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Blade Squall

I'm Blade Squall! And I have one question for you, and one question only: EXPLOSIONS!?!?!?


When Princesses Peach Peach and Daisy drag Mario and friends all the way from the Mushroom Kingdom to Equestria, Mario was expecting (for once) a normal vacation. In a land of talking ponies. However, as luck would have it, tragedy strikes during Princess Peach and Princess Celestia's meeting, when the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony are attacked and the Elements scattered throughout a papery Equestria!

Now Mario, Hammer in hand, cap on head, and a baby dragon sidekick at his side, has to save not just Equestria, but the entire world from a sinister plot that was NOT made by Bowser. Cheesy? Yes. Fun? Hopefully!

T just to be safe.

Note: Prologue and Chapters 1 and 2 now have title cards!

Also, cover art is now thanks to my deviantART friend, Neko1Inu2Kitsune3!

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Great story so far. Really like the direction your with for this Mario crossover. Will any other Mario character's make cameo's or debuts in this story? Will any back ground characters like Derpy, Dinky, Lyra, Bon Bon, or character's like Iron Will, Gilda, Trixie, Babs Seed, play a part in this story?

Okay, to make it simple, you can expect other Mario characters/enemies in paper form. Expect the usual Goombas and Koopas, as well as other enemies. However, other characters- particularly seven characters who SHOULD have been in Sticker Star if one other character managed to get in- will be in this story at some point. That's all I'm telling you for the Mario side of the story.

Now, I specifically said I would NOT be spoiling pony characters and what they're doing for/against Mario in this story. Sorry for any form of disappointment as a result of that, but you'll see whose doing what later.

Love the Paper Mario style intro. Favorited and a thumb up.

Thanks. I looked at all FOUR of the previous intros for the series of Paper Mario games to make it sound like it was a Paper Mario game.

Great chapter really love your OC. It does make sense for the Princesses and Discord to know or at least know of the Shadow Queen. Speaking of Discord hope he will play at the very least a small part in this story. Any chance of any of Mario's old enemies showing up in Equestria? Like maybe Fawful or some of the Koopalings like Wendy or Lemmy.


Which OC? Sirius or Arctic?

I figured Celestia and Luna would know the Shadow Queen. Anyways, remember what I told you LAST time? I'm not telling you the pony side characters. I don't want to get flamed over my choices for who does what. However, if you're not going to leave me alone, I will talk to you privately about a certain character.

Mario character-wise... well, you'll see during the Chapter 1 interludes... but know that Bowser WILL be coming to Equestria. Because it just plain wouldn't be Paper Mario without Bowser getting involved!


When i said i loved your OC's i meant both of them forgot to add the s. My bad sorry. Also i know what you said i was just saying that i hope Discord will get to play a small part in this story at the very least. I wasn't asking a question that time.

I also agree it just wouldn't be a Mario story without Bowser. Question is though, will he help Mario or just cause him trouble? My guess is both.

Looking forward to those interludes. Sound like their going to be interesting.

I'm like reference of paper mario (I call journey of wishes). the thousand year door, super paper, sticker star, mario and luigi of the ponies and plumbers the unbication mushroom kingdom and one question why for curiosity you are reference the main saga and the sub saga (paper and mario luigi)
the pathners of mario classic and new apparecing of the party o cameo

I'm going to say the reason WHY I reference the Mario & Luigi series is because I've come to relate Princess Peach vacations with disasters. Peach's choice to go to the Beanbean Kingdom actually made the game's situation worse. Had Peach stayed back in the Mushroom Kingdom until the Mario Brothers found a way back home, Mario & Luigi wouldn't have had to go through one of the weirdest escort missions in GBA history (which can be really broken if you go through the general stage and defeat every field enemy BEFORE you rescue Peach the first time), Mario would not have given himself Bean Fever, Peach herself probably would not fallen prey to Bowletta, and Mario & Luigi would not have had to gather the Bearstar pieces to rescue her. But then again, it would have been a really short game had none of that not happened, and what fun would that be?:pinkiehappy: Also, Partners in Time and Bowser's Inside Story, well... Toad Town's been through a lot in its history. It's almost as bad as Ponyville, if not worse.

Anyways, main series? Well, technically, the Paper Mario games like The Thousand-Year Door and Sticker Star had to have happened after the canon introductions of Piantas and Bowser Jr., both of whom were in Sunshine. Party 7? Again, vacations in the Mario franchise are NOT safe!

