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The Internet..... The World Wide Web..... Forums, Image boards, Videos, Nonsense..... Can this Purple Mare Handle it. Or will the tides of a new evil swallow her in a dark flood of evil

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Hey, you have an interesting plot, but please mind the grammar and proper capitalization on letters. :) Do continue :pinkiehappy:

oh the grammar fail.... fix it and I'll like it... :pinkiesmile:

Alright Grammar checked and fixed.. but as always there's gonna be "dirt between the text" you will just have to forgive me. :fluttercry:
But the Big errors are all gone :pinkiehappy:

I see a few mistakes, but they're fine.

I want her to go to Rule34.com.


Lol I was considering that but how am I gonna get her to stumble upon that?:trollestia:

I don't know, but if you do that and wana have the story still on teen, then not to much description. I will try to read this, but I am swimming in fan-fiction alredy.

Seems like nopony has a problem with my 4th wall shattering

866961 its different and as long as you dont go to in depth with it I doubt anypony will be bothered

oh boy, this won't end well, or will he hehe all of them haveing there own laptops, hehehe

1535678 as in i have no way to respond to that

1535706 just the very end before the stalling other than that ... meh

1535712 All right hows this for a not so steep cliffhanger :twilightsheepish:

hey why not make everypony feel bad for her what they did to her for not thinking in there heads and just freaking out, than twi forgive them but kick Rartiy in the taco for the beting she did to her

OHOHOH I GOT IT, twilight ack all random and troll like becasue thx to the internet memes and stuff she use that to make every thing in jail crying to make it stop! LOL

Death? really? well since celestias is an all knowing--Pfft sorry couldnt type that seriously but stil lshe would know a spell to see if twi was a changeling or not..then send ninjas to kick rarity and applejack's flanks

She randomly finds the rules of the internet, does not know what 'porn' is, and looks up r34..

Oh shit is she gonna start going into the Dark Web?:pinkiegasp:

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