangers try but fail to beat them. Twilight look at her friends who nodded back in return. Twilight ready her horn and aim at the creature.

The Rangers was able to take care of the Putties, but Goldar has once more taking them down. They lay on the ground having trouble getting up.

"Well, Rangers. Looks like this time you are done for good! Time to said good-bye." He said and rise his sword.

The Rangers brace for the hit, before a purple beam knock him away. They look up to see six mares jump in front of them ready to fight.

"What? Who are you?" Goldar ask as he stood up.

They watch as the purple one to the others and smile.

"In your words, we're talking ponies." She said.

Both the Rangers and Goldar was shock on what they just heard.

"Billy, is that even possible?" Jason ask his friend.

"I not sure, there never be anything about talking horses." Billy said.

"Ponies", The orange mare said, "We are call Ponies."

"I don't care what you call yourselves, if you help the Rangers then you are enemies of my queen." Goldar said.

"Your Queen?" The White mare ask, "We have to deal with one queen that trying to take over our home."

"Yeah! And she a real meanie!" The Pink mare agree.

"Now we have a question for you." The Yellow mare said.

Goldar look at them wondering why they ask that.

"What time is it?" The Purple mare ask the question.

The Mares smile and took out five gem necklaces and a coin. What was said next shock all of them.

"IT MORPHIN' TIME!" The Blue mare shouted.







They all stood in great shock as six Rangers stood in front of them. Each mare morph into what looks to be them only fit for ponies.

"Rangers! Roll call!" The red armor mare said.

"Element Ranger, Black!" The Black armor mare said.

"Element Ranger, Pink!" The Pink armor mare said.

"Element Ranger, Blue!" The Blue Armor mare said.

"Element Ranger, Yellow!" The Yellow armor mare said.

"Element Ranger, Red!" The Red armor mare said.

"Element Ranger, Green!" The Green armor mare said.

"In the name of Harmony! We protect the weak and ensure the peace." The red armor mare said again.


"Alright, Rangers. Get your Elements Weapons out." The Red Pony Ranger said.

The Rangers watch as the five Pony Rangers drew weapons that look just like theirs. The Green Pony Ranger drew a dragger that look like Tommy's. They charge at Goldar who was shock to see the weapons.

The Red Pony Ranger slash Goldar with it Element Sword knocking him away. The Blue and Yellow Pony Rangers charge and hit him with their Element Lance and Draggers a few times knocking him back even more. The Pink Pony Ranger jump in the air firing some arrows before landing and using her Element bow like a bat knocking Goldar away. She then jump back as the Black Pony Ranger come from the air and swing her Element Ax knocking Goldar to the ground. The Green Pony Ranger ran up and threw a kick knocking his sword out of his hand before delivering a powerful strike that knock Goldar away.

Each Pony Ranger stood in a line, ready to finish this. The Power Rangers stood up and were shock to see that they were handling Goldar without a problem. Goldar stood up and look at them.

"What are you?" He ask.

"We are the Element Pony Rangers. Power by the Elements of Harmony." The Red Pony Ranger said.

"Mine's different. I'm power by the Thunder Coin that was once used for evil. Now I control it." The Green Pony Ranger said.

Tommy's eyes widen under his helmet when he heard that. That Green Ranger power was use for evil? Could that mean they have the same problem?

Goldar stood there shock. Elements of Harmony? Thunder Coin? This was confusing him. Before the Pony Rangers could try to finish him, Rita act by making Goldar grow with her magic. The Pony and Power Rangers jump back. The Power Rangers act first.

"We Dinozord Power Now!" Jason shouted.

The Pony Rangers look to see that these Rangers zords look just like theirs. The Power Rangers jump in their zords and soon the Megazord stood. Rainbow turn to the rest of her friends.

"I know their zords look like ours, but we need to try and help." She said.

"But Rainbow, we don't even know if our zords will come here." Fluttershy said.

"She has a point darling, we are from another dimension." Rarity said.

"Actually, There is some about the Elements you all are wearing." Twilight said having the other turn to her.

"What that Sugarcube?" AppleJack ask.

"Princess Celestia told me as long as you going somewhere with the Elements, the zords will follow." Twilight said.

"If that the case we better call them, I only hope that we can tell which is ours." Rainbow said.

Tommy watch as five of the Pony Rangers step up and rise their hooves in the air.


Tommy look in the sky to see five color lights beam down and what look to be his friends zords, only each of them had a sun on them.

"Whoa! That one way to tell." Applejack said as their zords rush to help the Power Rangers.

"You girls better get going, I have to explain to that Green Ranger what going on." Twilight said before turning to Tommy.

The Pony Rangers jump in their Zords and ready for another fight.

"WE NEED MEGAZORD POWER NOW!" They shouted again and the Element Megazord stood tall. Like the zords, it too on the sun on it.

The Element Megazord walk up and knock Goldar away from the Power Megazord. The Power Rangers look in total shock as second Megazord appear that look like theirs.

"Need a hoof?" Rainbow call over the comm.

"Um, Yeah thanks." Zack said a little unsure.

