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Can you ever truly know somepony, no matter how close they are to you? When a neighboring monarch and friend of Celestia's nears the end, she and her faithful student embark on a journey to seek the aid of those who reside in the lands far beyond Equestrian borders.

Twilight and Celestia only ever wanted to understand what's going on, and to return to their normal lives. But, when they look to solve the greatest riddle ever told, the answers they find... Might not be the ones they seek.

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Pure awesomeness, suspense, and terror . . .

Well you got my attention, and not just for the possibility of Twilight/Celestia. I have no idea as to what is going on, but what ever will happen it is going to be awesome. I wonder what will happen along their journey?

And thank you posting this, a nice break from all those Epona damned grimdark, human hating, and tyrant Celestia fics.

In the Name of Her Serene Majesty,
Celestia's Paladin, For Honor and Duty, For the Sun and Moon

Oh my, it sounds as though Twilight Happy Week may get interrupted.

I added this to my tracking list. I may find some time to read this.

why you little :twilightangry2:

Great story but boo cliffhanger

Seems very interesting! Looking forward to what you have in store!

twilestia/ description seems un-boring/ automatic track

Ok what was in the letter? the Griffin King sent Celestia a chainlatter didn't he? Joking aside I'm liking this so far. And no it's not just Celestia and Luna being two of my favorite ponies.

"her eyes how Twilight needed this vacation"

Needs 'much' in there.


you've got me:twilightsheepish:

Athanasia approved by EqD, expect it on the blog soon-ish.

Going to add a pageview counter here for the lols. It starts at 0 as of February 16th.



:yay: Congratulations. :twilightsmile:


This fanfic is the one that finally made me break down and make an account on this site so I can track stories. :(

Aha, this seems pretty interesting! Granted, Best Pony/Second Best Alicorn shipping is one of my favourite things to read so I am perhaps slightly biased.

Oh damn, this seems like the start of something epic.

I commented over on EqD... but I thought I might as well put it over here as well!

Hmm, not too bad. There was a little too much 'telling' in the beginning, especially in regards to how Celestia is feeling tired. That could easily have been expanded to incorporate a much more subtle delivery.

In fact, I think this entire chapter would have been better if it was a little longer. That way it would have allowed for a comprehensive foundation for character development. Of course, this is still early days, so it might still be coming.

Regardless, I did enjoy it and as I am always a huge fan of both Twilestia and shipping/adventure fics, I will be looking to the next chapter.

Keep up the good work!

228483 I know how you feel! lol, I didn't make an account to track stories till a few days ago. Now I have like 44 stories tracking and more Favorited :pinkiehappy:

ps. epic beginning so far. Can't wait till we get moar! :pinkiehappy:

I love TwiLestia, though I'm wondering what kind of adventuring the two will be doing. Also: Vladimir for best griffon.


Excellent point regarding how I handled the whole tired thing, in reality - I wanted an outlet to hint to the reader a basic, unknown connection between Twilight and Celestia as we're beginning. That, as the title would suggest, is Stress.

As for the characterization, the reason it seems a bit dry on the first chapter is because I also had to write EVERYPONY ELSE. Once Twilight and Celestia are alone, you will delve into their hearts! Fear not!

Thanks everypony for the great responses, and Mystic for his wonderful critique. :twilightsmile:

This is probably going to sound like a strange comment, but...

There were too many scene changes.

I assume the cuts were done to create a feeling of convergence, where everything is coming together. That's actuallty a pretty good idea, especially for the start of an epic journey, but it didn't really work in this case because there was no actual "moment".
Twilight just met the princesses, and went to unpack. Then Celestia left to read a letter (alone), and then we got a cliffhanger.

It felt like all the pieces were coming together for something that never happened, so (in my opinion) it comes off as being somewhat akward.

Hopefully that's just because the first chapter needed to pull the characters together, and future ones won't need to switch scenes quite so much.

Minor quibble aside, I think the story has promise and look forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

must read:trollestia:

im totally okay with this but is this going to be a apotheosis remade with Celestia instead of Luna?

if so hopefully you can only make a great idea better.


I've read Apotheosis. I won't deny a few similarities, but this story is one in it's own. In a sense, it's the exact opposite message of Apoth, but I won't explain how.

232236 well thats good, assuming you took any inspiration from apotheosis i bet we're in for a ride. And to be honest i think we've seen how you can handle monologue and thoughts and emotions from envy. So have at it good sir.

