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My Celestia art · 10:56pm Mar 21st, 2013


Still alive here.

I commissioned a pice from secret-pony the story and it is finished :D
You can find it here, it absolutly amazing!
Art: My celestia by secret-pony

I still want to finish My celestia but something isn't working along and I'm pretty busy with work and other stuff... coughlameexcusescough
Don't give up on it yet


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300186 I am well aware of that. I'm just saying that because, well, I find it is a good habit to get into to be very meticulous in wording and spelling. At least, for an author. Anyhow, have a lucky week, and Cheers!


I know and it has a lot more mistakes than just capitalization. The story will be edited after I have finished it.

Hay there!
Just so you know, you use capital letters a lot less than is necessary.
If I may, might I suggest the usage of a Proofreader?
There is a group that keeps a list of Proofers: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/27/proofreaders-and-people-willing-to-proofread

Thank you for joining the "Protect Celestia" group.:twilightsmile:

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