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I'm British. I write crossovers with that horse show you people like. That's about it.


Hey, I'm Rainbow Dash. You probably know me, right? What am I saying, of course you do. Best flyer in Equestria, and all that.

Well, the thing is, I'm kind of in trouble. You probably heard about my friend Twilight becoming a princess, right? Well, she cast this crazy spell and now I don't know where I am. I mean, it looks like Ponyville, but I know it isn't. It doesn't feel right. Ponies are paranoid, and the guards are everywhere.

Worst of all, though, everypony seems to run in fear at the mention of Twilight Sparkle.

What am I going to do?

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:pinkiecrazy: :pinkiehappy: keep going, no dislikes yet, I'm going to be watching this story so don't let me down :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:

this is great!:pinkiehappy: Are there going to be an amazing ninja pony or something awesome like that?

Nice choice in soundtrack

dis gona b good
and i think RD has some assassin in her

2441668 Ninjas? Probably not. But Assassins, well, that's a different story...

What is this a crossover of?

This is the best kind of alternate universe fic. Upvote and favorite. Kaboom.


This is really something. Rainbow's perspective and the pacing are great.

Fave'd and looking forward to the future.

2447923 cinemablend.com/images/sections/51769/_1359047983.jpg

Hint: It's Assassin's Creed. Though not in the traditional sense. Instead of directly taking elements from the series, the story is heavily inspired by them, kind of like what Fallout Equestria was to the Fallout series.

My entire house out of clouds.

Should be a 'is made' in there.

It's early in the morning, which, as everypony knows, it definitely not my time of day.

'It' should be 'is.'

I make the coffee and, in my haste to feel fresh and woken up, nearly down the whole mug of scalding hot liquid down my throat. Luckily, I didn't.

Watch your tense here. Either everything in past, or everything in present. No switching, no exceptions. I'm not usually a grammar nazi, but this caught my attention for whatever reason.

You better not tell anypony about this, dang it.

Careful...narrators don't have fourth-wall breaking powers all the time. And if they do, they don't use present tense, especially if the story is being told after the events.

Alright! Now that the grammar nazi in me is satisfied, let's get to commenting!
I am enjoying the story so far, but I find it a bit weird that Dash knows what is going on. In the Tyranny of King Washington, Connor is as confused as the player is, and we don't know what happened to create the alternate universe beyond the choppy beginning scene and the memory fragments in each episode. We can deduce what happened from just that, but it adds to the sense that we are alone in an unfamiliar place, and every step we take is to solve the mystery and return home.
Having Dash aware of the fact that she is in an alternate universe from the start, rather than discovering it or deducing it after some time, makes this world feel less real. Dash will still have to find a way home, but part of the Tyranny's charm is that it isn't simply "an alternate universe" like the Dark Side endings in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and its sequel. Connor isn't the man he was in the strange timeline, and he repeatedly questions his former friends and foes because of it. If he hadn't, then his reaction to King Washington and the atrocities he's committing would've felt out of place. Likewise, when Rainbow Dash finally meets Queen Sparkle the reaction she has will set the tone for the rest of the story.
Will she hopelessly plead with Twilight, wishing to understand how her best friend could ever become such wickedness? :fluttercry:
Or will she chalk it up to Alternate Timeline Syndrome? :unsuresweetie:
You can see how the latter kinda falls flat.

Now this is a story I want to read.

Isn't the title of this chapter lyrics to one Of Monsters And Men's songs?

So, if NMM didn't happen, what the hell happened to Luna, or Cadance for that matter?

So, Applejack, once you defeat Twilight and chop off her head or whatever, what are you going to do about the sun and moon?

I guess you could say it's where the unexpected updates happen.

Huzzah! An update!
This chapter was needed, and I'm glad AJ understands.
Now to get to the interesting part.
Onward ho!

This is an Assassin's Creed deal? Seems like it. But screw it, I SHALL READ ON.

~Skeeter The Lurker

to tell you the truth, i was not expecting the AC crossover, but oh well.

twilight's crown is OBVIOUSLY a piece of Eden. And considering that Prime Dash took the place of Assassin Dash, did the vise versa happen?

The unicorns can take over again. They did it before Equestria. They could probably learn to do it again.

Let's hope they would in under a year, or else planetary omnicide would occur. Not to mention the other countries probably won't be too happy over the extended nighttime/daytime.

That's even if they could learn. Over a thousand years plus the reign of a reality warping eldrich abomination won't do any spellbook good.

how often are you going to update this?

2706434 It depends. I'm juggling a few other fics at the moment, and, being an avid gamer, I'm going to have my hands full for a few days when The Last of Us releases on Friday. Hopefully, you'll get one before the end of the month, or early July.

I'm gonna guess that twilight is a templar and there a bunch of ponies that "mysteriously" get into power, but it's due to the fact that they are templar's too. You've incorparated AC3 into MLP without AC3 in MLP..... it could work. :trixieshiftright:

*whoo hooo*:yay:
Thanks for the update:twilightsmile:

“Then welcome to the brotherhood, Dash.”

Wait... That's the wrong Brotherhood. :trixieshiftleft:
Hmm, too bad. I really like the Brotherhood of NOD... :eeyup:

Do you think that you could also do some chapters of what is going on in the original world? because that would be very interesting... :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile: I just think that would make a very good part of the story :moustache:

so far, so good
however, I feel that you are trying too hard to match dash's brash, self-interested attitude with Connor's considerate, idealistic personality.
it make dash seem a little OOC

It is a good story but it seems as thought the start of chapter 2 is just a continuation of the end of chapter 1.

I was hoping Rainbow Dash was gonna do a Leap Of Faith to get to Applejack's Farm. :rainbowdetermined2:
That awkward moment when she does that and breaks her wing... Again :trollestia:

Well i liked it until assassins came in XD

There there, Dashie :pinkiehappy: Blood is a normal part of a healthy breakfast life experience.

The new chapter has arrived!
Celebrate, peons!

Hopefully the story continues to be such high-quality writing.

Okay, up until this point, I couldn't tell whether this was the original game, Tyranny of King Washington, or a mix. Now, after reading what's going to happen, I'm not sure what this is supposed to be. Either way, this has me interested. Especially in how this ends considering how the DLC ended.

After reading this, one thing I need to say *executes Enemy commander* Rise and Revolution.

Hooray for celebratory alcohol!

Guess there won’t be any griffon soldiers coming over to Equestria after all, huh?

I don't think they quite understand the concept of diplomacy. Murdering one ambassador isn't going to do shit. In fact, all it'll probably do is have Equestrian diplomats go to the griffons. At first, I thought it would act like a False Flag and the griffons would get upset over their envoy's assassination, but since they're well aware of rebel ploys, it seems they won't really care.

Huh. Well, okay then. *re-follows*

this looks interesting.. i think i'm gonna follow this story.
by the way, great coverart! did you make it? it's awesome! :rainbowkiss:

3558796 No, I only dream of having that kind of artistic talent. You can find the source of the image by hovering your cursor over it.


I was hoping we could get through without a main character dying.

I have decided to make a book with a collections of stories from fimfiction. And you are one of the stories that is featured in it. But just need you permission before I add it in the book. Would it be ok?

I have decided to make a book with a collections of stories from fimfiction. And you are one of the stories that is featured in it. But just need you permission before I add it in the book. Would it be ok?

3684300 Um, sure I guess. Might want to include stories that are finished, though.


I can already tell this will be AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:

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