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I'm British. I write crossovers with that horse show you people like. That's about it.


This story is a sequel to For Queen and Country

Twilight Sparkle always had a feeling that ponies were not alone in the universe. When he arrived in Equestria, she was proven right.

After he uncovered and subsequently overthrew a plot to kill the two princesses, they sent him back to his world. However, the curiosity of Princess Celestia was still unsatisfied. She had a glimpse of this other world through the mind of this one man, this agent of a service known as 'MI6', but wanted to know more. To this end, she resolved to send her former student there, in an effort to understand more of the human race and, perhaps, meet their mutual friend once again.

Who was this friend, you ask?

Bond. James Bond.

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Comments ( 245 )

i'm so fucking glad i check front page sometimes!
i hope you will update it frequently, because now it's a giant-ass cliffhanger.

Good thing I set my alarm this morning.

Yes! I loved the first one now time for the sequel! :pinkiehappy:

White light, flash and teleportation in the middle of Q's branch. Sudden appearance of a lavender, talking, sentient pony with horn and wings, and of a sky blue, winged, talking, sentient pony with rainbow mane and tail. Your mission, Bond, is to keep the situation under control in the MI6 headquarters. Good luck.

This already looks grand.

Well... you just made my morning. So post Skyfall then? PIty, it would have been interesting to see Celestia meeting Judi Dench's M... oh well probably should have expected that.

Looking forward to seeing what happens

(Yes, I know it's Brosnan while Craig plays Bond here. It's still the best Bond opening music ever).


Twilight will be kidnapped.

Depends on what will Gherkin write. :twilightsmile:

And now I wonder... who thumbed down and why would they do that.

And then Rainbow Dash stole the Aston Martin and then lost it, Twilight visited Croydon and became depressed, and Bond tried not to laugh.
Instead, he laughed a lot.

Hmm...I think I shall see where this tale goes.

Comment posted by GuardianofRoin deleted Mar 26th, 2014

He probably thought it was all a dream of his dying mind. Boy, is he in for a surprise

Oh boy.

Of all all the crazy things to comeout of the secretive and secure places of all the Q branches in the world.

It had to be Ponies.

They drive me to drink.


As always. :twilightoops:

Twilight Sparkle always had a feeling that ponies were not alone in the universe. When he arrived in Equestria, she was proven right.

Hey man, you have a problem with your description. The way you have it structured makes it seem like you have Twilight Sparkle as a male. :twilightoops: I know what you're trying to say, so I highly recommend that you change it to something like this:

When he arrived in Equestria, Twilight Sparkle's theory on life in the stars was proven right.

You see what I'm saying?

Comment posted by Black Hoof deleted Mar 26th, 2014

Daniel Craig! Hell to the fuck yes! My favorite Bond! :DDD

I'm so hyped, that ending was priceless way to get this started.


There's a lot of things that will need sorting out."

There are

It is a criminal offense to contact this number.

As an Englishman he probably would spell it "offence".
And RD would use "behavior" ;)

the pegasus assured. "I'll be on my best behaviour."

the signature C would mean something to Bond. C is the codename of the head of SIS.
Oh, wait. I forgot. In Bond's world, that is M.

Great choice of main theme.

I totally pictured an acid-trip opener to that song. Some kind of forced-perspective thing that looks like a galaxy from the top, Buckingham from the front, and Canterlot from the side. Twilight did a lot of skulking around in silhouette like a cat with only her eyes visible. There was a hypercube made of mirrors flying through space and doing this thing with a whole bunch of firefights between the connecting faces.

This is what happens when I don't get enough sleep. :twilightoops:

All I have to say is: yay :yay: *fave*

Edit: Just read it....


Sequel story time, YES! And...huh, that's a fascinating song to link. I didn't know there was a second considered choice for Skyfall's main theme. It definitely fits Bond, so maybe they'd use it for the next movie.


That was great. I really like how you have set up the chaos on the receiving end with both sides acting exactly as you would expect, and Rainbow was absolutely adorable here which is always a good sign.

Also, I found one hilarious little error:

Satisfied, Bone clicked send and slipped the phone back into his pocket.

Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor, not a secret agent! :rainbowlaugh:

4137836 How about this: they didn't like the fic ?

Is it really that hard to understand ?

4140071 just wait a mission. I am immortal. Do not question it. So are bill and bob.

Heck yes!
I will definitely read this tomorrow! :pinkiehappy:
If this cliffhanger was any more hangy, I'd be asking for a hand up! A good intro, lets see if this delivery was as delectable as the first.

Oh, this is now up?!

Fuck the read later list protocols, this shit's going straight into my favorites list without even needing to read it yet! Chalk one up for the MI6 again!

She let out a small squeal of excitement before forcing herself to calm down. "Alright, Twi, I'll make sure everything is in order before we go. Don't you worry about it."

"Well, if that's all, I'll think the rest of us will hit the hay," Applejack announced, and the rest of them nodded. "Princess Celestia set us up with a few guest rooms nearby, and we'll be sticking around in Canterlot to see you go."

this dialog is too stilted. For Dash, I suggest replacing "everything is" with "everything's," and for AJ, "I'll" should just be "I," and "us will" should be "us'll." Consider something else in place of "Don't you worry about it."

I'm looking forward to this.

A sequel already? Huh I hadn't noticed if FQaC was finished. Cool :3

Awesome! Can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:
Also, excellent choice of theme song!

Depends on the writer, if he's American, or Canadian/British.

I just wanna say that this entire series is really, really

And there isn't a single thing wrong with that:ajsmug:

"Double-Oh Seven, when were you planning to inform me that you'd made first contact with an alien civilisation?"

"With respect, Ma'am, I'd actually thought it was all a hallucination brought on by my injury."

"Well, not an unjustifiable assumption, given the nature of the species in question. In any case, I suspect that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will be quite annoyed with you. You'll be pleased to hear that Ambassador Sparkle has intervened on your behalf and there won't be a disciplinary hearing. However, you can expect to spend the next few days in a debriefing on your... adventure. Next time, Bond, leave assessing what may or may not be a hallucination to your debriefing officers, not your own best judgement. Is that clear?"

"Crystal, Ma'am."

"Now, if you'll excuse me, the head of MI5 and I need to arrange for the Ambassador's security, the threat assessment for the Ministry of Defence and there will doubtless be endless further complications. Oh... and Her Majesty will want to speak to the Ambassador and her security officer. Just as a 'reward' for a good job, you'll be their escort on that occasion."

I can't wait for the next one to come out! :derpytongue2:

I bet the first words when she meets M is "The name is Sparkle, Twilight Sparkle.":rainbowlaugh:

Now 12 thumbs down... and not a single comment in which one would say they didn't like and why.

Am I the only person who kinda sees the similarities in the title of the story and 'An American Werewolf in London?'
Anyways, Mr. Bond will have a smashing revelation when he reunites with his old friends.

4143516 Those similarities were exactly what I was going for. Glad you noticed.

they prolly don't like James Bond. Cool gadgets, attractive women who kick butt, quick thinking, and good stories aren't for everyone. That's why the Hangover movies and Ted exist.

4143671 Thank god you made a sequel. I love the James Bond movies and games that combine with pastel colored ponies is like a nirvana:pinkiehappy:

Yay for sequel! *starts reading right away and subscribes for new updates*

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