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It's a simple agreement: Rarity will take Applejack to a proper gallery opening, and in turn, Applejack gets to take Rarity to something called a 'hootenanny.' What could possibly go wrong?

(apologies to René Magritte for the shameless appropriation of his work for a cover image)

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Heh. Ponies on couches indeed.

No, Rarity. Don't start lying right away. AJ can't hold carry a lie to save her life. This won't end well.

"Horse-devours." Brilliant!

I'm almost certain that AJ is playing up the bumpkin role, just to yank Rarity's tail.

The point, AJ, is that Andy Warhol is mocking every single art aficionado that breathes... And honestly, Rene Magritte probably was too.

Surrealism always struck me as being a pranky sort of movement.

This is quite good; excellent dialogue, and for once I actually don't mind trying to decipher Hick. The premise also tickles me into wanting more~ :rainbowwild:

One complaint: spaces. You need them. I know it isn't how proper books do it, but honestly, not only will it be easier to read on a screen, it will be better received. A double-space between every new paragraph and every new speaker.

Surrealism is the second most trollsy artistic movement, after only dada, which was literally nothing more than mocking all the other artists. Of course, they missed the point and people study dada to this very day.

Surrealism was a wonderful artistic movement.

"I was talkin' 'bout them old arty pictures where the pony's sittin' on it all...y'know. Come-hither-y. Or she's walkin' outta a seashell for some reason n' there's tiny li'l pegasuses holdin' banners in the background"

I laughed SO hard at the image I had of Apple Jack saying this, then laughed harder at the smirk I imagined on Rarity's face when she heard it. The dialogue in this is great.

2679027 Dada isn't mocking all the artists. Dada is mocking EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE.

Yes, double spacing would be good. Also I personally like a space after "... ", but I know it's not an error to not have one.

Anyway, great dialogue, as always in Tumbleweed-fics! I would favorite it if I didn't have a chronic aversion against having too many shipfics amongst my favorites in any given time. But I'll check for updates regularly, so keep up the good work! :raritywink:

That actually sounds pretty probable.

I can't decide what it says about me that I reflexively clicked this onto my to read list and then realized it was a Magritte and immediately resolved to read it right away. :twistnerd::twilightblush: I admit my nerdiness.

Thank you for explaining a piece of art to me, and thank you to the comments for giving me insight in various arts. Now I can do something somewhat productive today. Looking forward to this. It's going in the favorites.
I am expecting equal insight into the "Hoot-an-any" later. Can you do it? Trolllollollol...

Impending trainwreck in five... four... three... :pinkiehappy:

All shall hail the banner of Dada, which is fish entrails thumbtacked to a cheesecloth! :pinkiecrazy:

In any case, this promises to be a most engaging Rarijack story. I look forward to it.

Oh, Rarity... you stuck your hoof in your mouth up to your shoulder.

This won't end well.

It seemed like an interesting idea, but if the plot is going to hinge on Rarity lying to the upper class ponies, I won't read any more.

I've already seen that plot before. It was called "Sweet and Elite", I rather liked it. I have no need to see the exact same thing again.


Everything has been done before.


The real banner of Dada is five tons of flax stapled to a stapler with a staple stapler.


The Dada battle cry is "Picadilly Circus and the still-beating heart of Drew Carey!"

True. Much of art is a joke or a snipe at something the artist didn't like. Banksy takes the piss out of pop culture, the extreme knitters say with yarn that the ugly, anonymous bollards and poles of a city could and should be brighter and Warhol appropriated the slick art of marketing. What's the saying? "True art isn't about making you feel good, it's about making you feel."

I see the romance tag but just to be sure, is this slashfic or friendshipping?

very cool stuff, I hope to see more soon.

Yes indeed, I knew it would be worth watching for the next chapter. Well done.


Also, the extra spacing really helps, thanks for taking the advice. :twilightsheepish:

Oh HELL yes. :D I could hardly stop giggling the whole time I was reading this.

I'd say you perfectly captured what a friend of mine calls "the Frasier feeling", that sense of everything being about to go horribly wrong one gets while watching the better episodes of Frasier.

"You want paint? Fine, fuck you, here's some paint." Andy Warhol would have messed his pants in joy over that one. Everything he did drips with contempt for art snobs, near as I can tell.