"Ok, let see how he can handle the Element Megazord and your Megazord." Rainbow said and both Megazord's charge.

While the fight was happening, Twilight walk up to Tommy and started to explain what happen.

"You are the Green Ranger for this world right?" She ask him.

"Yes and what do you mean by this world?" Tommy answer then ask back.

"We are from another dimension, we came here by mistake, But once we saw the Putty Ponies, we knew for fact that Nightmare Moon, our enemy, is here and we are going to find and take her back." Twilight said.

"Nightmare Moon? Strange name." Tommy said.

"Yeah, I kinda figure you might have trouble believe that." Twilight said.

"So your powers matches ours, why?" Tommy ask.

"Well, My friends are power my ancient artifacts that we call the Elements of Harmony. I'm power by the Thunder Coin, that was once used for an Evil Green Ranger." Twilight explain.

"You were an evil Ranger?" Tommy ask turning to her.

"No, The Thunder Coin had an owner before me and for some reason I can use the power as if I been using it my whole life." Twilight said.

"I see, I was once an Evil Ranger until my friends free me from Rita's spell." Tommy said.

"Who Rita?" Twilight ask.

"Tell you later, I think it best to give our friends a hand." Tommy said seeing that Goldar had recover from his shock and started to attack both Megazord's.

"Right, I take we also have the same zords." Twilight said.

"Yeah, better call them." Tommy said taking out his Dragon Dragger.

Twilight took out her Thunder Dragger and both play the same tune. Tommy's Dragonzord rise out of the water as Twilight's appear from a green beam. The two Dragonzord's walk up and knock Goldar away. The Power Rangers were surprise to see two Dragonzord's fighting side-by-side.

"Well, Better finish this before it get worst." Twilight said and jump in her zord.

Twilight had her Dragonzord rise it claws and shouted "DRAGONZORD ROCKET-FINGERS, GO!"

Goldar was knock away even more as the two Dragonzord's and Megazord's stood ready to finish him.

"This can not be! I'm out power for now. I'll be back!" Goldar said and disappear.

"My Little Ponies, Victory is ours." Twilight said as the four Zords relax.

Back on the Ground Tommy watch the whole fight. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he could tell that they made new allies. Then his Comm beep.

"This is Tommy." He said.

"Tommy, You and the Rangers must come to the Command Center, We have something about the new Rangers you been seeing." Zordon's voice came in.

"Right, be right there." Tommy said after the Power Zords disappear and the Element Zords beam away.

The Power Rangers and Pony Rangers drop to the ground and Tommy ran up to them.

"Hey Guys, Zordon what us to get back to the Command Center. He got something about these Rangers." He said.

"Who Zordon?" Twilight ask.

Before he could answer, the Pony Rangers was sudden teleported away. The Power Rangers look confuse before teleporting as well.

They appear in the Command Center and saw the Pony Rangers there.

"Rangers! We don't not have to worry about them. They are friends and know lot up the new Putties we been seeing." Zordon said.

"And a lot about what enemy we are going to face together." Said a second voice.

The Rangers turn to see a White Alicorn walk up. The Pony Rangers look in shock as they saw her.

"PRINCESS CELESTIA!" They shouted and bow.

"Princess Celestia is a ruler from a dimension call Equestria. What you see before you are her Rangers that she made." Zordon said.

"Me and Zordon are good friends, it was him that help me make my own Rangers, zords, and have them contact to the Morphin' Grid." Celestia added.

"Now, these Rangers follow the same rules and since their enemy is here working with Rita, it fair that they know who you are." Zordon said.

The Rangers look at each other for a second and remove their helmets.

"Hi, I'm Jason the Red Power Ranger." Jason said.

"Hello, I'm Trini the Yellow Power Ranger." Trini said next.

"Hey, I'm Billy the Blue Power Ranger." Billy told them.

"Hi there, I'm Kimberly the Pink Power Ranger." Kimberly said.

"Hey there, I'm Zack the Black Power Ranger." Zack said.

"And I'm Tommy, the Green Power Ranger." Tommy said last.

The Pony Rangers turn to each other and nods. They too remove their helmets and told them who they were.

"Name's Rainbow Dash, the Red Element Ranger." Rainbow Dash said first.

"I'm Fluttershy, the Yellow Element Ranger." Fluttershy said shyly.

"Howdy, Applejack , the Blue Element Ranger." Applejack greeted.

"Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie, the Pink Element Ranger!" Pinkie cheer happily.

"The name Rarity darlings, the Black Element Ranger." Rarity said flipping her mane.

"And, I'm Twilight Sparkle, the Green Element Ranger and student of Princess Celestia." Twilight said last.

The Power Rangers then shook their hooves. Then Tommy turn to Twilight.

"You said that your Coin was use for evil earlier, were you once an evil Ranger?" Tommy ask remember what Twilight said earlier.

Twilight shook her head.

"No, The Thunder Coin was once used by a Pegasus and chose to be evil on her own free will." Twilight said.

"Why did you ask that?" Rainbow ask.

"Tommy here was once an evil Ranger until we free him from Rita spell." Jason explain.

"Who Rita?" AppleJack ask.