Comment posted by YEVG deleted Dec 29th, 2012

Blade Squall>>1870675

I'm got the idea and forgotten you're reference the succes of yoshi island the combat in the moon of boss raphael raven

let the paper puns... BEGIN!
I love paper mario.
the original was my first RPG ever... wait, actually that was super mario legend of the seven stars.
paper mario was my SECOND RPG ever.

Oh, really?

Glad you're a fan of the Paper Mario series. Now, I'll confess to not having ever played Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I know it's out on Wii Virtual Console, though, but I'll probably never get around to downloading it and playing it. I also don't know if it will work on GameCube controllers.

Still, I hope you enjoy!:twilightsmile:

this story is great.
loving it.

Thank you and your awesome cape!

1873624 Kanji Tatsumi appreciates your comment.

Good chapter so Mario land's in Ponyville and meet's the CMC and Applejack's family. Hope you will do the Spike tattle log's. While your not making character's like Derpy and Vinyl part of Mario's team, will we still see them in the story?

Yep, that happens.

I actually encourage you to guess how Spike's Tattles will happen before I post how it actually happens.

Anyways, you may (or may not, depending on whether or not I remember them) see them.

hmm, this is pretty cool, wonder what partners Mario will get in the future?

Well, you'll have to wait and see what other partners besides Spike there are. Some are going to be creatures one could see from Equestria. Others, though, will stay true to the Mario series, having come from the Mushroom Kingdom to Equestria. You'll know them when you see them, as I will tend to put a little more effort in describing important characters. Just think of it as a "return to old roots" with a new spin on things... :raritywink:

Is really interesting one questio you think that bowser and mario fight together one enemey/rival/boss in common in someone chapther the story

Bowser? Well, while Bowser will have a reason to oppose the Colts of Nocturne (as far as he'll be able to tell, they've muscled in on his territory of kidnapping Princess Peach (except they didn't)), he still hates Mario, and he'll most likely sooner or later hear of the Elements of Harmony and want to steal them.

Very similar timing to the one I started at the beginning of the month: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/69179/super-mario-and-the-elements-of-harmony. It's just a weird coincidence but I just wanted to you know that. Mine has elements from all the Mario games and a different storyline though.
It's good to see more Paper Mario crossovers on here! It IS the best game series ever, after all.

Oh, really? I'll have to give it a look.

Anyways, I agree this site needs more Paper Mario stories. Anyways, hope you enjoy this story.

1882486 I'll definitely finish reading it because it is very different from mine. But don't worry, I already have the rest of my story written, just not corrected and posted yet. So any future chapters I add are not copied.

Oh, and PS, I thumbed up your fic because nobody does that anymore and it bugs me :)

wow you really fast in the chapters is really no appaers the theather battle is really simbolic in the 1,2 and 4 (i'm not sure) the games paper

It's mainly me being eager rather than anything else. Also, the winter break allows me to write and I have less real projects to work on. When school starts back up for the spring semester, then you'll notice a strong decay in my updating.

I'll also hold off on starting Chapter 1 until I've caught up the other two areas that my story are at.

Great chapter. Your doing a good job of keeping every character in characater.

Thanks. I've learned how to keep characters in-character from my story that I finished last week after a two and a half period (it's on deviantART, and it's Pokemon, so you probably wouldn't want to read it...).

Hmm, Zecora asking for 3 thingies...
she's the partner upgrade person, I'm calling it.

Wow. I really failed to be subtle about that, didn't I? :twilightsheepish:

1885612 No, you where pretty subtle about it.
I'm sure if I weren't a total Paper Mario nerd I wouldn't of figured it out.

:pinkiegasp: Wow! This is so awesome! :pinkiehappy: Paper Mario and My Little Pony: FIM; together at last! :yay: Great job so far! Looking forward to more!

Ah man...I miss Lakilester.....and Sushi......and Watt....and...OH HELL WITH IT, I MISS EM ALL!


I miss them, too. :fluttercry: Which is why I'm playing through the original Paper Mario on WiiWare...

Damn this story just radiates awesome. I actually hummed the Paper Mario chapter opening music when I started reading. I'd play the hell out of this game, and not just because of pony; you've genuinely captured the spirit of the Paper Mario games. Amazing work.

Also...Boomregard. I grinned like an idiot at that name. Awesome. :twilightsheepish:

If you're humming the Paper Mario theme, I've done my job RIGHT if you ask me!

That was my main goal with this... being able to design a story that felt like a Paper Mario video game. So far, I'm having a lot of fun with this.

