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I'm British. I write crossovers with that horse show you people like. That's about it.


Applejack's life isn't exciting, harvesting apples from sunrise to sunset. But when a crazy stallion she met as a filly comes crashing back into her life, the farmpony is whisked away on an adventure dating back to the beginning of Equestria itself.

A sequel has been written, called Discord and Time.

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Well, you certainly seem to have the doctor's personality down to a tee. I'm slightly surprised that you picked Applejack to be the assistant, but really it's either her, Rainbow Dash, or Twilight that's going to be the assistant and Applejack could always use some more love.

Anyways, I can't wait to see where this leads to. Cyberponies, Mareleckts, Weeping Pegasui -shudders- don't disappoint the Whovanites (I'm not one, but I do enjoy the show.)

I laughed for a long time about the “Who you gonna call?” thing. I like this story so far.

Wassa Applejackl? Is it a jackal that eats apples?

Very good stoty i must say :yay:

Very good stoty i must say :yay:


I remember reading this a while back, but I think it had a lot of errors then. It's nice to see it all fixed up... unless I'm remembering wrong.
There's one error thing that's left that I found, though. The filly Lily Petal is referred to as Rose once. Just once, but, just letting you know.

64658 Thanks for pointing that out. She was originally going to be called "Rose Petal" but I felt the reference was a bit forced. Will fix that asap.

Hmm, AJ/Doctor, hm? I shall have to read this later...

So, let me see if I'm correct.
You took Doctor Whooves, made him regenerate in what seems to be the 11th Doctor with Amy as a combination of Amy and Rose and go to stories that resemble the 9th.
Am I correct?

1293915 Um, not really. Since I'm writing an arcing series, details about The Doctor and his arrival in Equestria will be explained in later stories.

Squee Motherfucker.

“Just The Doctor,” the stallion told her, a little taken back with her exuberance, “Or sometimes ‘Spaceman’, or ‘Get off this planet’. Loads of people call me that.”

I like it when they call me Spaceman!!! it's always little kids!!! you forget to mention my pure and awful hate and disgust for the ginormous tarturas/devil spawn that's PEARS.


The Doctor clapped his hooves together. “Alright then!” He turned to look at his companions. “Who you gonna call?” They stared at him, confusion appearing across their faces. The Doctor face-hoofed and whispered to himself, “Oh, right, I’m the only living thing in this universe that will ever get that.”

see!!! you do get it!!! or would it be I get it? oh well. Any mutant fruit's coming up soon?




Over nine hundred years of traveling through time and space, and he still didn’t know any better. It was better for him to travel alone, because this kind of thing always happened. Every single time. Anyone who had ever traveled with him either ended up dead, or worse.

CORRECTION I thought that it was better to travel alone, BUT Donna Noble proved to me that if I don't travel alone then i'm unstoppable.


Whelp, I'm hooked :twilightsmile:
Oh and that mental image of the Doctor and Pinkie Pie flopping their ears made me laugh out loud :rainbowlaugh: Awesome story :3

"Hairy Potter"? "Who you gonna call"?!
I love this fanfic so much :pinkiehappy:

1142197 it was a pretty good read I recommend it. even though you might of read it over the past 31 weeks since you posted that comment... if so then READ IT AGAIN:yay:

Great story, buuuuuuut.
The sonic screwdriver is Gallifreyan tech, and it doesn't need the power of friendship to run.:facehoof:
That is just silly in my opinion, but good story. :yay:

2387786 New universe, new rules, right?

Well, that excelated quickly, OF CORSE WE"RE GOING TO ATTACK YOUR HEART MEANS ATTACK HIS LOVED ONES HERE! She's dead jim. :(

*waves to the Doctor* "Hello Mister Get off this planet, how are you?"

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