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Element Pony Rangers - Shazam 25

Nightmare Moon escapes and Celestia chooses the Mane Six to be the Element Pony Rangers.

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Pony Rangers meet Power Rangers Part 5

Angel Grove high was a busy place, the talk about the new Pony Rangers had finally be know to all. But many people were wondering, were theses new rangers on their side or Rita's side? The Mane Six didn't listen to that. They went on doing what they can. But as tine pass the Pony Rangers started to miss their home more and more. The Power Rangers wanted to help but they didn't know how. Tommy had an idea and took Twilight to an ally where Rita took him to be the green ranger.

"This is where Rita test me with Putties. After I beat them she put a spell on me to make me her evil ranger." Tommy said.

"Hm, lot different than our evil ranger." Twilight said thinking about.

"How did you get one?" Tommy ask.

"Well, back in Equestria Rainbow Dash was training to join a group call the Wonderbolts and one of the ponies that was there lost her lead badge to Rainbow, Nightmare Moon had an eye on her and name her the evil green ranger. Her name was Lighting Dust. I got my powers from her." Twilight told him.

"I see, we both were given power from an evil ranger and we both decide to us it for good. After our friends help us." Tommy said.

"You know, Before I got my powers, I never met my friends. I was stuck in the back ground." Twilight said having Tommy look at her.

"I first saw them when Celestia give them the elements. I was hiding behind Celestia's throne at the time.", Twilight began, "The next time I saw them is after the had their first victory. This time behind a pillar. I was a little afraid of them, afraid that the wouldn't be friends with me because I read books and they might treat me differently because I was Celestia student."

"Did you talk to her about it?" Tommy ask.

"I did, but she told me to wait. It wasn't until I made their Element Weapons that we came face to face for the first time. Even then I was unsure about what they think about me. But over time I saw them treat me like normal and even invited me to their home. I was happy. I felt I made friends for who I was, not what I was." Twilight said smiling at the end.

"Good to hear." Tommy said.

Twilight smile, then thought of something.

"Hey Tommy?", She ask, "Where we going?"

"To a training spot I found. I want to teach you about been a Green Ranger." Tommy answer.

Twilight rise an eyebrow but follow Tommy to the training spot.

On the moon, Rita and Nightmare Moon were fighting about what monster they could use.

"I bet Rita monster will destroy both Rangers teams." Squatt said.

"I'll take that bet." Gilda said.

Trixie just roll her eyes. Goldar stood next to her as Finster and Zecora were making the same monster they were fighting about.

"My Monster will destroy both the Power and Pony Rangers!" Rita yell.

"No! Mine will! You told me yourself that the Power Rangers destroy every monster you send." Nightmare Moon yell back.

"You think they would notices that we are making both monsters as they speak." Finster ask the Zebra.

"Yes." Zecora answer and they put both the half cay monster together. Zecora's half look like a half earth pony and Finster look to be a half knight.

After putting the two have together Finster place it in his machine and brought it to life making the two villainess spot fighting.

"What this?" Rita ask.

"Greets! My queens. We are Ponight, the powerful knight to sever." It said.

"Me and Zecora decide to combine your monsters and make this one." Finster said.

"Most impressive, now you must go down and destroy the Power and Pony Rangers." Rita said.

"Yes, my queens." Ponight said and walk away.

Meanwhile the Power Rangers, minus Tommy, were talking to Celestia about how they can make the Mane Six feel better before going home.

"I got a strong feeling they are home-sick." Billy said.

"Yeah I know what you mean. If I was away from home for so long, I'll miss it too." Zack said.

"Rangers I understand about the conjure about your new friends which is way me and Celestia have agree to clear any rumors that have spread is to have the Pony Rangers revile themselves and have them have one last day with us." Zordon said.

"Really? I mean they aren't going to break the third rule?" Jason ask.

"No, We will have the Element Rangers go in their rangers forms. I have heard many things about what people have said about them. And to help we want you to go in your rangers forms as well." Celestia said.

