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For years Lyra has been obsessed with humans to the point where its become disturbing. Everything she says has to be about humans. Imagine how bad things would be if a human ACTUALLY showed up.

Your name is Anon, you are human and you have been living in Twilight's spare room for about three months. On one fate-given day Lyra catches wind of a human living in Ponyville and goes completely nuts determined to find you.
(I'm tired of seeing all this dark and gloomy Human involved stories. Time for a little comical change of pace, eh?)
The Hiatus is broken this story will continue

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Your name is anon. you are a sixteen year old human from earth who has taken gymnastics for about five years and does amateur parkour around your block during the summer. You have brown hair, pinkish white skin and green eyes. your are small for your age and much lighter than most people your age but at least you are in shape. You are going to need that kind of body for this story.

SHOW SHOW SHOW SHOW SHOW, stop telling, BAD BAD BAD BAD. :twilightangry2:

On another note, try making this end up relating to the cover pic, because that's what draws us in.


Of course, it was that image that inspired most of this story. I had the idea before hoof of course. but seeing that totally tipped it.
as for how its gonna end, well

media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lmdk17oNNX1qb160h.gif :twilightsmile:

Well i think it's funny. I hope to read more later. :rainbowdetermined2:

i love it:pinkiehappy: keep up the good work! .... or else!:twilightangry2:

favourite, thumbs up and follow.:twilightsmile:

In your description, "anon" should be "Anon" due to it being a name of the person. "twilight sparkle" should be "Twilight Sparkle" due to it being the name of the lavender unicorn that we all know and love.

2030176 I still have Rock Band-enduced nightmares about that song.

Well we all know where this is going.:rainbowlaugh:

This seems pretty cute. If Lyra wants to meet him, she should just buy him dinner. That's what I would say to her....:facehoof: Don't judge Twilight. :twilightoops:


The bold letters..... They scare me :fluttershbad:

I'll get right on that chapter capt'n! :applejackconfused:

I'll read the story, but you're in need of an editor to correct the basic grammar and spelling issues.

2045518 Do a search for editor group in that box on top. There are several options out there.

Seems ok. Just wanted to point out a few grammatical errors. Most of the instances "your" is used should actually be "you're". In addition, there were a few missed capitalizations in names. Otherwise it looks good and I will be keeping an eye out for more chapters.

I've never, EVER read a second person story before, but this is just great and very interesting.
Haven't read the second chapter yet but saw a few grammatical errors in the first chapter. Unfortunately I can only remember one at the moment. :ajsleepy:
"You didn't feel comfortable around a large masses of ponies" either "a large mass" or "you don't feel comfortable around large masses of ponies."
Otherwise great work, favourited and looking forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

also diffidently following

Np i know the situation you are in:twilightsmile:
Btv this story rules:pinkiehappy:

Also, I don't know If this is to much to ask which is why I didn't put this in the authors note but I'm in need of a new, better cover image for this story. so If anyone here has any drawing or digital art skill. I would really appreciate someone making something cool for this story Thank you :twilightsheepish:

"Well too bad because I'm telling you anyways"

is that a borderlands reference?

"Lyra van Strings!" Lyra chanted making the nerds around her stomp they're hoofs in appreciation.

that's like saying ''making the nerds around her stomp they are hoofs in appreciation''

EDIT: great chapter though

not really liking Lyra in this fic but still good story

.... uh oh :facehoof:
You didn't read that ok :twilightblush:


Heh I guess I will have to cut a few things here and there. Just pretend you didn't notice that until I have a chance to fix it. :twilightsheepish:

Edit: Ok haha all done, no evidence no problem

Enjoying this more as I read it. Less and less grammar mistakes too. Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

My favorite pony is out to kill me!!! lol

I just noticed, it's almost at 1234 views!

best story ever, it's funny, but not crazy crazy crazy all the time

:moustache:you know this could tern into one hell of a colpfic

And its good too have you back. Looking forward to more laughs.:rainbowlaugh:

I always have a 4 inch hunting knife on me. In this case, it would be in someones throat.

I hope there won't be any forgivness for putting him through this crap... though I'm curious as to where Twilight is in all this.

*Reads last line, wishes the main character was Mewtwo*

Damn, I cant not Make a new chapter after seeing that :facehoof:

If you don't make another chapter I will go syco twilight all over your face:twilightsmile:

Doesn't Equestria have sentience rights? I mean, in our world, we have human rights, but there's only humans here. In whatever-Equestria's-world-is-called, there are dozens. They'd probably have something like that.

Why didn't Twilight try to stop Celestia, or tell her earlier?

Lyra fic are almost always fun. So far, so is this one.

when next chapter y u no update

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