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After Hearts and Hooves Day, Twilight goes to Canterlot to make a confession to her one special pony. However, when she does, Twilight discovers that Princess Celestia has long been under the effects of a love curse.

Can Twilight Sparkle break the curse and save Princess Celestia's heart, or will she accidentally burn down Canterlot in the process?

A Twilestia story.

On hold until further notice.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 79 )

Ohhhh, she can't love? That is SO sad, CUTIE MAR CRUSADER LOVE POTION MAKERS!

The description killed me.
The rest had better be gooood:twilightblush::heart:

This is great. Great. Great. Just great. Now I requre Twilight to put the castle on fire... Again.

PS: Gimme more Equestrias Twilight. I hunger for great fic reading.

This is great. Great. Great. Just great. Now I requre Twilight to put the castle on fire... Again.

PS: Gimme more Equestrias Twilight. I hunger for great fic reading.

*pinkie pops out of no where*Pinkie:Yes?
Me:Get me Bluebloods HEAD:pinkiecrazy:

But it was the love potion that caused the problem in the first place. Wouldn't using more only cause further problems?


However, based on all of her studying, what she was currently experience was not at all what she expected rejection to feel like. (This should be "experiencing", don't you think?)

Ultimately, she did not think her student would succeed, but the Princess realized that she was routing for the bouncing unicorn. (Um...shouldn't this be "rooting" or something? Like: "But the princess realized that she was rooting for the bouncing unicorn to succeed" or something like that?)

Okay, now that I got that out of the way...that was actually VERY brilliant! What a clever and interesting concept! I've never seen this before, and it actually makes a LOT of sense! Normally, I don't rank Twilight x Celestia too high on my list of favorite pairings, but...it doesn't mean I don't really like it. I do, even if I find it very slightly unnerving, given their size and age differences. But, all the same, this has the makings of being very adorable and amazing! Make sure you don't stop writing this; I'm interested in seeing where it goes. Good luck to you! :twilightsmile:

Not seen the latest ep yet, sadly. ....But, Twilestia? Get me my hat.:moustache:
I'm going in.

"Umm...Which Blueblood Princess Luna?"

And thus Princess Luna made herself a new drum set and all were happy. The End.

Well... I always enjoy a good Twilight/Celestia fic, and this certainly has the potential of being good one. Never really thought much about who that princess was, but that would explain a bit and hopefully that Prince got his flank sent to the Equestria version of Greenland or Antarctica. Using a Love Potion/Poison on Celestia has to be counterproductive to ones life.

Great start, hope to see more and to>>225883 If we go by that logic then there is only two other canon characters that we can pair up with Her Serene Majesty, Luna (who is out for being her sister) and Discord (who is out for being in stone and also being evil). As long as this doesn't go molestia *spits and washes mouth out with soap* then there is nothing wrong with this paring.

In the Name of Her Serene Majesty,
Celestia's Paladin: For Honor and Duty, For the Sun and Moon

226171 I'm not saying I don't like it; I really, really DO like the pairing! It's adorable and usually very precious. All I'm saying is, in the back of my mind (which I try to ignore as much as possible), the nagging uneasiness sometimes pokes at me about how Twilight and Celestia are almost mother and daughter, and how their ages are vastly apart and their ages would make for very awkward romantic moments. That's all; it's just nagging little thoughts. I have them about several couples. Another one is Twilight x Spike. While I find it cute, I also get slightly uneasy sometimes, since they SEEM more like surrogate mother and son, or brother and sister. Then again...I honestly LOVE Rainbow Dash x Scootaloo, even though that's technically pedophilia. I'm weird, huh? :twilightblush: But, think nothing of it; it's just a nagging little feeling I'm sure we ALL have about things. But, in the long run, I still do honestly love the pairing and I will never say anything negative about it...unless it's blown-out Molestia. Trollestia is fun, but...Molestia is freaky.

226176 Ok first sorry if I came off like a jerk, with FFN's forums being down I'm a bit cranky. I think most who go the paring has those thoughts to, I for can go either way 'cause I do see that Celestia and Twilight could be mother/daughter. And same with any of the Spike parings (other than him with any of the CMC). So you are right, and mol... never shall I speak of it, and trollestia to a point.

