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Eh, shattered freedom is worse than poison.


There is a weird machine placed in the halls of the castle, everyone knows what it does. It's not a mystery at all. Princess Luna's unexplainable hatred of the machine is the real mystery.

Shall she prevail against overwhelming odds or lose herself in the deepest of pits? Let's find out.

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Reminds me a lot of the old flash game "Mike Shadow: I Paid For It". If you've never played it before, it's a treat.

Hehehe. Very silly. Much yum.

This is so silly and I love the story : )

As silly as this story is. it gave me a few chuckles.

The moral of this tale? Never anger Luna, else she will club you.

You have my like and a further chuckle. :rainbowlaugh:

Luna Vs X machine will never get old🤣

A very fun, well-written little story. Congratulations on being Featured.

This is going into my Fun Stories bookshelf, alongside this similar one:

ERainbow Dash Does Something Ironic in the Present Tense
Rainbow Dash just wants a bottle of Dr. Pony from the vending machine. Is that too much to ask?
shortskirtsandexplosions · 5.4k words  ·  449  23 · 7.3k views

:duck: Spike darling, What is that your carrying?
:moustache: It's just s box but it has a bunch of neat stuff in it
:ajsmug: Ain't that stealing ?
:rainbowlaugh: Possession is 9/10ths the law !
:facehoof: Spike! What have I told you about this?
:moustache: But I've got enough for everyone
:pinkiehappy: Lets eat!
:twilightoops: It's full of bits too!
:moustache::raritywink: We can go shopping right after lunch!
:twilightangry2: So all my friends are crooks!
:trollestia: Does that box have cake too?
:yay: Discord was saving a few for you. Angel food and fudge icing
:derpytongue2: Muffins?

Luna used Ivy Cudgel! Vending Machine was F:yay:ing obliterated!

Her usual strategy was to speak hard and carry the biggest stick around, but this time she would speak softly…and still carry the biggest stick.

Nice Teddy reference.

now… we need an enemies to lovers sequel

A fun little story =)

Bizarre. I like it.

... Haven't I seen this before?:unsuresweetie:

She quickly snapped her neck back to the machine with cheeks of crimson. ‘’T-thou heard nothing! W-we bet it was from thee!’’ Luna said with a voice filled to the brim with embarrassment. The machine said nothing but continued just standing there, but Luna knew.
It was mocking her.

Vending machine: "You're not fooling anyone. Especially not me, guardian of all things nutritious!"

Her stomach growled, again, with more force this time.
Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the packed food in the machine which was just beyond the glass. Would she do it? Would she sign a deal with her worst enem- She spotted a container with the words ‘Ice Cream’ on it.

We know that feeling...

‘’Thou requires these to keep on surviving no?’’ She jingled the bits in front of the machine, making no effort to hide them, because she was not trying to hide them.

Fair enough.

‘’Huzzah! Victory for us!’’ She laughed, jeering at the now glassless vending machine, its light was still on although it was dying and within a few seconds, its bright and comfortable light which helped many a pony had been snuffed out.

Should I now cheer or cry?

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Hey, a stallion’s gotta eat.

Exactly.. :scootangel:

This is a delightfully written and fun story. Congrats on getting featured!

omg yes luna x vending machine best ship. my new otp

In her now unleashed anger, Luna used her magic to materialize a big club, and with unparalleled rage and hatred toward her enemy, she swung it at the glass with the force of a thousand moons.

”Wait, where’d you get that piano club?” - Sheldon P. Lankton Vending Machine

Exact same vibe, made me laugh just as hard.

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