>tfw Applejack painted Kasimir Malevich's Red Square
shit = lost

Oh, Fancy Pants, you glorious creature, you. Virtually all of Canterlot's finest wrapped around your hoof, and you play them like a fiddle.

Fantastic chapter. I get the feeling Rarity's going to be getting a similar reaction come the hootenanny.

And now I want to see Applejack speaking Klingon at Apple Bloom's cuteceñera.

That was awesome. Applejack, you rock. :ajsmug: Fancy Pants really pulled through, too, with that critique. As for Rarity... *Smacks upside the head* Don't spread horse apples like that!

Now AJ just needs to get into the 'found art' repurposing thing. She could bring in the old butter churn and Granny Smith's spare dentures and be proclaimed a genius. :ajsmug:

If Applejack kicked that paint bucket towards the canvas instead of painting on it, she would have created the action painting movement in five seconds.

Just like Jackson Pollock, except Pollock took longer and didn't do public performances. :ajsmug:

Fancypants, the classiest of trolls.

i love this you got there characters down perfectly

2793511 Fancypants is to trolling what Picasso is to a street caricature artist.

And then all the ponies left in the gallery held an impromptu auction to see who gets Applejack's painting. The winning bid of 40000 bits was then donated to the gallery, as AJ effectively abandoned her claim of ownership through her departure.

Kinda funny how calling it a commentary on the industrialization of art instantly made them want AJ to start whipping out commissions for them.

hmmm. Are you from the country? Or did you research the proper terminology for the scaling of our get togethers? :duck::trixieshiftright:

Brilliant! :ajsmug:

Awww, that's it? Applejack got two chapters at the Gallery Opening, but Rarity only got one at the Hootenanny? :fluttershysad: I'd kinda like to see her get drunk and try to belt out a country song on stage or something, kinda like how Applejack painted a 'masterpiece' for the snooty rich ponies. Or at least something of a denouement/epilogue.

Ah well. Great story regardless.

Hmm, Rarity must have decided these sorts of events weren't so bad after all, seeing how that Hayseed Turniptruck guy said he met her at a hoedown.

I think they should collaborate and write a country song together. The Art Snob, Hillbilly, Confused as Hell Blues. Or something like that.

Very cute but I do agree with Dusty that this felt awfully rushed in comparison.

Always a pleasure to treat yourself to some quality Tumbleweed, although, as the others said, I felt the ending lacked true conclusion.

Oh, wow. :pinkiehappy: Nicely done, AJ and Fancypants!

I agree with the others; one more chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Y'all didn't think that song was about you, didja?

You're so vain, Rarity...

I'm going to guess a humdinger is somewhere between a shindig and a hoedown. Assuming that it's even on the scale. I may have to consult my local party taxonomist. :pinkiesmile:

I have to echo the sentiments others have given regarding how the story's been spaced out. There's just a nagging feeling of asymmetry in allocating two chapters to high society and one to low. Maybe if you had Rarity attempt to socialize with the other guests at hootenanny...
Also, if you had managed to get her to accidentally impress them, possibly with the assistance of alcohol, it would've provided a wonderful sense of parallelism.

That's not to say I didn't enjoy this chapter. I did, immensely. It just feels lopsided in relation to the greater story.

“Course, ain't everypony s'posed ta wind up dead at the end of an Opera? That's kinda like a proper country song, innit it?”

Loved it! Just the right amount of poking fun at the two social strata, with plenty of signature MLP sweetness mixed in.

Only question: where was Big Mac? :eeyup:

Amazingly sweet yet understated romance. I love it. I hope you find more to do with this pair.

Ah, great ending. :D I loved rarity trying to 'classify' the levels of parties. And great shout-out to Bugs Bunny and Elmer there, too. :pinkiehappy:

:ajsmug: : Im good at art and such!

Perhaps we could just relax-” She fluttered her eyelashes.”On the couch?”
se where thats going! :rainbowkiss:

Look I really don't like RariJack....but this is a good friendshipping if nothing else.


Ceci n'est pas un pomme.

Huh. I would have thought Applejack, of all people, would have gotten "You can't eat this, it's a painting, it's not a real apple." Unless she just thinks it's so obvious she doesn't get why you'd say it.

Given that Magritte once made a picture of artfully arranged coffins and entitled it "Family Portrait", I'm pretty sure he spent a lot of time mocking things with his art.

Applejack smirked. “Y'all really think I care what these folks have ta say 'bout me?”

No amount of yes is enough for this line.

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