"We too are worry about our new friends and we are going to miss them once they leave." Alpha said.

Before they cold talk about it the alarms went off and the ranger turn to the viewing globe. The saw the new monster attack Angel Grove.

"What that monster? It look to a cross of a horse and a night" Kimberly ask.

"This is a new monster even for me. But if I was to guess, Rita and Nightmare Moon had put two monster in one to try and destroy you. Rangers this maybe a tough fight for you. Be careful." Zordon said.

"Right Zordon. IT MORPHIN' TIME!" Jason said and they pull out their power coins.






Soon the Power Rangers made it to the monster.

"AH! Power Rangers, just what my queens order me to destroy." Ponight said.

"Queens?" Trini ask.

Remember, they are both Nightmare Moon's and Rita's monster as one." Billy said.

"Then let take them down." Jason said and the Rangers charge.

Ponight pull out a sword and charge back. He slash Jason and Trini before Zack block with his power ax. Ponight push the ax away and slash him as well. Kimberly and Billy ran up and grab him trying to stop him but he threw them off. They regroup and charge again.

Meanwhile at the Command Center, Celestia and Zordon watch the Rangers try to stop the new monster.

"AYIAYIAYI! It no good! This new monster is too much for them." Alpha said.

"Better call in my Rangers." Celestia said.

At Ernie's Juice bar, The rest of the mane sat at a table feeling more home-sick then before.

"I hope Nightmare Moon returns home soon. Not that I don't like this place is just I don't know what will happen if we not there to stop any trouble." Rainbow said.

"I know what you mean Darling. After all we became rangers after Celestia chose us to be them." Rarity agree.

They all sign before hearing their element go off. They look around and left the room and Rainbow took out her Element.

"This is Rainbow Dash." She whisper.

"Rangers, The Power Rangers are in trouble. They are fighting a new monster. Morph and help them." Celestia's voice come though.

"On our way.", Rainbow said before turning to her friends, "IT MORPHIN' TIME!"






The Element Ranger arrive just as the Power Rangers know to the ground again.

"Element Ax!" Rarity shouted.

"Element Bow!" Pinkie join as well.

The two attacks got Ponight off guard and was knocked off of his feet.

"What that? It look to be a knight pony." Fluttershy ask.

"Let be careful ya'll." Applejack said.

Working together, they drew their weapons and fired at Ponight, knocking him away.

The Power Rangers got up and ran to their new friends.

"Thanks for the help, This guy strong then he looks." Jason said.

Ponight stood back up and said, "Luckily shot, but we won't fall for that again."

"We?" Pinkie ask.

"He two monsters in one. So it like we are fighting two monsters instead of one." Billy told them.

"Well lets take him down!" Rainbow said and the two Rangers group charge.

Meanwhile, Tommy and Twilight train. Tommy give Twilight hints on what she can do with her power if she starts to lose it. Tommy even told her about a tune that let his Dragon shield block and reflect energy shots and help other recover. They went on and stop for a break when the heard Twilight Thunder Coin went off.

Twilight pull it out and answer.

"This is Twilight." she said.

"Twilight! The other Rangers are fighting a powerful monster and they need your help." Celestia said.

"We get right on it." Tommy said.

"Hurry! We are not sure if they can beat this one." Celestia said.

"Ok Tommy time for us to see how much are training did. IT MORPIN' TIME!"



Both Green Rangers made it to the fight area to see their friends get knock down by the new monster.

"Whoa! That is new." Tommy said.

"Better help the others." Twilight said and they started to heard down.

They were stop by Putties and Pony Putties. They charge at them ready to fight. Twilight flip over one Putty and kick it down before blocking another attack. She kick it way and ready herself for the next wave. Tommy block and counter one Putty attack before being ram by a Pony Putty. He jump over it and pick it up

"It to go for a spin." He said and started to spin around with it.

