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First comment, vorewhore. Oogie boogie

Fwelin #3 · May 27th · · ·

It says that Night Light's charmed princesses before, and he used to be in the Royal Guard.

I'm going to headcanon that Twilight came about because Night Light and Twilight Velvet put the moves on Celestia about 20 years ago.

I support this theory.

This was hot as fuck. Hope to see a continuation in the future.

Splendid stuff :pinkiehappy:

This is hot. And it feels like only chapter 1 of many chapters.

She spies an attractive young zebra at the bar and things go pretty much the way you expect from there...

You might want to say 'zebra mare'. Until I saw the short description on the mane page, I thought this was a stallion and that Night Light would be watching Twilight Velvet and the zebra (based on tags).

(Also if you want your stories to feature or be read, you might want to add them to more groups.)

Thank you! I might write a sequel some time, but that's a long way off for the time being.

Hot was my intention :raritywink: And, as I said before, there might be more in the future. Just need to have a good idea that fits with what I've already established.

I assumed that people knew that cuckquean was the inverse of cuckholding. Also, I'm well aware that groups get more attention on my stories, but boy if it isn't the most tedious thing to add them. I'm tempted to just ask people to add them to groups to save myself the hassle.

I actually just join dozens of groups (with notifications off) and open a dozen tabs for each story and add them from each group page once the story gets through the queue. It really does help, though.

I do know what cuckqueen means, but I thought you were using it incorrectly to mean a mare who does the cuckolding (until I saw the story description). Zebra mares are so much rarer than stallions in stories I never thought it was a mare.

This was really fun, we always see what happens when the husband gets cuck, we don’t get enough of wife cucking.

>i know what the word means I just purposely misinterpreted it and then was confused

It's always spelled "cuckquean" (with an 'a') for some historical reason.


there's a fic for that. It's an older fic but it checks out. I won't link it though without 10835965's permission though... That's rude. Also it's easy to find.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service?


That is legit one of my favorite stories of all time.

You can add stories to groups you've joined directly from the story itself. Just click the little down pointing arrow beside the views counter and then 'add to groups'. It's faster and a lot easier than doing it from the groups' pages, and from experience it makes it easier to put the story in the right folders too.

Brooooooo! Great to see a new story from you.

I can see where this goes

Great work bud! No wonder lewd is jealous of you 😉

We don't get many zebra mare stories so this was a welcome change. Love to see a sequel

This was amazing. I'm glad I finally got the chance to read this.
I wouldn't mind reading a sequel to this.

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