This first chapter provokes many questions! I also like the use of the literary device of showing us a scene from later on the story then rewinding. Quite a few of my favorite stories use that technique!

As it stands, this looks promising and is going on my tracking list.:twilightsmile:

Very nice! Quick question- I just read Envy, and I'm assuming this is a different version of Luna? She certainly didn't seem terribly stoic or resentful towards her sister. Nice way to set up the plot- the characters are all very believable, can't wait to read more! :pinkiehappy:
Oh- and in the first 1k words or so there's a single word that's in the wrong tense, just to let you know. :twilightsheepish:


All of my stories in no way follow each others fanon.

Hello there!

You're probably wondering why such a short chapter took three weeks! Well, I was busy, and to be honest, I've only been able to really focus and write for the past couple days. I'm sorry, I suck, I know. Now, for some news. I won't be here from Friday until Wednesday, so no working on chapters then. I'll get back to writing on Wednesday, and you can probably expect a new chapter the following Friday.

This chapter was relatively short - it was just a transition into the real 'beginning' of the fic. The chapters from now on will be 10,000+ words, and they will be much more entertaining than this. While you wait for me to get back, why don't you go read Twilight's favorite fic?

Also! A huge thanks to my main pre-reader, soundslikeponies. Go show him some love!

~Hato F.

Update! Yeeehaw! :ajsmug:

The lavender unicorn had studied the different gods and races, and though she knew very little, she knew one thing. Immortals don't die.

Oh, that's a real professor here.

'Facehoof' may be a neologism created by the fandom named bronydom, but it still gets spelled mostly with 'f', even in the finite versions of the verb.

//edit: 10k words updates? Sounds fun! :moustache:

//2nd edit: took a look at 'Twilight's favorite fic' - exactly the story which I had in mind as Twilight described it :trixieshiftleft:

A good update, it set the right tone. Though I am curious why Celestia would be willing to break down emotionally in front of Twilight but not Luna...

Also, Twilight has read a lot of books, she should know that tempting fate like that is just ASKING for it.:trollestia:

more entertaining? i found this very entertaining already, Iā€™m curious how you gonna improve that:derpyderp2:

Poor Luna, she does not get to star gaze with Twilight. :fluttershysad:

And why did Luna's guards not close Twilight's door for her? :rainbowhuh: They must be really strick about following orders to the letter. :rainbowwild:

And is that a Lord of the Rings reference at the end? :trixieshiftleft:

:yay: To long chapters and the real beginning of the story. :twilightsmile:


Doctor Who, not LOTR.

I am excited for this! :rainbowkiss:

Oooh. I spy lots of wonderful world building! Hooray!

Very nice update. A little short, yes, but that's fine. I liked the hints of the emotional/character development and overall it worked a lot better in this chapter.

I am very intrigued to see what kind of magical and wonderful obstacles you will have waiting for our characters. It should be awesome!

Keep up the great work!

Twi was a bit whiny.

Celestia: A friend I've known for thousands of years is about to die, and I'm crying all over you, the only time I've ever let my emotions slip out.
Twi: But you promised me this week was MY time.

But good update!


I would consider that an indication of how important spending time with Celestia was to Twilight.

Nice build-up so far. I thought story was going to get a bit darker from the first chapter's end, but it's lighter than I expected. Have to agree with a person above that Twilight here is a bit whiny. Also, it would be interesting to see Luna's antics with high council along with Twilight and Celestia's journey, but it's up to you I guess.

Few Questions if you don't mind:
1) The story about the spoiled prince that Twilight almost told sounds familiar. Is it a reference to old fairy tale or something? Definitely read it somewhere.
2) What's up with Twilight's remark about "Ninety three million miles"?


1. I linked the fic in question in my first comment on Chapter Two.

2. Was referring to how the sun hit her eyes.


-looks at romance tag-

hmmmmm i wonder why...


Hehe, I know, but I was just curious what the basis was of Twilight and Celestia being that close... It was such a sweet scene though! :twilightblush:

I am very much looking forward to more Celestia and Twilight screen time! :pinkiehappy:


I see what you did there.

now you know how it feels


Yeah, I probably deserved that.

"I don't know, Twilight. However, I intend to go see him in Avania." "But princess-" "No."

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