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:0!!!! This story has definitely got my curiosity. Very excited to see how it plays out!

HA! I like these two already. Looking forward to the chaos they get thrown headfirst into. :pinkiehappy:

XD I love this Luna!

Luna, on the other hand, rolled off and flopped to the floor before getting up.

Also good story, very interesting. On a side note, lol Eldrich Gods, the key to all your romances and fantasies!

This is an odd mix of random stuff. Also, add the random tag, for newcomers' sakes.

This one had me in the first half, I won't lie.

“Yeah. I… Think this is a R. G. R. E. kinda thing.” John said with a frown and a bit of a hum.

To be fair,, Equestria is a quasi matriaarchy/diiarchy. By all appearances, males are considered the weaker.

“ Buy our toys! ” John commented.

“ Oh, I’m going to be hearing this for awhile. ” The pair actually heard the white alicorn mutter, before her regal bearing returned in full. “This luck dragon is right, my little ponies.”

Ha! She said it (sorta!)

“Well, things could be worse.”

Famous last woooords~.

Do you like them baked, boiled or deep-fried?

“Well, things could be worse.”

you fool, never say that

love the story

“Best Pink Dagron Waifu.” John nodded.


“Do I have to?” She sighed. She paused and thought for a moment. “Yeah. Oaky. I’ll do it. Apparently I’m overprotective as fuck.”


I want a raise of hooves, claws, appendages on who came here for the fluffy dragon noodle.

They should’ve asked how long regular preredemption Changeling live

“Don’t be rude.” Lorraine chidded at the stallion.
“Sweetie, should I give you an example of what would happen, should I walk about ten feet to the left?” John asked raising a brow.
“Well, they’re still people, utterly insane people, but still people.” Lorraine replied.
John deadpanned. “I was running for thirty minutes.”
“I reiterate, they’re insane.” Lorraine nodded.

Really amusing intor chapter!
Will be tracking it, good work! :pinkiehappy:

I don't mind rgre stories if the ponies are not always dick hungry so I am liking the story so far.

“Well, they’re still people, utterly insane people, but still people.” Lorraine replied.
John deadpanned. “I was running for thirty minutes.”

I can only read this line like this. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Love this story!! :heart:

Yeah okay, I'll keep an eye on this.

Feels rushed, as in the story progresses way too quickly without and true conflict or resolution, but will see how this goes.

Jeez, agoraphobia much? Being coped up inside all the time's not remotely healthy. But well, they should learn that sooner or latter.

She muttered. “God I wish we were in Hazbin.”

No, you don't. But then again, they do sound like their early twenties at most, more likely 18-20 in truth. They shall learn.

Hi, I helped write this thing. The pacing is as it is because everyone knows what a RGRE fic usually entails, we'll do our best to pace it better with future chapters, we just wanted the important "Oh this is a RGRE" setup out the of the way. This was written not as shipping fuel but as a bit of an analysis of how the world works and how... Messed up it is when compared to our modern views on relationships.

Lorraine is based off myself and I prefer to stay inside, I dislike social interaction with those outside my friend group but I am perfectly capable of doing so, not agoraphobic just unwilling to be social unless I have to. I tried to have Lorraine reflect that.
The characters are in their late 20's, that doesn't mean they have to act like it. As for the Hazbin line, it was a joke, the idea of it was that she'd prefer cartoon hell over the RGRE.

This is a fic about a pair of characters that want nothing to do with harems or rom-coms getting punted into one. They are not interested in anyone apart from each other, yet they're forced to be harem protagonists.

This was written for fun, not a well thought-out, planned multi chapter thing so it's just the two of us toying with the idea of "What if we got sent to a RGRE?"

I don't like RGRE fics, this entire thing was written as a "This is really messed up, here's why" fic, a different take that's trying to derail the usual harem, rom-com shenanigans these fics usually have.

Or the male runs away to a different country because they put to much pressure on him to do the sex

Fair enough, but they haven't sounded like that yet. Maybe in the following chapters they will. Agoraphobia might've been exaggerated, but for a couple people that have been just ripped from their worlds and thrown into another this behavior seems weird as fuck, but that might be only me.

The story feels rushed not because of the RGRE parts, but due to the startling pace it sets. Things barely begun and suddenly there are princesses giving houses and not asking questions as if random world dumpees were an everyday occurrence. There is no pause, no moment of respite, just a dude finding himself in a dickhungry town, running into his online girlfriend he somehow has no doubt is her with only a name and a slight sidelong reference, then going to the library and suddenly rulers and letters from cthullu solving every single possible problem in a blatant case of Deus Ex Machina. The only scene that flows appropriately is flutter's, nicely done one I'd say.