Celestia's Paladin

"She did not want the palace being set on fire again."

Another for list of thing hinted at in fanfic from Twilight's student years that need to be written about, though not quite as good as her saying something about maybe this time she would finally create something edible and unquestionly non-scentient in Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying.

But it promises 'interesting' things to come in this story.


I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.

MOAR!! This is amazing so far. Beautifully written. I can't wait to see future chapters.

So many chances for shenanigans in this story, this is going to be good. Also for an idea, how about Twilight finds out Daring Do is real (or based on a real pony) and ends up going on a short adventure with her after getting a lead on a possible "cure all" to try. Maybe even drag along a fan girling :rainbowkiss: the whole way.

Definitely an interesting read so far. Going to be interesting to see how this little problem is solved. Honestly if Friendship in this universe is powerful enough to defeat a god like being like Discord than how much stronger can Love be?

Twilestia, eh? Welp, that's an instant Track for ya then :pinkiesmile: . I'll be sure to give it an actual read when I get back home later tonight :twilightsmile: .

Wah! This is so neat. I look forward to more of this. The idea that neither of them really "gets" romance... cool.

oh boy
lets throw a little molestia in there
make things kinky
that is all

I agree with the whole better to ask and rejected than not to ask at all thing, I know from personal experience.

when I was rejected the akwardness only lasted a few moments, and we went on being good friends.

On another occasion I had just worked up the courage to ask the girl out, I walked over to the table she was sitting at, and then, before I could say a word, she introduced me to her boyfriend. I felt so akward around her after that I never talked her again.

So I suggest if you have you ever have crush on someone, while it may not be the best thing to ask them out the frist time you meet them, try not wait too long and cause things to get realy akward.


Twilestia rules and is just so cute and i love any way it can go,from romantic to mother/daughter

I imagine that Celestia was the only real company besides spike that Twilight had (the guards all looking alike makes it hard to socialize maybe) ,so of course her crush(es) would be on Celestia, the most powerful being she knew, a well of knowledge and kindness and what not. Shes always so eager to learn new things so someone who she imagined as knowing all would be just perfect.

While writing the journal entries that got send to Celestia, Twilight probably looked like this:

Very interesting concept, and a fresh take on the approach to their relationship. It's a strong start, and I'm looking forward to what you have in store. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

That actually raises an interesting possibility. What would happen if she did drink some of that potion again, sharing it with a new pony this time? Would it not even work the second time? Maybe it would instantly cure the lingering aftereffects of the first time, and the second trance could be broken like normal, problem solved. Or maybe she'd just revert back to the unable-to-love state after it was broken again. Hmm...

Of course all of that could be meaningless due to the line that the potion has to be given to two ponies "not in the know." The potion probably doesn't even work if the ponies who drink it are expecting it.

By the way, was that supposed to be the same Blueblood from the show, or one of his ancestor's with the same name?

Also, I feel like the Cutie Mark Crusaders need to get involved in this story somehow.

I love this idea! Please continue~ :heart:

I wonder just how much Twilight was being paid? I kind of want it to be really redicuous so that Celestia will have a priceless reaction. Something like Twilight will not need income for the next three decades or so if she stuck to her typical expenses.

And it seems Luna may have a crush on Twilight, if I am judging her reaction right.

And Twilight listened to Rainbow? :facehoof:

That. Play.Is. Awesome!:rainbowwild:
And Celestia's innocene(seemingly) makes even ME feel embrassed..........RD's gonna get it. So as far as humour you doing great so far!

:rainbowlaugh: I would not want to be Rainbow Dash when Twilight gets ahold of her. The chapter was great! I can't wait to see how Celestia reacts when she finds out what the play was really about.


She survived leaving Rarity with Pinkie didn't she? :rainbowwild: Though I suppose Twilight can do even worse...

Oh ho, magnificent. I really like this out-of-touch Celestia, and an embarrassed Twilight is a glorious sight to behold. Well, everyone needs to go out on at least one dud date, might as well get it out of the way quick! Besides, Celestia's already said she's expecting a second one.

There's an interesting dissonance here with Celestia - she isn't capable of feeling romantic love, and so observes little things like holding hooves with Twilight with a degree of bemusement, not making the connection between the actions and what she should be feeling. At the same time, she doesn't feel any discomfort to those actions, so maybe the curse is just taking away the positive feelings she would have?

