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Two years after her return from banishment, Luna finds herself lost. But with the aid of an unexpected friend, can she find solace in atrocity?

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This is a story I thought up whilst taking a shit.

Faved, fucker.


Oi! What is this, you scallywag!? My name stolen and used for the title of a story!? Outrage! I'm going to read this, and if it doesn't bring proper honor to my name, there will be angry words! Followed by possibly even more angry words!


Damnation... it's good.


Carry on, then, I suppose.

Definitely a good read.

Ahhh, short, sweet and full of emotion. A wonderful little story :yay:

so damn good!:twilightsmile:

Mastery of oneself is true power.

Sometimes... I comment on other people's work... and vote them up...


... because I can.

(Don't click on me.)

The moon princess has been doubled!

Great...If I ever think about this story, that is what I will think of. This was conceived while a man was taking a shit.

awww i wanted to see twi's reaction! good story anyway friend.:twilightsmile:

Great story.
That first comment.
"I thought up this taking a shit" -> mood ruined :applejackunsure:

I feel cheated. This is like a single scene from a larger fic.:flutterrage:

the worst demons one can face is their own past eh?

BEST STORY I HAVE EVER READ!!!!! OMG GOD IT WAS SO GOOD!!! this concept is brilliant, the writing beautiful. just the whole deeper thinking of what really made nightmare moon what she was is perfect. and that luna could control it now and was only at half her strength. words cannot express

This was a pleasant, insightful read.

493993 So you thought of this story where Luna conquers her inner demons, while you were busy conquering your own inner shit demon! :twilightoops:


You must have an awesome bathroom

Ah ha! I DID read this back before I made an account. Thought so. Glad you made it to EQD! Congratulations!

So this is depowered/normal mane luna retaking her power from Nightmare to return to being full powered/ethereal mane luna?

I let this sit in my read later list far too long. It can now join the list of my favorite stories.

Though I found it a little hard to follow, I overall rather enjoyed it.

1959925 From the desrciption

Two years after her return from banishment,

Rather, this is ethereal mane(half-power) Luna taking back the power still held by Nightmare Moon, to rise up to what she is supposed to be/Celestia's equal again.

Was listening to this when I was reading. The drop came just as the part where Luna confronted Nightmare started. Was epic.

This story is pretty great. It was very concise, and that made it quite powerful, I think.

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