In the end I'll still stay for the next few chapters at the very least, with a better pacing the premisse could be interesting. And hey, she has four hands, shenanigans shall be aloof.

We based Lorraine on the coverart with some minor edits. Granted the first chapter is mostly a shitpost, dumb fun that will be treated seriously as we write more. The agoraphobia isn't exaggerated, it's a pair of introverts thrown into a situation they don't like in the slightest and would perfer to hole up and pretend the outside world doesn't exist, at least for a bit.

I might ask Sanguine if we should revise the first chapter but this was a spur-of-the-moment fic that we didn't really give much thought about until after we wrote it.

Also the characters recognized each other's voices, it just didn't click until the name drop. Think about it, if you're on a voice chat with someone at least everyday but you've never actually met, you wouldn't know it was them if you radomly bumped into them on the street. Granted, we'll do what we can to point this out in the fic with the next chapter when we get around to writing it, we have multiple projects going on at once so I'm not sure when we'll be able to work on this but expect a slower paced expository dump next chapter.

Thanks! I helped write it. This was mostly done for fun so excuse the shitpost-y nature of the first chapter.

The irreverent nature of it was one of the things I most enjoyed about it, actually. :scootangel:
Most RGRE stories take themselves too seriously or try too hard in my opinion. So the humorous tone of this one was very refreshing.
Good work, keep it up. :pinkiesmile:

Thank you, we plan on having fun with it. Though I personally will be trying to balance seriousness with pure shitpost shenanigans for future chapters. I'm glad people like it. Lorraine is my OC, my contribution to this fic was just working out what the luck dragon would say and do based on my own personality.

Cute and hilarious, will eagerly watch for more.

Okay, that description is worth a lot.

Pace is moving a bit fast, but part of its purpose is to burn through well-known tropes so that's understandable. A bit memey and self-aware, but not without potential. This could get rather interesting if it starts to develop a plot beyond just "this exists in order to stomp down RGRE". It can have it's own story while still doing that.

On the voice thing, I can get it. It was kinda how I met my first girlfriend after all! :rainbowlaugh:

Nice but yeah, we tried to hint at the fact that they'd spoken before just never face-to-face.

Omg i love this and need more

You originally had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. Can't wait to see more :pinkiehappy:

I'll say the random tag really fits this story. Xp
How tall is Lorraine in full luck dragon mode?

At full size she's around 10 feet tall. Pony-size she's about 3'8''. John it a pony form is about 4'6''. Smol bug form is 3 foot.

holy s****...this stuff is gooood. I like it.

Well shit Rainbow is gonna learn cultural differences the hard way

“Gilda!” John said in an almost happy tone as he slid off the bench to his hooves. “Wanna come over and play some video games? We got DOOM.”

Which one?
DOOM, DOOM 2, Ultimate DOOM, Final DOOM, DOOM 64, DOOM 3, DOOM 2016 or DOOM VFR?

I know there's a bunch more, but I'm only counting the ines that are actually WORTH mentioning.

Well at least SOME of the ponies are being reasonable about everything. Lyra and Pinkie for one actually politely asking "Hey, want to be in a Herd? No? Okay then." Them having parallels to earth media is interesting I must say, though Spike seems to be knowledgeable about human media if his bit about comics is anything to go by.

I see you are also a man of culture.

Love most of the DOOM games. Still waiting for Steam or GOG to get a port of 64.

DOOM 3 and VFR are trash, though, compared to the others.
DOOM3 is too... disconnected. It just didn't FEEL like a DOOM game.

VFR (for PSVR) was fine in oncept, but was executed poorly. Using the Move controllers forces you to use that vomit inducing 'teleport' mechanic. The Aim controller is disorienting, because it shows both hands separated, rather than being on the guns. And using the dualshock in VR is just stupid.
And that's not a 'just VR' thing.
Skyrim VR I played without getting headaches, because it let you choose how you move, teleport or walking.
Borderlands 2 VR didn't disorient, because ALL guns were held with BOTH of the character's hands, even the pistols, so it felt natural.
Why did DOOM VFR have to be stupid about it?

Very well done. Another great story from Sanguine.

I love well written RGRE stories. (harder to find than you think)

You've got another follower.

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