If you're going to take a slow approach to unraveling the curse I expect Celestia would find herself dealing with curious sensations she's forgotten point to love and desire. Could play well in with her cultural dissonance, in that she finds herself ill-equipped and ill-informed as to how to deal with these feelings.

I wonder what Luna's feelings are on this whole matter? Some unspoken affection for Twilight herself, perhaps?

Looking forward to the next one, keep writing!

Twilight, tell Celestia what the play is REALLY about. The worse that can happen is she blushing and then finding the jokes not funny. She wont banish you for Rainbow's bad sugestion.

And tell Dash that the Princess didn't like the play and is going to never let her into the Wonderbolts for the luzl. Then you tell her it is a joke for making you look like an idiot in front of Celestia.

lol, adult humor and oblivious Celestia, great combination

I would say Twilight is redder about what the princess said and is doing (or how Twilight sees it) :trollestia::twilightblush:

From all seen here, maybe the potion wears out eventually and Celestia isnt just aware of it because shes so certain that she can't feel love.

Oh god, poor Twilight. Good humor!

This is a really fascinating concept to built a fic around. I would advise, however, that you get a beta reader with specific reference to grammar - there are some fairly obvious errors, such as

“Does that mean I’m technically paying you to take me out on this date.” Celestia muttered under her breath.

Also, "thine" is to you as "mine" is to me. It does not mean "your" - that would be "thy". Royal Canterlot Voice is pretty awesome, but anything worth doing is worth doing right - there are certainly guides to writing accurate Early Modern English out there.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

“After the play, let’s get you in bed.”

I laughed until I stopped! :rainbowlaugh:

Also wondered whether there was a bit of jealously in Luna's response, or whether she was startled by the sheer absurdity. Or both.

That was my favorite line in the chapter to write.:trollestia:

Unfortunately I tend not to use beta-readers. As the people who have been reading Equestria's Twilight could tell you, until I got better at proof checking, things were really bad.

You're right about the missing quotation mark and that has been fixed.

You're correct that I misused "thine" but not for the reason that you state. "Thine" and "thy" both effectively means "yours." The difference when to use them depends on if the word following them sounds like it starts with a vowel sound (or "h" sound). Technically I should have used "thy" because student starts sounds like it starts with a consistent.

I was aware of, and chose to ignore, that rule because I felt like "thine" sounded better. I did not go full on Early Modern English because it makes it harder to read. If you watch Luna Eclipsed, you will see that she does not strictly adhere to Early Modern English.

I would probably agree with you about why Twilight is embarrassed.

I don't know. It might be easier for her to just let it go at this point. Of course if no one corrects Celestia's misconception, it will be interesting when she starts urging nobles to go see the play, thinking it's a political commentary.:trollestia:

Luna is going to be a continuing character (I might even tag her), so we will get to find out.

That's exactly what I was going for. Glad you liked the humor.

Yea, taking RD's advice might not have been a good idea. Maybe Twilight will take the advice of her more sensible friends in the future... Oh wait, they are ALL crazy ponies.

It is intended to be some ancestor of the Blueblood in the show. Blueblood is the great-insert more greats hear-great-nephew of Celestia through marriage.

I liked that image. Very fitting.

Well we sort of got a little accidental molestia in this chapter.

My preferred relationship between Twilight and Celestia is actually the more canonical Student/Teacher, pseudo-mother/daughter relationship. I love when shows have some type of pseudo-parental relationship between two characters who aren't actually related. However, I still like me some romantic Twilestia and just couldn't get this story out of my head after the Heart and Hooves day episode.


So things will not go well till she learns do be herself and not do what others say is good? This could take awhile.

*sees this updated*


Love it. Funny as hell. Kinda heartwarming, too. Sentence fragments FTW.

Keep it up.

264353 I don't blame you. It really is a cute idea. :twilightsmile:

That was hilariously Good, Nice Job! I Wanna Read The Next One! :trollestia:
Ps: Rainbow is a troll :rainbowwild: :3

I'm going to have to be perfectly honest here and say that as far as comedies go, this story is way below par.