A few Putties were knock down before Tommy release the pony putty that flew into some more. Twilight flip over an low kick and kick the putty away. She turn and punch another before drawing her Thunder Dragger. She slash a few Putties before having one grab on and slash it as she move away. Tommy join by her side and the use teamwork to take down the rest of the Putties. In no time, the putties were down.

"Well that was a nice warm up." Tommy said.

"Yeah, but we better get to the others." Twilight said and they both ran down to the fight.

Jason and Rainbow was in the middle of a sword battle with Ponight. He push their swords in the air and slash them both.

"Jason! Rainbow!" The other call and rush to their aid.

"HAHAHA! You can stop us! We are Ponight, the greatest Knight to sever our queens.' Ponight said.

"Also has the loudest mouth!" Twilight said as she and Tommy slash him with their draggers.

"Tommy! Twilight! You made it!" Fluttershy said and flew up to them.

"Sorry we're late. Tommy was training me to be a better green ranger and we got attack by putties." Twilight said.

"That ok now let see how he can handle two groups of Rangers." Jason said.

"Element Rangers, Roll call!" Rainbow said.

"Element Ranger, Black!" Rarity said.

"Element Ranger, Pink!" Pinkie said.

"Element Ranger, Blue!" AppleJack said.

"Element Ranger, Yellow!" Fluttershy said.

"Element Ranger, Red!" Rainbow Dash said.

"Element Ranger, Green!" Twilight said.

"In the name of Harmony! We protect the weak and ensure the peace." Rainbow said.


The Power Rangers stood ready with them and charge to the monster. Ponight had a little trouble now that they were working together. Trini and Fluttershy kick Ponight as Billy and AppleJack punch him. Rarity and Zack trip him as Pinkie and Kimberly land on him. Once Ponight got back up he saw Rainbow and Jason with their swords out and slash him when they got close.

"Gah! I'm not down yet!" He said and fire an energy beam that knock the rangers off their feet/hooves.

Tommy rush it trying to land a hit but the monster block every attack before knocking him away. Twilight ran up with her Thunder Dragger ready.

"Ha! Try all you want, you won't stop us." He said and ready a beam.

Twilight move the Thunder Dragger to her lips where the mask was and play the tune Tommy told her about. Her Thunder Shield started to glow and Ponight fire at her only for his shot to be boucle back at him. He stood up and fire again but Twilight kept playing the tune and the shot kept going back to him. Twilight stop and rush at him slash him down. Weaken from his own attacks he fell as Twilight spin away from him.

"Wow! Twilight, when did you learn that?" Pinkie ask as the Rangers ran up to her.

"Learn it from Tommy. I always wonder why this was there. But now I know." Twilight said.

A blast hit Ponight and he grew to 30 feet tall. The rangers nods and rise their hands/hooves.


Tommy and Twilight play their tune to summon their Dragonzords. Once the zords arrive, the rangers jump in.

"WE NEED MEGAZORD POWER NOW!" The rangers shouted again.

Soon the Power Megazord and Element Megazord stood with the Dragonzords by their side. Ponight rush up to them and started to slash them. Twilight's Dragonzord block the attack and spin around, hitting him with the tail. Tommy's join in and Ponight's sword was broken. The Two Megazords made a punch that knock him away.

"Hey girls! Let say we show the rangers the last communion." Twilight said.

"Right!" The other agree.

"DRAGON-MEGAZORD COMBINE!" The Rangers shouted.

Soon the Dragon-Megazord stood tall. The Power Ranger could easily see the difference between the two forms of their and the Elements. Soon the Dragon-Megazord flew into the air surprise them greatly.


Soon all the zords were aiming at Ponight.

"POWER OF HARMONY," the Rangers shouted in unison, "FINAL BLAST!"

The attack hit Ponight who was to shock to dodge the attack. Then the Dragon-Megazord flew in of the final attack.

"FINAL SLASH!" The Rangers shouted.

The Megazord pulled both of its blades back in preparation for the attack. Just before the Megazord hit Ponight, the Rangers swung both blades in a scissors formation, hitting Ponight directly.

