Lyra's Grand human hunt

by -Twilight

The Hunting Herbivore



"Where did he go? Come out come out my little human! I don't want to hurt you" a voice from the bushes whispered.
"Lyra, this is stupid. I don't understand why your hunting this human and why you dragged me along."

"Because bonbon..." The second voice paused for a minute. "Your holding the binoculars" One of the two ponies sighed loudly and came out from the bushes and onto the cobblestone path. She was a cream coloured mare with a purple and blue-like mane.

"Bonbon get down!" The other voice cried. Bonbon simply turned to her, shook her head and trotted down the cobblestone trail fading into the night until there was nothing left in sight.

"Fine, more human for me" the other pony who's still in the bush said.

Your name is anon. you are a sixteen year old human from earth who has taken gymnastics for about five years and does amateur parkour around your block during the summer. You have brown hair, pinkish white skin and green eyes. your are small for your age and much lighter than most people your age but at least you are in shape. You are going to need that kind of body for this story.

It was about seven o'clock when you finally arrived in ponyville's recreational park. It was empty save some dog walkers passing by and stargazers setting up for the moon goddess's art to take hold of the night sky. You found that the night was the best time to enjoy yourself because of its privacy. You didn't feel comfortable around a large masses of ponies and you are sure they're not comfortable around you either.

Despite living here for about three months its was only last week that you were discovered roaming the National park in ponyville and being discovered and taken in by Twilight Sparkle, Ponyvilles librarian. After Discovering you she showed you her friends. After a particular Pink pony found you, EVERYPONY knew of your existence, at least, as far as ponyville reaches. Twilight made the town swear to secrecy from any other town knowing about you, she managed it and so far everypony has kept their oath. Last thing you want is to be the next tourist attraction to arrive here. Doing this also created one of the worst nightmares that you have in Equestria; Lyra Heartstrings. You cringe at the thought of her, fearing that by saying her name you may be summoning her like bloody mary.

Perhaps being out here is not a good idea? What if she finds me? These kind of thoughts contaminated you brain while you were quietly eating your sandwich on one of the public benches. "She nothing to be afraid of" you say to yourself.
"You have speed on you side, right?" You ask your sandwich hoping for no answer.

To your surprise, you did get a answer. You turn to see the form of a mare approaching you from the dark cobblestone path behind you.

"Is it normal for humans to talk to their food like that?" the shadow asks.

You duck down below the bench, crossing your fingers and hoping its not Lyra. The form approaches you and starts to gain color.

"Don't worry, its me" Bonbon reassured sitting down next to you.

"Bonbon" you reply "Where's Lyra? isn't she always with you?" You ask her. She returns a concerned gaze and looks away.

"Lyra dragged me around town looking for you, I got fed up and left her. I came here to warn you, last time I saw her she was in this park, anon, she has her tranquillizer gun" We were both silent for a little bit until it finally hit me.

"W-wait she has a what?" you stammer. Bonbon grabbed your arms with her hooves.

"A tranquillizer gun, anon. those things they use to paral-" you put a hand to her muzzle "yea yea I know what a tranquillizer is" you cut her off.

"I should get going the- "

you and bonbon both pause as you hear the sound of a twig break. you both sit there silently, hoping that whatever made the sound would come out or go away.

The first gunshot startled bonbon making her jump into your arms.
"offph~ get off me you cry" She sheepishly crawls off your lap, blushing.

*pow* *pow* *pow*

With shots being fired you see something fly past your face and hit a tree behind you Another getting stuck in the bench beside her and one last one landing just before your feet.

"Tranquillizer - Boar" The dart stuck in the bench had written on the side of it.

You and bonbon both make a break for it, speeds matching. You make it to the park gate while dodging several darts at once and being chased by a insane green unicorn dressed in a hunters outfit.

"Come back human! I just want to talk" she cries out to you.

"I have half a mind not to talk to some crazy pony with a gun!" you yell back to her.

You and bonbon break left into a dead end ally with a short 6 foot brick wall at the end of it. Bonbon turns to you jabbing you in your stomach to get your attention.

"Hey, your a monkey, you can get over this wall right?" You put your hand to your face and groan in exasperation
I'm not a monkey, I'm a human and Yea I probably can get over this but what about you?

"Don't worry about me, she after you not me" she said.

"Come out come out little human" Lyra said. her shadow was reaching the entrance of the ally.

"Get going Anon" Bonbon shoves you in the butt with her head. Without a second thought you run to the wall giving two steps to gain speed and three steps on the wall. You grabbed the top of the wall with your hands and pulled yourself over.
landing with a crash on the other side.

"Oww who leaves stuff like this here.... what is this anyways?" you say, reaching your hand into the bag you fell on. you pull out a spoiled muffin, solid as rock.
The bag had something written on it: "Derpy - Please send to 534 Horse shoe avenue, and please. Please don't eat it this time."

"What the he- you know what, I don't even care" you mumble to yourself.

You get up and brush yourself off and begin rush back to the library.


Once you arrive at the library you frantically knock at the door.
"Library's closed" a voice replies.

"Spike its me, open the damn door" There was a long pause.
"well?" The voice from inside says.

"Well what?" you ask in response.

"Aren't you going to apologize?" Spike responds.

You deadpan "Apologize for what?"

"For being so rude, if you wan't in your gonna have to ask politely" Spike said with a chuckle.

you look down the road and see a light coming closer to you.
"Shoot shoot shoot what do I do?" you think to yourself.

"Alright spike you win, I'm sorry, Can you please open the door"
There was another long silence.

"What's the magic word" Spike said.

You look down the street.

"Dammit its getting closer, I'm running out of time"

"Is the code word: Please?" you mumble.

"Nope" he replies.

"Open sesame?"



"Not even close."

You start to get annoyed.

"How bout: Spike if you don't let me in I'm going to kick your sorry scaled flank to the moon and tell rarity about that song you were singing in the shower. hows that for a password?"

There was another silent pause.

"T-that's right" he replies opening the door.

You were about to enter when someone or, somepony cries out for you. Wait human stop! I just want to talk to you and look at your haaaaaandsss. You turn to see a green mare closing in on you at amazing speeds that can possibly make dash proud.
frightened, you close the door just in time to hit her directly on the nose.

you open the door again to see a temporarily stunned mare at your doorstep.
"Sorry..." you whisper gently close the door again.