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Well at least the title is honest.

1749117 Ditto

[edit] Oh, this is featured now...


You had me at hello... The title won me over straight away. I was laughing before the page had even loaded.

But fillies... Even grown fillies... I just can't. I can't read this. Best of luck to you anyway.

Not your best work, I feel.


Compared to what? And why?


I like Banishment decree, Personally.

and, I'm not sure why, this one just kind of fell flat for me... I do like most of your stuff, though.:twilightsmile:

*sees title*

*Clicks with wide smile*

*Finds out it's with grown fillies*


I'll clop to tentacles. I'll clop to R63. I'll clop to femdom. Hell, I'll even clop to sadomasochist material, but make it about fillies, even grown ones, I'm out.

1749250 You; your avatar, your name, your comment... It made me high.

I am Isseus, and I approve of this message!

I didn't ask for this...massive boner.

:trixieshiftright: I sense a disturbance in the Force. The neighsayers are coming.

Gotta say, I love these "competition" premises.

Yes....this....just..this...Chuck, you've done it again.

That was entertaining. Think contest styled stories are fun.

Yeah... I'm not reading this. And why are you calling it the 'Iron Lung' Competition? Not only does it seem out of place, it's also a bit morbid. You do know what an iron lung is and what it was historically used for, don't you?

Heh, no thanks. :pinkiehappy:

why am i laughing my ass off right now?:rainbowderp:

That gif is f'n hilarious, I can't stop laughing! :rainbowlaugh:

I love that second pic. I imagine AJ saying it in a calm, almost out-of-breath tone.

Rumble sees that Sweetie has turned her flanks towards him, and can't help but stare.


Very creative. I enjoyed the diversity and detail. I came and will cum back for more.

1749121 Who else but Regidar!

You better make a sequel. Do you fucking understand me? You need to make a sequel. Maybe a "no-holds-barred fucking competition" as is hinted at. Maybe it's something else, like cunnilingus competition. But it needs to happen. If it doesn't, I'm going to cry. :fluttercry:


1749676 Agreed, bearded man.

That was crazy hot. If you decided to actually write them having a fucking competition I would be very okay with that.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnddd... FEATURE!

Exactly where this story belongs. I'm so happy, two of my best writer buddies in the feature box at the same time. And I also notice that the box now has three foalcon/aged up foal stories, so SUCK ON THAT, HATERS! :rainbowwild:

the inspiration is fairly worn on the story's sleeve - that said, i'm flattered something i wrote encouraged you to write something

i'll say that the description of the sex was fairly good, though it rushed over some parts and used emphatic language in ways that were awkward in places. i would have liked to see more focus on either one pair rather than feeling like they were just listed off

also, the pacing at the beginning is... wat. but i guess some people like to get right into the action rather than doing too much of a set up. just seemed like the pacing overall could have used some work.

either way, an enjoyable read, thanks for the link

First actual reaction:
"What the hell?!"
"Now lets read this."

Oh my goodness...

Chuck, you silly man!

Though i applaud your user name..
grown-up fillies??
err, best of luck to u sirr... :fluttercry:

*finishes reading*

welp, it seems that they're in...

for the ride of their lifes.

...This is wrong.

Like, all clopfics are wrong in their own way, but this?

Well, OK. I find clopfics amusing as opposed to sexy, and this was a great, silly little time-waster. I've read some clopfics that made me shriek and nope the shit out of my browser because they got WAAAAAAAY too gross. I've even read some clopfics that made me grin, some clopfics that even made me go d'awww.

But this?

Chuck, this... this ain't your best stuff, man. Put your back into it, dude! Type errors, word cruft, awkward flow issues and sentence structures... This is not the work of Chuck.


I'm really bad at going back over my own work. If you could point out any of the bits I fucked up, I'd be so grateful. Then I could go through the rest of my work and make it less of a shit show fail parade...

I have to admit, this was rather amusing.
Normally I'd respond to foalcon like this.

But with this I'm more like

this isn't m/m clop, is it? only asking cause I'm planning to read it later :unsuresweetie:


No m/m, just glorious F/F/M blowjobs.

1751813 *sniffs* The best:pinkiecrazy:

Final reaction:
Yup, that's all, you just broke me. I'm reading these just for fun and pure boredom, but this actually left me speechless :P

The story, just like the one by that overrated clopfeind darf that inspired it, is more amusing and parody than decent erotica. It's a teenaged male fantasy starring a teenaged male. Pretty much the definition of a terrible sexual scenario. And therefor amusing as fuck. Good job.

Bah. We all know the only male in Ponyville who can take a true double blowjob is Spike.
Otherwise it's double oral, but not a double blowjob.
Now if it was one filly two colts that would make sense.

This isn't foalcon. This is teenagers fucking around. They're post pubescent and consenting, nopony is being taken advantage of, and there are no adults involved.

Aside from the mature subject matter, this is what popped into my head when I saw the image before reading the description:

"We represent, the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild!"

I'm hungry now.

Oh my god, I can't read this without this song playing in my head.
It's fucking impossible.

…Whoa. Inplied sequel.
Considering the quality of this chapter, I say…may be interesting, and continue!:twilightsmile:

I like foalcon but this... this is too much for me!:twilightoops:



Still, it be too awesome for a mere mortal such as myself to handle

I've got a chapter to edit tonight already, but if I get the time I'd be happy to go over this for you Chuck.

I'm glad to see that m/m ships aren't the only mature stories you can write, but I'm still waiting on that glorious Ménage à Cinq you teased us with in Pipsqueak's Day Off dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Spitfire_rape.png .

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