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This story is a sequel to I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.

When Applejack forgets to get Rarity a present for Hearts and Hooves Day, she figures it can't be THAT hard to get something at the last minute.

Applejack is very, very wrong.

(Art shamelessly procured from the super-talented Whitediamonds, who is rad).

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You forgot character tags.

Is this supposed to be tagged incomplete?

This is a really good rarijack fanfic! Thanks!

Now that's some quality H&H flavored Rarijack: characterful, funny and fluffy! :raritystarry::ajsmug:

Wow, I haven't read "I'm trying to break your heart" for years, didn't think it'd ever get a sequel.

Gotta say the 8-year wait for this sequel was worth it. I mean yeah, didn't realize I had to wait for it cause never expected to see it, but other than that yeah, the wait was worth it.


Well, I've written a couple other 'sequels' over the years as excuses for more Rarijack hijinks. Though really any story I write featuring those two is inevitably going to have some flirt-bickering going on, so ... bonus, I guess?

And yes this has been a shameless plug. Go read my silly things.

This was... eh? Sorry, but Discord came off as an asshole... which is his canon character. Pinkie came off as an insufferable jerk who didn't know when to shut up... which again, is in-canon for her. It's just... there wasn't much of a spark, here.

Discord didn't even create the bits ex nihilo? He really is playing along with the whole "economy" thing.

"It's about showering your loved ones with dead plant material that will inevitably shrivel and die!” Discord blinked, scratching at his head. “Mmm. Quite morbid, now that I think of it. Just another of those little mortal creature quirks."

"We, uh, usually eat 'em before then."
"Ah. Commendably efficient."

At the risk of being That Guy, it's Sugarcube Corner.

Rarity tittered out a nervous, I-may-have-just-escaped-death kind of laugh.

It wasn't the first time Applejack had heard it, nor would it be the last.

Delightful little comedy of errors. Thank you for it.

This was good, so good I'm probably going to have to go back and re-read I'm trying to break your heart.

Amusing repetition and shenanigans overall. Love me some Rarijack too.

“Why, you're right, Applejack! It's not about how many hooves you have-- or even how many hearts! (I've got at least three of those, last I checked). It's about showering your loved ones with dead plant material that will inevitably shrivel and die!”

I busted out laughing at this line.

This was great fun. The repetition worked well, and I loved how you played with the whole idea of one of them asking their friends for help - but of course, it would be way too long to have one of them ask all four, so you had Applejack ask two, and then snuck in Rarity having asked the other two at the end.

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