• Published 27th Jan 2013
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Lyra's Grand human hunt - -Twilight

Lyra is on a hunt. A human has been living in ponyville for about 3 months in hiding from her and her alone. and now Lyra is determined to capture this human and have the Q&A she has been dreaming of since fillyhood.

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Dance Monkey Dance! [Anon's Part]

You wake up to a wetness on your face and a dripping on your nose. Getting up you feel hay below you. Though you just got up, you feel dizzy and exhausted. You manage to stand up and walk a little only to fall over on a colder more stone like surface. You decide the best way to see is to open your eyes, obviously. Due to the darkness of the room you see nothing except for the the moonlight shining through the small barred window near the ceiling, way out of your reach.

Using any energy you accumulated within your shorty time being awake, you jump for the barred window only to miss it by quite a embarrassing amount . You also have some sort of anti-bite mask on over your mouth. You found this out when you fell on your face just now.

Where are you? You cant be in prison. Its not like you did anything. you were unable to speak properly due to the mask blocking you mouth. But it did not interrupt your hearing. You feel vibrations coming from the floor. You place your ear down and hear some steps approaching, presumably hoofsteps. The step got louder and louder and eventually you could hear several steps. The stepping noise stopped in front of your cell.

There was a silence followed by a loud cranking sound, then a grinding sound, followed by the sound of pistons? yea, definitely pistons, then finally a door opening. the darkness of the room was conquered and dominated by the foreign light from beyond the door. The foreign light from the door opened and from it the silhouette of a pony appeared. What is up with these ponies and appearing from blinding lights?!?

You were still in a daze which only worsened when you stared into the light. Disregarding this you focus on the silhouette and from it three other pony silhouettes appeared.

They were silent and so were you. It was most likely a silent and mutual stare down between you and the three silhouettes until someone breaks. You had a feeling that the pony was not playing this game. The silhouette turned to one of his associates and whispered something to it. The silhouette nodded. The silhouette nodded and left the room the stare down proceeded. damn this guy is good. The other pony returns with a what seems to be a large rod. upon closer inspection you notice the silhouette is placing something inside it. Steeping out of the light, she steps up to you. with an item in hoof you know all to well. A tranquilizer gun.

Oh no, you are not going to be poked with another one of those darts no matter what the author says.
Against the authors plans You grab the tranquilizer by its neck and move it from your face. This pony honesty should have expected something like this. being confused, dazed, tired and maybe, just maybe scared you yank the gun from her and throw her to the ground. you point the gun at the pony at the door. wait.. just one pony, wasn't their three of the-

Welp this is what happens when you don't listen to the author. *ahem*
You feel yourself getting yanked off your feet and dragged back a little. looking down you see a a glowing magic lasso around your stomach. You want to yell and kick like the animal they are treating you like but immediately feel otherwise. you also feel your anger fading. in fact, you feel almost everything fading on an emotional level. Its almost as if the lasso is draining your will. You tilt onto your side and curl into weird sort of fetal position, you cover you ears with your hands to block out the suddenly loud talking. you then feel a pain you your backside again followed by a your vision doubling.
"well crap." your murmur to yourself before passing out.

"Get the ape ready for transport, manehattan zoo is waiting for it."

Author's Note:

I am splitting this chapter into several parts for each character. each chapter will be about this size.

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Resurrection Dance

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