Thorax has a crush on a certain mare. What if she doesn't love him back? And how can he get her to notice him?

Short and simple fluff story. Second place in Sofa and Quill's Panic Speedwriting Contest #17. The prompt was "food." Contains no vore.

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no messy… emotions or feelings or songs about how everything’s nicer when everyone’s nice.

"We literally ate all of those things."
"Exactly! Thery were food. We didn't have to actually do any of them. It was simple.'

In any case, you had me at "Best Pony crackship." Delightful little bite of adorkability.

I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Just a silly little ship that popped into my head... and shockingly, I think it works pretty well! My girlfriend says I need to make this into a 300k slice of life fic... that's a lot of shenanigans!

The first part of the note was just cute, the second part got a little cringy for me considering he doesn't even know her name.

The ending was great.

All in all you held your promise: Fluff! ^^

EDIT: I like the idea of your girlfriend^^

A relationship's gotta start somewhere, right? I'm glad you enjoyed it.
My girlfriend's idea is a lot of work... but I'll see if I can come up with anything for a few more chapters. In the meantime, it works as a standalone.

Nice cover image! Very cute. Like this story. It was pure luck that Thorax didn't get gobbled up by Derpy straight away! Short and sweet just like a muffin:heart::heart::heart:

Funnily enough, the contest rules said "no vore, or you'll be disqualified and glared at". It's not like everyone had a 10-minute discussion joking about it before that was added or anything... I'm glad you like the cover image! Drew it myself! Thorax muffin ftw!

I am the local girlfriend who said it needed a 300k word slice of life fic. I love this story and this is how a ship I would love to see develop and be used more cause I think the dynamic could be super cute. That said i am also super proud of the Whisperling for putting out and making such a wonderfully adorable story and i cannot ever express just how much in mere words.

Cute little fic. I was terrified Derpy was going to accidentally eat him.

Sequel? Derpy X Thorax is an interesting ship

I thought the same thing

You clearly have good taste in both boyfriends and shipping

Hear that? I'm the boyfriend in our relationship! Haha, I win!
She does have good taste in shipping and boyfriends, yes, but I'd also say that she has alright taste in girlfriends. (We are in a polycule. She is dating a guy, yes, but it isnt me; I use female pronouns.) (I'm not offended in the slightest, and in fact this made my night!)

I said it once, I'll say it again: adorable. :pinkiesmile:

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