"No! My queens! I have fail you!" He said and erupted in a glorious explosion.

"My Little Ponies, victory is ours." Twilight said.

On the moon, Nightmare Moon and Rita fought again.

"Your monster fail it job!" Rita shouted.

"My monster?! It was your monster!" Nightmare Moon shouted back.

"I don't even know why you are here!" Rita shouted.

"That make two of us! As of this day, our partnership is over!" Nightmare Moon said.

"Well, it was fun while it last." Gilda said.

Nightmare Moon minions walk next to their queen and she stare at Rita.

"Out of the whole time I been here, you have fail every plan you came up with. Now I will return to my home where I can rule it once the Elements of Harmony is out of the way!" Nightmare Moon said and a glow cover the area.

Once it fate Nightmare Moon and her minions were gone.

Back at Angel Grove, all the people got together at the park. They heard that the new Rangers are going to show themselves and they were leaving as well. They waited until the Power Rangers show up casing them to cheer. Then in six colors they watch the Element Rangers appear in the same colors and look as the Power Rangers. They were even more shock as Princess Celestia appear in her Alicorn form.

"People of Angel Grove.", She said casing them to be even more shock, "We stand here today as to clear any rumors about the Element Pony Rangers. They are friends of your Power Rangers and they have help them fit in until we can return home. We are from another dimension. Lately you have heard about Nightmare Moon, our enemy, helping Rita. But now it seems that she has return home and we must follow her. This is where we say good-bye."

The crowd talk along themselves until Celestia spoke again.

"Before we go, I would like you to remember the Element Rangers names." She said.

"With the Element of Generosity, Element Pony Ranger, Black." Rarity said.

"With the Element of Laughter, Element Pony Ranger, Pink." Pinkie said.

"With the Element of Honesty, Element Pony Ranger, Blue." AppleJack said.

"With the Element of Kindness, Element Pony Ranger, Yellow." Fluttershy said.

"With the Element of Loyalty , Element Pony Ranger, Red." Rainbow said.

"With the power of Thunder, Element Pony Ranger, Green." Twilight said.


"We once again thank you for your hospitality and hope one day to met you again." Celestia said before the Element Rangers walk next to her.

Before they could get ready to be send off. Tommy walk up to Twilight and hand her an envelope. They both nods as Twilight took it and then with one last wave Celestia cast the spell and seven color lights shot into the sky and disappear. The Power Rangers look into the sky and smile under their helmets. They were going to miss them, even if they were ponies.

Twilight's tree house was cover in seven lights before it fade. Twilight and then other open their eye to see that they unmorph and were now back in their pony forms.

"We're home." She said.

"Oh yeah! It great to be back!" Rainbow said.

"I'm sure glad to be back." Rarity said wiping the tears out of her eyes.

"Yippee! I'll throw a welcome home party for all of us!" Pinkie said.

"I'm sure am going to miss the Power Rangers." Fluttershy said.

"I'm sure they will miss us too, sugarcube." Applejack said placing a hoof around Fluttershy.

"What did Tommy give you Twilight?" Celestia ask.

Twilight took out the envelope and open it. She saw the picture and smile.

"Just some for us to remember them by." Twilight said and show them

On the picture was the Power Rangers with their helmets off. Around them was the Element Rangers also with helmets off. The picture was taken on the first they arrive in the Rangers home. The Element Rangers smile and place their hooves on top of each other.

Their lift their hooves in the air and shouted, "PONY RANGERS!"

Author's Note:

That end of this five part chapters, now for the next five chapters I am thinking on to do. There a two-part chapter I like to do and the first part is where I bring back in Twilight parents and this time have her brother Shining armor be in and they don't discover her time as a ranger, the second part is where Twilight goes to another time and met the Armor Rangers (Which are this crossover Alien Rangers). After that, have Rainbow spend some time in Cloudsdale with the Wonderbolts then end it with a two part final facing Nightmare Moon.