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That is the single greatest pic of bon bon i have ever seen...

And the story aint half bad either:scootangel:

Commence read.

Now for the possible crossover into a five-some with the Anon and pony Lyra and Bon Bon?


... well, go on, then.

EDIT: And of course I only get one chapter of actual lesbian fun. Should've known better, man. I should definitely have known better.

Eeeeeewww. Why would anyone want to clop to humans? That's just gross.

Dun Dun Dun!

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Hue. I will read this when I can. :twilightsheepish:

Another darf story. Yes.:pinkiehappy:

Aaaaand instant feature box, as usual.

Two things.
Is this a fapfic if they're not ponies?
This is really good.

I guess it counts since it does involve equine sex.

Sarcasm, it's a wonderful thing.

Darf. You like human too much. I want more pony from you, you amazing author you.

Came for the cover art, stayed for the story.


you.....yes, you! take all of my FUCKING YES!!!

2153176 You could still use it.:rainbowhuh:

The vivid descriptions about Bon-Bon and Lyra's physiology and physical traits was too, too much. I would have preferred you made it "two halves of a distinct whole," in the sense that you did a one paragraph comparison-contrast rather than the separate paragraphs for each of their little proclivities and eccentricities.

The intro with Bon-Bon was rather fun. I love how you did some sort of mental video in my head, the perfect scene setter for the sorry state of Bon-Bon's life. I enjoyed your using the horror of Student Loan Debt and the all-too fleeting enjoyment of fine candies with sweets of lesser intricacy and care. The bit about her filthy apartment (which, unfortunately, resembles mine to a T) being a welcome relief from work was also great.

I... I'm guilty of actually knowing what goes on in those videos. I would have expected something in the lines of more MLP, but actually horse-dong is fine, too. The fact that the video being open was not an isolated incident, and the hilarious jabs at the digital annoyances and unwilling snitches of our life (excellent use of Farmville and Derpy) made this scene cringe-inducing and hilarious. Bravo for Bon-Bon letting Lyra finish digging her grave before she climbed out of it.

I must say that I skipped most of the sex. It does nothing for me, really, and I'd rather just move on to the story bits. I'm happy I found the bits where Lyra was bringing in her stallion fantasies, and I must say, they were as funny as they were great at inducing unease and a sense of foreboding. Bon-Bon's understandable outburst at the whole thing was the icing on the dramatic cake.

Excellent work with this fic. Aside from the roadblock with the descriptions of Lyra and Bon-Bon, everything was well-paced, dramatic, and hilarious, even though that hilarity comes with a mirror to yourself and your own habits not to be spoken of in the presence of polite company.

Well, this is an interesting, back-of-the-head, "Oh, God, he's not going to...?" chapter.

I enjoy the bit about Bon-Bon and her hilarious fantasy. The bit about the hope being dashed when she tasted Lyra's cooking was excellent. Maybe it's because it harkens to some of my favourite interpretations of the two, I don't know.

Yay for Scientist Lyra. She reminds me of Lola from Machine Man, also a prosthetic limb specialist. I enjoy how you took engineer-Lyra from the more creative, insane, and hilarious versions of the two and gave her this excellent job, a real service to humanity. That feels really weird, here on FimFiction, for some reason.

Once again: Oh, God. I got confused with who was talking about the plans for the weekend, but now that I know what they were I'm... shocked, and inexplicably drawn and interested. Big Steel, indeed. Also, the "Stable" joke was hilarious.

So, I... kinda skipped on the lesbian make-out scene. Like I said, I skip out on those things. Thanks for the saliva though; it's a really big thing for me.

And... should I really be surprised that Bon-Bon finds herself drawn in? Not really, I guess.

Darf... stahp. You're confusing my boner.

Trigger Warning: Humanized.

Oh hai instant favorite from me. I'll take this clop over anthro/pony any day of the week, sir.

Now I have quite a few too many clopfics in my favorites, but that there Darf boy had ta go n' write s'more of it.

And I was hoping I could be on this site for more than porn. :ajbemused:

2152842 I just made an idiot out of myself, didn't I?:derpytongue2:
Admittedly, sarcasm can be a little harder to pinpoint on the internet.:twilightsheepish:

That's true, not noticing sarcasm happens to everyone :)

An epic start...though I shudder to think how Bon-Bon's gonna make it up to Lyra :rainbowderp:

Okay, now before I give this a looksy, because I definitely will:

Trigger Warning for humanized?? What the floating hay? :rainbowhuh:

EDIT: Ha, bestiality in a humanized clopfic! I... honestly didn't expect that, somehow. XD I think maybe I expected horseplay with a equi-dildo or some other compromise, but this is a lot better!

Gross what kind of sick person writes clop ewww :p

Well folks...


HumaniZZeD? What the blah what? Well, here's two staches anyways. BTW I'm going to start now.:moustache::moustache:

Bonbon’s eyes caught up with her mouth halfway through her reprimand. Instead of a Lyra tucked into the covers of their queen-sized bed, or a Lyra getting dressed after a shower, there was a Lyra was lying in the center of the bed, completely naked. Her thin, limber legs were spread wide, and she had both her hands between them, holding onto a length of thick black plastic that could reasonably be mistaken for a long, floppy vaccuum cleaner hose, if not for the flare at the tip and the fake veins along the sides.

Fapfick no it's not if its humans it's porn also this made me shit my self really also what the fuck Lyra stuck clopping to something like :eeyup: this ok

Yes. Need more be said?

Darf, you truly are a master of clop. You somehow made a horse show attractive. I feel guilty for enjoying this, but at the same time, well, I'm enjoying this!

No lie, this is the most poetic narration of someone being railed by a horse I've ever seen :ajsmug:
The fact that it's Lyra just makes it hawter :rainbowwild:

Guess I better buckle in. Is the seat sticky? Why does the seatbelt smell funny?

Now this is a good piece of clop. :rainbowderp:

Can't jerk too much horse(ponies aren't horses mmm'kay)
Also, "Can you whinny for me?" best line ever.


Well...that was something....mind you well written 'something'

I think the real trigger warning would be 'humans horse-fucking' Stangely enough I don't have any problemswith it even though I preffer clean human.

This is so fucking good.

By horses...do you mean actual horses? Or just guys? Not sure if Lyra's straight or downright creepy lol...

Trying to understand this universe. They're all humans right? But do they still call each other mares/stallions?

You make it sound like the horse is intelligent. ...Sure it is.

The farmer sure is a boss. ...That's really all I can say.

...Well. That happened. Note: actual real life experiences probably vary. A LOT. Have an upvote for execution but this was one was a tad...strange. You and Lyra, darf. You do some strange things with her...

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