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its good to see you back

great job buddy,please keep writing more

Are you gonna finish any of you're old works?

Seeing your name on the front page is giving me some serious nostalgia. Love it.

He should shamelessly ravish her in front of Coco, Sassy, Sapphire, and Prim.

I have never been so intimidated by such masculinity

Naughty :)

Tiny typos:
Who knew you could get so filthy in the sea, I mean, its water for Celestia’s sake!
-it's water
This one joined it’s brother all the way in,
-its brother

Wow, blast from the past. Been awhile. Good to see you back and writing again. :twilightsmile:

Good to see more writing from you again. It was as excellent as always.

That was so good.

So good!

The part where they first broke character was good for a chuckle before going back to the good stuff. Very nice. :rainbowdetermined2:

There was an innate temptation to say ‘boop’ and lightly bonk her in the nose, but he had already goofed off once for this session.

I can't not laugh at that.

:trollestia: and that's how we lost half of Equestrias NAVY
:moustache: Going down with the ship...
:duck: You would think of that you nasty little dragon.
:moustache: mmmmmmm wood
:raritystarry: You're incorrigible
:moustache: Yea, That's why you love me.... and Mom's loaded with bits....
:trollestia: Yes Twilight it's your turn to do absolutely nothing for our little ponies
:moustache: or dragon...:rainbowlaugh:

Fantasic read as always! :D Good to see you writing again!

Well that was fun.

Glad to see your writing return

This was good.

Nice. So sad that canon-Rarity will never admit how much she wants that dragon cock. :raritystarry::moustache:

I never really left. Life! It sucks!


Oh I try, when I have the time...

Yes, at some point!


It did feel quite right. I know it needs to happen more often, hopefully I can make that happen.

Maybe <_<

Nor I by such a cute penguin.

And yet, naughty!

;) Also, thank you for pointing those out, even though I took forever to respond I did fix them immediately after you posted them. Always appreciate the extra eyes for mistakes.

I also approved, instantly, cause apparently I can do that now!

Why must you remind me I'm old!:raritycry: But yes, writing good!

I aim to please, and so do those two!

9455659 9455930
Like James Brown in here.

She is not amused by the boops during the sexy time! Also, having them break character was really one of the best decisions I made during this. It really pulled the whole loving couple thing together... right before super rough sex.

I missed this.

Tag, your turn!

Mwhahahahaha, I mean, yes, writing good.

9459469 With the last season around the corner, we just might see it. I have a list of things I never expected to see, but the CMC have Cutie Marks, Dash got into the Wonderbolts, and they straight up said that Scootaloo is unable to fly ever. They have shown a willingness to cross lines in plot advancement most wouldn't so we shall see.

Everything about this is right. Everything!

Sorry it took so long to get back to everyone, been busy as usual. Love you guys!

Spike and Rarity are MARRIED?!........ WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!! SPARITY ALL THE WAY!!!

I give this story a 20 out of 10!

lol, indeed they are. Of course considering who I am, not too much of a surprise I'm sure.

Love the story, and Sparity shipping.

When i first read it, i was surprised that the whole thing was an act. Although i think that makes it funnier

Personally, I found that how Spike broke the role play gave the whole thing a sense of realism. It just makes me laugh a bit, totally sexy fun moment, totally goof-balled up. Takes a real couple to have that kind of action and reaction so perfectly.

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