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This story is a sequel to The Conversion Bureau: Why we Fight

Four years after humanity's fall and the last human walked away free of ponification, a valiant rebellion controlled by a former protégé rose from the ashes of humanity's death bearing potions brewed to reverse the brainwashing affects of the original serum. If humanity lives on in these ponies, they shall live as free as they were as humans .

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I didn't notice serious gramattical problem this time around, though I still see things like uncapitalized names and tense changing.

I want to see more of this particular story, possibly have Twilight working with Discord to counter the baleful polymorph?

I want the character from the last book to come back plz

Interesting. Pro human TCB always does have promise to be good. (in my opinion anyway)

Shall read later, when I've time.

I like the idea of Twilight leading an insurgency to bring back Humans.

However, the grammar still needs a lot of work. I see missing punctuation and missing spaces between new paragraphs.

To bring us back from the brink... I like this idea.

I think I like this tbc after story... o my I thought that person ruin it for me forever with her version that turn my stomach and put a knife through the heart.

um more plz? I find this to be interesting to say the least.


Interesting premise but the barrier zapped any and all human made things or bodies to oblivion so unless it just stopped and reversed before it got the last of us I'd say hasta la vista humies

Don't expect us to not still want to kill you and possibly execute you after freeing humanity. Sure, I'd be in favor of view this as your redemption, but others might not be so forgiving. Especially because it was you who actually started the war. It would be very much like Hitler's top SS guy (forgot his name, Himler was it?) defecting to the Allies. What would happen to him after the war? Would he be granted amnesty or put on trial?

I want to see this continued. It's got great potential, so don't let Writer's Block (or whatever is hindering you from writing more of this story) bring you down. I believe in you.

I'm liking this!

Comment posted by Edgeblackstar deleted Sep 3rd, 2017

Ya know, from what I've seen of the Conversion series and the barriers everyone seems to forget some things such as all the space stations we have currently in space or the really high security underground shelters meant to be used as a home (well some are others store things like seeds from pretty much every known plant species or DNA from every known animal species and the means to bring back said species if needed, and historical/cultural artifacts and information deemed important enough to protect in these locations) for humanity in case of E.L.E or Extinction Level Event. I mean those places are so far underground that I don't think the barriers could reach them effectively (maybe degrade them a little bit, but I would think that those would be mostly out of range) and the barriers are strictly planetary so anyone/thing in space is safe till they run out of supplies or air, get brought down by the Princesses, or take their own lives because they just witnessed the mass extinction of the human race.

Is this dead?

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