Yeah, I really didn't know whether or not I was being too cheesy with naming Mushroom Kingdom characters. But Boomregard was one of the first characters I considered for this story... just getting his personality and backstory was the hard part. But, he's here, now.:twilightsmile:

On an unrelated note, your name is awesome and reminds me of Transformers for some reason....

this story.
I can't think of a single word to describe how awesome this story is.

Also, Boomregard will probably be the next party member if we apply Paper Mario 1+2 logic.

Well, thank you very much!

Well, I guess that one's kind of obvious, wasn't it? :unsuresweetie: It's pretty much Kooper's dialogue is written that he KNOWS Mario's going to need some help that's not just Spike since at this point, neither Mario nor Spike can attack multiple foes at once. The second partner, on the other hand, can attack all of those nasty ground foes at once. And Boomerang Bros, in The Thousand-Year Door, were NOTORIOUS at striking everyone in your party. So, might as well give you one to say, "Thank you for putting up with these cousins of Hammer Bros, so have one on us!"

Anyways, I sure hope people like him.

Great chapter any chance of seeing a classic western duel in the future?

You will have more. Just be patient... I need to finish the chapter first and cover my other two sites where I update this....
It just wouldn't be a western chapter without the classic duel, but that's gonna be at the END of the chapter. Final duel is ALWAYS at the end of the western.

Great chapter glad to see that Derpy made a cameo. I have to agree with you about Strongheart being the Chief's daughter. I think most fic's have her as his daughter. The Traveling Sisters Three are in Equestria. Is almost everyone Mario's every met going to show up? It's starting to look that way. I like this Wildfire character. Can't wait to find out what the other Papergami Ninjas are like. I'm also looking forward to finding out what's the story behind the pirates, and why their after the elements. Considering how strange Equestria is becoming since this whole thing started, i have to wonder if Discord really is free.

i can't believe this story only has 20 likes. this is front-page material.

Of the three new comments I'm going to answer, here, yours will be the the one I enjoy the most.

You know how your Mailbox SP kept you in touch with everyone during the second game of the series while a sidequest with Parakarry in the first game had you recovering and delivering mail throughout the Mushroom Kingdom? Well, since Derpy here is our fanon delivery girl, I figured she could be the one who delivers all of Mario's team mail... save for letters from the Princesses and certain... other mail.

I now know that I'm not the only one who thought Strongheart was Thunderhooves' daughter. Maybe its because she has a more unique design and a caring personality that says, "Chief's daughter".

It's more or less Mario's going to likely run into people who are more into coming to Equestria for job/adventure purposes. The Traveling Sister 3 was suggested to me by a review. I had COMPLETELY forgotten these characters existed because how insignificant they were when compared to other female Toads in the series, and the reviewer initially thought the Cutie Mark Crusaders were going to be doing their job. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this makes nobody else believe that the three fillies are going to be doing that... instead, they're taking over Rarity's place. :scootangel:

I hope people like all of the Papergami Ninja. They have their personalities, have been trapped in Paper Forms in Cursed Chests, and have some strange feelings like Pixls. Luckily they don't curse you.

Oh don't worry. We're gonna see more pirates in the later chapters. Including their boss... she's going to (hopefully) be awesome. And don't worry about Discord....

Wait, you think this is worthy of the Feature? I wouldn't say "Feature" worthy. I mean, what higher-up people would read this? It was an idea that wouldn't leave my head until I got it out. But yet, it's worth it.

Thank you!

Calm down, Darkfire.
Ok, i forgive you. But dont give me false hopes!

Yeah, there's not going to be any Nyx sightings whatsoever. I'm sorry, Darkfire. I don't hate her, but I'd rather not be accused of ripping off Past Sins. I'm hoping to set this story apart from Past Sins by going with a somewhat unique plot in comparison.

Different main antagonist (the quirkly, overly hammy if not affably evil Sirius Nebula instead of the brooding, serious and manipulative if not mind-controlled Spell Nexus), different heroes being focused on (Mario & Spike, an experienced adventurer in a new location and someone who usually sits on the sidelines, instead of Twilight & Nyx, a heroic young mare suddenly thrust into parenthood of a filly demigod who is curious about learning and was thrown into a wild situation), and more of an adventure story with less over-the-top drama like my last project (go to deviantART and look up a story called Ross' Fortune if you want to find out what I spent the last two and a half years writing BEFORE this) and more comedy ala the Paper Mario series.

Past Sins, if I remember correctly (I haven't re-read the story in ages) is more drama heavy than what I hope for this to be. With the exception of a joke here and there, my writing for the past few years has been more on the darker side of things. I want to relax for once with this.

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