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You can consider the kiss idea stolen and will be used by me at some point. I hope. It's too good not to use elsewhere.

I've seen Princess X Escorts/Guards/Mercenaries to know where this is going. And i'm psyched

Comment posted by karnazom deleted February 29th

You write quite a lot of stories with Spike missing an arm.

Twilight and Spike, Not knowing each other, on a long journey with a maybe Twilight taking a liking to spike more then she should be. I'm intrigued, :pinkiehappy:

It's a theme more to my enjoyment lately. Twilight was supposed to be blind during this fic—but that was pushing the mantle too far.


Twilight was supposed to be blind during this fic—but that was pushing the mantle too far.

Yeah, I don't see it.

First of all, i just found this, haven't read it yet, and since I see the name Drangleic, I'm either assuming this is a Dark Souls 2 reference or a straight up crossover. I'll read it once I am done with work

I'm going to put this on my favorites list so I can watch it for more chapters. I'm sorry, but I wait until stories have either ten chapters or are complete before I start reading them.

Oh hey, I recognize this cover! Uh... by hioshiru, yeah.

Oh God, I've definitely fallen into the abyss.

I like the idea of spike using his tail as an arm.

Spike, you have committed crimes against equestria and her ponies, what say you in your defense?

In Drangleic, the flow of time is convoluted...Things shift and waver, twist and turn...

Given the cover art and the M rating, I can't believe this isn't a clopfic.

Damn... that got pretty sad didn't it.
I can't blame Shinning, I'd do anything i could for either of my sisters if they was forced into this kind of situation.

I only hope this story goes down the path i think it will, and has a happy ending...

But said ending is no doubt a ways away, so for now I'll just look forward to learning more about what Spike supposedly did to betray Equestria.

Hioshiru is the artist for those who want to ahem.. ”Research”.

Comment posted by tm2dragon deleted March 2nd

Most likely war will go on after all just cause spike gets Twilight to where she going dose not mean other dragons well accept her marrying their king I am certain then their will be a divided among the dragons who are hell bent not to be at peace with Equestria and their be more dragons who want the war to go on, and to few for peace, if I'm right at all and if I am then their may be an eventual civil war among the dragons.

And spikes situation is no better if he sides with dragon kind he be expected to help break equestrian then be force to return to them and face judgment and possibly death for formerly working with Equestria. It's no different the Celestia trial. Spike is doomed to be killed or imprison for crimes has not commited. Spike is framed by dragon kind for being raised and working with ponies. Spike is framed for possibility leading aid to dragon kind and feared he become a monster.

Spike was raised by ponies cause his egg was left in equestrian so drag on kind really cannot call spike a traitor for that, spike will only become a monster if pushed hard enough to unleash his dragon rage.

Spike is hated by both sides and it's only matter of time before he snaps and unleashes his fury against both Equestria and the dragon kingdom lost of an arm and let or not their is only so much one can take before enough is enough.

TWILIGHT!!! idiot closes his wings.

New lesson kids don't get excited in heavy winds, with lots of dirt around... Twilight :facehoof:

This story really shows us a lot of what these characters are like. Twilight is the (I'm guessing adopted) daughter of Celestia, and Spike is a dragon soldier/warrior that has been tasked with escorting her to the half way point. Sounds ominous already right? Well, the obscure (I say this because we don't know who he is yet) dragon king is asking Celestia for Twilights 'eternal kiss' in marriage, where a peace will be brokered. Celestia sends Twilight on her way, with the aid of a Dragon soldier named Spike, whose stoicism is as unbreakable as his will, he takes Twilight as his charge along with any punishment Celestia will be forced to give.

All of this story is amazing already, and they've barely left! I want to read more Mr. B. I want to feel it again, having fun while reading a story

Thanks for the kindness.

Hope you contuine to enjoy and comment.
~ Yr. Pal, B

Their a chance the dragon king is lying and just wants the Immotal life and once he gets it may either mistreat her or outright kill her and let the war go on if not well their may be a civil war among the dragons whom want the war to keep going.

Damn! Spiders. It's always bucking SPIDERS! Burn it, Spike! Unleash the fire, and burn everything to save her!:moustache:

So, that is what became of Rarity! Interesting.
Nice job!:moustache:


So odds are that's how Spike lost his arm... cut off by his own brother... damn

Nice, and sad. This is either going to be a very bittersweet ending or a very heartfelt one. Got some ideas of it ending one of two was now, but only the author can beside the final outcome.

Great chapter! Keep this story going!:moustache::twilightsmile:

"devour her" WHAT!!!... she better be bucking wrong:twilightangry2:

I just pray there's a happy ending for these two by the time this story concludes:fluttercry:


(Sorry, felt like there is a trend here.)

Aye, it seems that way. It could also be a red herring though.

I also picked up Spike's family line here. My predictions for the future have been altered to suite.

This is going to be interesting to see come to light.

No comments yet? I will make one then.

Your story so far has been unique, amusing, and emotional. At first, I didn't pay much attention since each chapter was less than 5,000 words, but you have pleasantly proven my opinion wrong. I like your work and await for more.

Till then, cheers.

I honestly can't wait for spike to talk because I know twilight will lose her shit, and I know if you do, it will be in the most humorous or heartfelt way.

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Thanks for the kind comments, broski, for this is in invisible story full of effort.
~ Yr. Pal, B

Artist , source?

Hioshiru. Not safe for work image.

Good luck my son.
~ Yr. Pal, B

Dun, dun, duuuuuun. Sorry, I had to :P
Really enjoying this so far, big props to ya B.

Thanks broski.

Means a lot.
~ Yr. Pal, B

"bubbly shapes down lower. Butt" that's either a hilarious typo, or just an awesome line:rainbowlaugh:


Thanks for the save

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