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One thousand years later, the mortality-defying guardspony, Warden, has returned to his place at Luna's side. He has traveled a rough path, but he has barely glimpsed the lengths of the longest journey that awaits them...

Chapters (4)
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An interesting premise, looking forward to how he survived the intervening thousand years, and his reuniting with Luna.

I have actually loved the 'reluctant immortal' archetype for quite a while, though I am pulling plot ideas from viking mythology, a little from magic the gathering, but not enough to be a crossover, and also from a bunch of fantasy novels.

155782 hmm ok that makes sense it just seemed so close to mine it was uncanny well good job


If you are worried I stole anything from you, take note that I posted this story up around late November, long before you had joined this site. And thank you.

156857 no im not worried but it was just odd got a bit protective even though i dont mean to be

I know that feel, gotta keep your shit safe, ya know.

Oh good. It's up. :ajbemused:

*Fav, Track, Five Star, Watch* :rainbowwild:

Great story, good idea. Have my stars!

Once my editor decides to finish up looking at chapter 2, it'll be up, dont worry!

Aha, Here we go! It's been quite a while since you've started this story. Good to see it still rolling, even if a bit slow for the updates. I must say though, I do like how you're writing this one. Very well done!

Is it just me or is Chapter 2 significantly changed from previous versions of this story that have been posted (thinking more of FF.net than ED)?


That it is, the story went under a major re-writing. NEW AND IMPROVED.

It's delightful, through and through. Still. I was already a big fan of it's previous iteration. It's nice to see more of Stoneheart's adventures, it makes everything flow so much easier. Although it makes the tension of him finally getting to see Luna (also coupled with the need to wait for updates) take much longer, which is a terrible waiting (as an audience member) but is just better I think for the story construction.
I'm beginning to notice that all of his comrades seem to die while he miraculously survives, and don't think I didn't notice the references to Luna in the circumstances he survives. I definitely see what you did there. I just have to think that him surviving while all his companions die has to be a euphanism for something, right?
Either way, my 5* rating has not, and most likely will not, change. :pinkiesmile:

@Ek Vitiki

This story is encredibly Femilier. Have you done work for FanFiction.net before?

cannot wait for the next chapter!


Well I'm chugging through the third chapter as I speak, should be WRITTEN by tomorrow, and editing should take a day or two, now that I'm not waiting on my old editor anymore.


Yes, it was on fanfic.net, but it's gone through a re-writing and it's on here and google docs now.

@Ek Vitki

Ah now its coming back to me. Liked the one on FF and I'm likeing the new and emproved version even more so, keep up the good work.

I really liked this story! Can't wait to read more!!!Thanks for all your hard work :twilightsmile:

Interesting, and nicely written.

Awesome! I'm really liking it so far :) It's well described, emotional, and this story feels very real to me. I noticed, however, that sometimes it's lacking in emotion where there should be a lot of overpowering feelings, such as when Vigdis died. Sure, I felt kinda sad, but other than that it was just 'meh'. I couldn't sense much emotion coming from Warden. Other than that, great job ^_^

Over 1000 years old and the old man's still got it. He's the fucking Fonzi of Equestria why? Because Legends never die.

Good story. I can't believe I misread the last part of the chapter. I was totally was lost in thought wish something else.:rainbowhuh: It wasn't until I read the two comments above me. So I end up rereading the last part of this chapter and everything makes more sense. Keep up the good work.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

...well, THAT surely isn't going to bite him on the flank later... :trixieshiftright:

this is like the 3d time reading this story and its still 20 percent awsome then most ive read , it keeps bringing you back for more. well done i hope you make more soon, you hava geat talent for writing

Nice :D I like the emotion in this story so far. That part with Sun Drop was kinda... out of of the blue, though.

please tell me theres going to be an update to this story soon, i absolutly loved it. so far.


There will be, I'm just super lazy, sorry :applejackunsure:

interesting story so far, can't wait for an update



Now that my rant is over, LOVE the fic! It has a number of elements making it a great read, especially with the elaboration of several events over his centuries of life. Very touching at times .:pinkiesad2:

It liiiiives!
nice to see this is still going :twilightsmile:

Just finished reading up too now, Looking forward to the rest :)

Things just got a little more interesting. :trixieshiftleft:

This was the first pony fic I ever read and I've been hoping against hope it would update! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Oooooh, so the big man thinks he's fine without an editor? Fine! See if I care! :fluttercry:


I don't think bashing your fists against the keyboards counts as typing a real word.

Yes! New chapter! And that was a doozey of a plot twist at the end.

I am so happy that this is back! But what is The Allfather doing checking in on Warden? Trying to find out why he is screwing up his chances with Luna? Yeah, me too.

I'm so glad this is finally back. I been hoping for a update forever. Please don't make me wait. I hate waiting.:pinkiecrazy:

So like others here I am glad that there is an update. However i have to say i am not that comfortable with a human in the story. I really dislike hie and i am hoping this fic will not be one. With that being said it is your story and do what you feel is right.


This isn't HIE, besides, who said that character is human?

...Besides the fact that he's referred to as a man.

oh my god the god story lives, and on anoher note awsome job. cant wait for the next chapter, hopefully it will be soon.


Well, I just discovered it today....but I hope you're still working on it!
Thumbs up and faving!

please tell me your still working on this awsome story, its one of the first stories about lunas gaurds ponies that ive enjoyed. please dont quit on it.

LIKE frankenstien it deserves life. "EGOR..PULL THE SWITCH."

Please update this story. It would make me and others very happy if you did!

This is such an excellent story; I’m glad I found it, even if it likely won’t ever be completed.

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