"An Evil Sorceress that bet on destroy earth and rule the galaxies. I have chosen five teenagers to become the Power Rangers. Tommy join after being free like Jason just said." Zordon explain.

"We need to get back to Angel Grove. Rita was stop this time but we need to be back before anyone notices we're gone." Zack said.

"We would ask if you six would like to come but..." Kimberly started to say but Celestia knew what she means.

"Don't worry, I have that cover. Head on back, the Pony Rangers will join you soon." She said get the Six mares to look at her.

The Power Rangers look confuse and then teleported back to their school.

Once there, The Rangers went on like normal. They was wondering what Celestia had in mind but decide to wait. It didn't take long before Bulk and Skull enter the room.

"Well, well if it isn't Angel Grove Losers." Bulk said.

"Yeah! Losers." Skull repeat.

"What do you want now Bulk?" Kimberly ask.

"Well, Going out with you is one thing." Bulk said trying to act nice.

"Dream on Bulk." Kimberly said.

Bulk smile fade and turn to Skull who just shrug. Bulk turn back and grab Kimberly arm.

"Bulk let go!" Kimberly said trying to pull away.

But he didn't. Then a rope appear around him and they heard, "Didn't ya hear the lady? She said let go."

Bulk was pull away and land on the floor. The Rangers look up to see six girls behind him.

The Girl holding the rope had a cowboy hat on, dress in cowboy heel boots that had three apples on them, a blue jeans shirk, a belt with an apple on it, a white and green shirt. She had blonde hair that was tie at the end.

Another girl was dress in purple heel boots, a purple shirk with three diamonds on it, a light blue t-shirt, her hair was purple ask well and any guy could fall for her.

Next to her was another girl who had light green and white heel boots on, her shirk was also light green with three pink butterflies on it, a white sleeveless shirt and hind one of her eyes behind her pink hair.

One of the Girls was jumping jump on down wearing light blue heel boots, a pink shirk with three balloons with two that was blue and the middle yellow, she had a white shirt with a heart on it cover with a light blue short sleeve jacket on, Her hair was a darker pink and was puff out.

The Girl next to her had one of the strangest hair color of all, Her hair look to be that she got her head in a rainbow because that what it was, She wore blue heel boots, a pink and white shirk with black shorts underneath, Her shirt was white with a cloud on it and a three color thunderbolt with a darker blur short sleeve jacket on.

The Last girl was wearing black and purple heel boots, a purple shirk with a six pointed star with five white smaller stars around it, a light blue shirt with a purple bow on it, and her hair was purple with a dark purple and rose streak.

Bulk and Skull look surprise at the six girls looks. The Cowgirl walk up to them and said, "Now, ah don't know what ya'll problem is but if you are going to mistreat a lady like that, then you will find out why I'm call Apple 'the Cowgirl' Jack."

Hearing the name Applejack surprise the Rangers. Then another girl step up.

"I will say that was very rude of you, if fact if it was for school rules, I might would have to show you that I'm not just a girl with a pretty face. Isn't that right Darlings?" She said before turning to the others.

"You bet! Though, I wonder why they were grabbing her? It was not nice at all!" The Puffy pink hair girl said rubbing her chin.

The Rainbow hair color girl just roll her eyes and said, "They're probably just some bullies that like picking on others."

"Like how I was?" The Lighter pink hair girl said trying to hind behind the Rainbow hair girl.

"You better listen to AJ, she can be a bit troublesome went it come to others getting pick on." The Purple hair girl said.

Bulk try to get the rope off by saying, "Oh yeah?" How do you like this Cowgirl?"

Bulk then try to pull AJ to him, But she stood still. Bulk try again and again, but AJ wouldn't move. Finally Bulk was pull so hard that she let go and Bulk fell backwards into trash can butt first. Everyone laugh at it, even Skull as he try to him out.

AJ turn to the Rangers and held out her hand.

"Howdy! Names Applejack, but my friends call me AJ." She said.

"My name Rainbow." The rainbow hair girl said.

"I'm Fluttershy." The light pink hair girl was next.

"I'm Pinkie Pie! Maybe I can throw a party for meeting new friends!" The Pink hair girl cheer.

"Really darling? A party is nice but can we just get use to living here? After all we just move here. By the way, I'm Rarity." The Purple hair girl said.

"And I'm Twilight, like Rarity said we just move here." The other purple hair girl said.

"Welcome to Angel Grove. I'm Jason and these are my friends, Kimberly, Trini, Billy, Zack, and Tommy." Jason said.

They smile, the two groups already knew who they were. That was Celestia plan. She turn the Six mares into six teenager humans. They Power Rangers gain new allies and it was a team-up that was going to last for a long time.

Author's Note:

I will say I felt let I fell apart on this chapter, I think some is missing and I'm not sure what. Also for the Power Rangers team for the Mane Six will be MMPR all three seasons, Zeo, Turbo, and In Space. After that background ponies start taken over but the Element Rangers will remain to help out some times. The Elements get stolen in Zeo and disappear in Turbo. Also there will be no replacements of the Mane Six. Also the human forms for the mane six are base off the movie only with human skin color.