I can see what you're considering to be jokes, but for the most part, they fall flat. I don't even think they got me to smile, as they felt more awkward than anything else, which probably is since you focus on the wrong events. For example, take the line "“After the play, let’s get you in bed.”", which I can only consider as one of the jokes. Directly after this, you write that Celestia notices that Twilight seems tense. Not exactly the most fun you could have with that particular line. Why not describe Twilights reaction to it instead? Maybe she gave a whimper, or a brief look of mixed horror and fascination? Romantic comedies are usually made fun because of how the characters in the comedy reacts to the events, a story where one part is laying almost prone and doesn't act, while the other pets him or her lightly while holding a monologue, just isn't particularly funny. I would go so far as to say that this whole play could essentially have been skipped. It could have stopped with them entering, and then immediate skipped to Twilight and Celestia exiting, Celestia asking about the contents of the play, and Twilight wishing she could sink through the ground. Probably with some reaction from the normally stoic guards. It would have the same effect, but without the "fluff" that doesn't serve any purpose other than padding. (AKA: The idea behind the joke is good, but the delivery is sub-par.)

Of course, with all this I have been focusing on the comedy. This doesn't mean I dislike the story, I enjoy the romance and Celestia as out of touch with this bit of society is a nice and original touch, it'll be fun to see what Twilight has in mind for it all and how it develops. However as it stands, I have to say that it would be an even better story if you don't try to make it a comedy as well.

Haha I loved it, poor Twilight. Rainbow really trolled her on this one:rainbowlaugh:

Sleep? What, pray tell, is that? I have another chapter to read!

But before that, I must say, this is already quite the amusing read. I too am a rather rabid Twilestia fan. There's just something about the pairing that's too cute, especially if done with the right finesse (not to mention innocence! :twilightsmile: ). Fortunately for myself, as well as other like-minded readers, your version of this particular ship is quite possibly the most adorable one I've seen yet :pinkiehappy: .

I must admit, hearing Celestia tell Twilight that she is completely incapable of reciprocating that sort of love really did break my heart at first, but within a few more paragraphs I had a feeling where you were going to take it :rainbowkiss: . Heh, and it was awesome!

I hope to see plenty of awkward Twi shenanigans in the future, not to mention the gentle nudge of Celestia's hoof guiding her new Most Faithful Suitor in the right general direction :yay: .

D'awww, looks like Luna might be nursing a crush of her own. Sadly, if that's the case and a few of us are right, she might end up booking a couple of nights at the Heartbreak Hotel :fluttershyouch: .

"It’s probably been over two hundred years since I last had a chance to enjoy a good play." - I'm sure it wasn't the emotion that you intended for this little quote to inspire, but dang, this makes me sad. C'mon, Celestia, stretch those wings and live a little! A girl's gotta get out every once in a while, right? :pinkiehappy:

All in all, this chapter was just as adorable as the last. Not only was the adult humor applied in just the right amount, but Celestia's completely oblivious reaction to it was perfect. Heck, Twilight's reaction to the Princess's oblivious reaction was even more priceless :rainbowlaugh: .

I hope the next date goes a bit better for them both :twilightsmile: . Maybe something like a nice, romantic dinner alone, or maybe even a picnic beneath the summer sky in the Palace Gardens. There's tons of potential here and it's all bound to be incredibly cute. I'm looking forward to whatever comes next :yay: .

interesting story from a simple idea. love to see how you follow up with this.
chuckle abit on celestia inner monologue about Twi's living expenses

I love this! :rainbowkiss:

Even tho Dash will receive some Twilight's reckoning, I love it!:rainbowlaugh:

That was so hilarious. I actually laughed out loud several times. While I disagree with a lot of what Zanzibar said above, I agree that you could've given Twilight a reaction to that bed line. I was actually anxious to see it, but when it didn't come, I was disappointed. I loved all the subtle jokes; I don't usually laugh out loud that much, but this chapter made me do so! Seeing Celestia's odd reactions to rather sexual things was drop-dead awesome. I'm curious to Luna; I was also under the impression that she might have a crush on Twilight as well. Wouldn't be a shocker; we know BOTH princesses care for Twilight, given how close she is to the both of them. Overall, a great job! Oh, and Rainbow Dash is soon going to die a slow and painful death. :rainbowderp::twilightangry2:

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