• Published 27th Jan 2013
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Lyra's Grand human hunt - -Twilight

Lyra is on a hunt. A human has been living in ponyville for about 3 months in hiding from her and her alone. and now Lyra is determined to capture this human and have the Q&A she has been dreaming of since fillyhood.

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A bad first impression

((I am going to reintroduce the characters just like this because it has been a while. fear not! the story is continuing from where it was left off))

It was morning in ponyville and the sun was at its usual high. The birds were chirping and the ponies outside were crowding the streets their conversations fused together to make incoherent garbles. It wouldn't be long before the rays of sunlight reached a certain treebrary and eventually broke through a certain ponies room, waking her up.

This pony's name is twilight sparkle.

Across the hall, up the stairs and down a corridor there is a not so sun happy night dweller who is also about to be woken up in due time.
This human creature's race is not common for night dwelling for his kind functions best in the day. however he is the exception. This diurnal yet self proclaimed nocturnal human is currently sleeping in the guest bed. The reason why this human is still sleeping is because this human was up all night running from a technicolor pony that we will get to some other time. For now, this human is going to wake up, whether he likes it or not.

As the due time previously mentioned hit. The human's alarm clock went off. If not the alarm clock, it would have been the sun rays attacking his corneas through his eyelids from the window. however this human, dealing with the sun every day, closed the curtains the night before to prevent the ambush of the solar rays.

This has been the the recurring process of this human's life for the past three months and two weeks in equestria.
Though the day just started, he is certain of the follow up. He will eat breakfast with twilight, get chased around by Lyra. Get rescued by Twilight, and then sleep.

The human, anon decides that today, he will sleep in. Its not like Lyra cant wait to chase you anyways.

By the time that anon fell back asleep, Twilight was already fully awake and halfway done breakfast for breakfast is easy to make and eat when its hay.
Spike was also just getting up.
"Hey Twilight I got a message for you, It from the princess!" Spike said.

"Really? when did that come here? oh celestia I hope celestia doesn't think I'm ignoring her"
Twilight said while scampering back and forth for quills and parchment.

"Don't worry about It twi" spike said with exhaustion in his voice. "just read it"

Twilight rushed over to spike and scooped up the scroll from his hand. Reading it aloud It said.

My dearest student, Twilight sparkle.

I have received word from an anonymous pony in ponyville that you had a alien creature in captivity
WHAT WERE YOU THINKING. You found a alien creature and decided to keep it to yourself? It needs to be examined and studied for the safety of others.
I will be coming down to ponyville with some guards, and a cage. I'm sorry to do this but this is far out of your hooves Twilight.

Princess Celestia of Equestria

immediately the paper crumpled and burst itself into flames the fire was white like the princess's coat. the white fire swirled around the center of the room and formed a large swirling portal.

"What's going on?" Spike shouts. The force of the portal was throwing him around. he clawed at the ground a little before being knocked against a bookshelf, knocking him out.

seeing spike get knocked she didn't notice the horse head statue flying right towards her. The wooden statue clubbed her across the head, knocking her out as well.


You were too busy showering and singing many ensembles from your weird alien world to hear or notice the commotion downstairs. It wasn't until owlicious flew into the shower and landed on the "heat handle" turning it to its fullest potential. You stumbled and jumped about in the shower. You always hated that bird. You turn to go back in the shower but slip, knocking your jaw against the shower. You get back up and notices the blood on your face and soap in your eyes. In a blind blur of anger and soap you grabs for owlicious who easily dodges your hands and starts clawing at your face and body. You stumble out of the bathroom and run down the hall with owlicious chasing after you angrily. you is naked but that is not your concern right now, what should concern him is the staircase hes not paying attention to.

You falls down the stairs landing on something soft, blurry and lavender. You look around the living room in a daze.
until you sets your eyes on a elegant large pony figure in the middle of the library behind her was some "not so elegant" guards in yellow.
The larger pony had a radiant light glowing from her and was blinding to look at but as she got closer your eyes readjusted to discover that the blinding light was none other than Princess Celestia, Ruler of Equestria.

What Is she doing here? Why are some of those guards holding nets? She not that tall compared to what Twilight cuts her out to be. you guess Its a four legged thing where everything is taller than it actually is. Like being here is smurf city because everything is so low to the ground. seriously! Sitting in a chair is the equivalent of sitting straight down here. and the seats are so wide, probably so that the ponies can fit their whole lower half on it.

Your rambling was cut short by a net being thrown over your head. It wasn't an actual large animal net mind you. no, it was, I kid you not, a bugs net. What were they planning on doing with this? The pony holding the net over you looked petrified. so you did the smartest possible thing for someone with a minor concussion. You grab the net by the handle and lift yourself up along with the net, and the pony who was too afraid to let go.

"What is that thing?" One guard said to the princess.

"Looks like some giant airless gorilla" another said.

"Who the buck cares? its just some wild animal, I mean, look at it! confused, bloody and do you see Twilight Sparkle behind it, he must have done that too!" another one said, approaching with a spear.

You backed up to try and speak a some sort of case and maybe talk them out of it but you found your speech was impeded. It was probably when you fell on the shower and bit your tongue really hard.

You tried to speak anyways only to find it that your words came out as incomprehensible slurs. Did I mention you always hated that bird.

You attempt to reason with them through sign language.
It later came to no surprise that their lack of hands rendered sign language useless and instead of doing good, made it seem like you were mocking them, or casting some weird spell. Princess Celestia looked like she was losing her patience with whatever you were trying to do. She also looks like shes looking beyond you.. weird. she nudges her head a little to the left, you wonder why? does the have a itch and is too regal to scratch it? wait... wasn't there 5 guards? wheres the fit-

your though was cut short by.... everything. Instantly you fall to your knees and start convulsing. You then fall to your side to see somepony behind you. her horn was also letting out tiny electric shocks as the horns glow begins to fade.
damn, how did she get behind me?

you try to move but you can't. also two of the ponies are dragging you into a cage they brought. They appear to be having trouble pulling you. The princess rolls her eyes, she picks you up with her magic and throws, well tosses you into the cage, locking it behind you. You watch the princess and the guards that were placing spike and twilight on those doctor lift things.

You then feel yourself being lifted. The cage you were in is being lifted and placed into a bigger cage. I respect them for their precaution. You feel like this is a giant ironic misunderstanding and once you get your speech abilities back hopefully you can explain the situation and everything will be fine.

You take one last glance at the freedom you are sacrificing unwillingly before the windowless cage/cell closes fading everything to black.

To be continued

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