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There are so few good incest fics with Nightlight. Yours is simply amazing!:moustache:

Nice to finally see some TwiNight incest. Excellent work! :heart:

“Better organize some ‘signing papers while getting fucked’ lessons for the poor girl,”

Indicating that not only has such a thing happened before, but has actually happened often enough that a specific lesson plan could be created for it.

Hilariously unfortunate. Minds ought not break, as duties are a thing. But this is simple tomfoolery so she can get back to voting and thinking in a short while.

Fucked up and thoroughly engaging. Well up to your standards.

He was almost half a century old,
Her father’s younger by fifteen years,
despite being twenty years her senior,

So how old is Twilight, exactly?

"He was almost half a century old, and yet he had not let fatherhood wear down the figure he had earned through years of Royal Gaurd service."

"Her father’s younger by fifteen years, Velvet was even more casually dressed."

Twilight couldn’t help but allow a tinge of self-consciousness to fill her as she looked over the mare that had given birth to her; despite being twenty years her senior, Mother had remained improbably beautiful"

So with Night Light at nearly 50 (let's say 49), and Velvet 15 years his junior (34), that bit about being Twi's senior by 20 years would make Twilight 14 approx in this story, correct? Should add foalcon to the tags in that case.


I am bad at math

This story is not intended to be foalcon. Twilight's supposed to be like in her 20s. I'll fix this error in the morning.

Mods, please don't take down the fic. Everyone's adults here except for me, because I have the mathematical aptitude of a three-year-old and miscalculated some stuff.

It's fixed now, we are in the beam

All in all, not a bad job. The hentai quotes are just so lol-worthy I couldn't keep a straight face while reading this. And while the clop was a bit shorter than some of your other father/daughter incest fics, the clop in this was still very hot and I'm glad to see the Night Light x Twilight Sparkle incest pairing get some more love. :twilightsmile:

7315112 hmm, you're right. Assuming this wasn't intentional, the author might want to add another 5 to ten years onto Nightlight's age or close the age gap between velvet and him to about 10 years.

LOL A lot of people hate this for some reason.
Either they despise you with a (sister) fucking passion, or they really hate incest stories

7315123 Mods wouldn't take it down anyway. Foalcon's allowed so long as it ain't human.

Nope. Anthro foalcon isn't allowed either.

Slightly embarrassed I didn't catch this. Thanks for being attentive in my place!

You could write one of spike and celestia.
you know another mother and son incest.
which also is anthro.

Think about how long Celestia has been around. It seems like a very practical class to be honest. Would love to have been privy to Luna's course. :heart::trollestia:

idk why it's in this color, anyway can i use this idea in a 'sequal'

“Oh, and why is that?” Velvet said, with a small smirk. “It’s not like I blab about my own relations with Shining on a regular basis. I know how to keep a good thing a secret, dear. It’s not as if it’s the healthiest thing for a family to do, of course, but we’ve made it work quite well I think. I was surprised at first, of course– you always seemed uninterested in sex…”


Arrived for the paperwork. Came for the incest. If I had to describe this fic in one word, it would be schizophrenic. The pacing between the sex and the paperwork jumps up and down like the panties of an indecisive virgin. I'm not sure what the challenge was that you were aiming for with this. But it has sparklecest, so

Nice ending and hot story all around!

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