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It's been awhile since I've said a picture is hot, but...

DAT PIC! :twilightoops:

747165 I know, I got so lucky he happened to be taking requests when I went looking for cover art.

Buckin' awesome. :heart:

More I say! :flutterrage:

Man you sure do love your "double headed dragons" lol:pinkiehappy:

another great Sparity fromm the Cloud:yay:

That, is one lucky dragon

not bad friend
i look forward to more
if you would be so kind

747387hello fancy meeting you here.

1 word MORE :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Go on this story is mature_stuff_ha_567 approved

FUCK MAN! HOW CAN SPIKE HANDLE HIMSLEF? I would have to slam my head into a brick wall to stop myslef from doing anything.

So im guessing its going to end like this by monday night.


I was going to use a dirter pic but I dont want to get in troble for that.

747705yeah yeah you where never here got it.

748010 now dont get smart with me
or things can go very wrong for you

I enjoy this greatly. Please update soon!

need more

R.A.S (rarity and spike for short) it finger lickin good:pinkiehappy:

SPARITY!!!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
PS i need a chapter two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

747141 :raritystarry:

747164>>747333>>747387>>747762>>747931>>748055>>748233>>748476 There will be more and it will "go on" :raritywink:

747167>>747219>>748381>>747375 I agree :moustache:

747336 Somethings are too kinky to ever really let go. I am so happy my avatar actually works and now people will understand the Cloud in my name is Cloud Strife from FF7 and not the fluffy kind in the sky.

747600 This is now 21% cooler

747931 Yay, approval!

747959 Yea, a more innocent and reserved Spike is not my usual Spike. Still some folks mentioned an intrest in it on Rarity's Punishment and it got the mind working. 747975 Not quite that clean indeed. I do love that picture.

Thank you everyone! It's nice to see so much love and attention on one of my stories and I really appreciate it. It is for the fans that we the fan fiction writers write after all :moustache:


You certainly like to wait out the comments before replying back

748729 I posted this and had to leave for 5 hours. I was anxious about it the whole time and then I came back to 81 notifications was like DAMN! I usually answer right away though :scootangel: It is nice to be able to group together similar commenters though leaves the page a lot cleaner over all.


I suppose that makes sense. Question: have you ever considered branching out into different pairings besides SpikexRarity?

748758 Disclestia has always interested me clop and romance wise. I will never be doing clop for lesbian couples, not because its not hot, but because I have no idea outside of porn what those are really like being a guy. Hetero couples I at least have the guys end of things and the confidence in the matter to do the girls end. The problem there is that there aren't a lot of hetero couples I like, to be fair there aren't a lot of lesbian couples I like either, and I'm not gay so no go. I also think a lot of popular ships are coated in gasoline and waiting for a match to drop. Spike and His Six Lovely Ladies is a nice way for me to do all the girls in clop, toss in some 3 way pairings, and still meet my penis quota.

Although I will say I have been mauling over a none clop epic action adventure story it wouldn't be super thick on the romance but everyone one of the mane 6 and the two princess would be paired by the end of it. Some with OCs and other with cannon ponies. Spike and Rarity are an obvious couple for that one considering it's me and all.

You need to make a new Sparity fic every two days because if you don't I'll be sad.

748880 I'm pretty sure the other fics would never get updated :twilightsheepish: and then I'd be mauled to death by crazed readers --> :flutterrage: :pinkiecrazy: :ajbemused: and I'd be all --->:rainbowderp:

748758 Bulk of conversation reposted on my personal page we may continue there. For those interested on our ramblings its about TwiMac.

Much much better! :raritystarry:

It's really nice to see Spike start out in this innocent character. That's what makes him different from other dragons after all, the fact that he's so compassionate. But I am looking forward to seeing him unleash his greedy side by the end of the story of course.

I'm going down the list of some notes I took here:

In the beginning, when Rarity speaks to Twilight Sparkle. You'd want to have her compliment the dress, then move on to business. That's the way most meetings go: small talk to get comfortable, then business.

This is something I see in a lot of fics, but about point of view: If you're going to switch it from character to character, try to keep it the same until you switch scenes. For instance, you could have the whole scene where Rarity undresses come from Spike's POV, so we only know what he's thinking as he's looking at her underwear and noticing that they're wet. Page break to indicate a change of scenery, we're now hearing Rarity think to herself about how disappointed Rarity is that Spike didn't catch on to how aroused she was, all while she's making his dinner.

Also remember that not only can you utilize monologue's, but also inner monologues. So when Twilight was going on about how she tricked Rarity, the sentence might look like "Too easy; just have to know which buttons to push" Twilight said to herself. I hope Spike appreciate's this chance to show Rarity how hard it is to wait on someone hand in hoof... Italics are usually used in a story to indicate thinking to themselves, as long as there are no quotation marks.

I'm actually looking forward to reading the rest of this. It's pretty hot, and I'm not usually even into anthro. :moustache:

:moustache:.......You have my attention...

748021 oh hello buddy ol pal

:yay:yay for clop

749081 Well that's the point of Rarity mentioning the restaurant as a nice spot. Twilight's a bit more straight to business, in my opinion at least.

I have this strange obsession with omnipotent knowledge. Spike and Rarity are emotionally and mentally at ends with each other, so I felt that keeping singular perspective for a scene would rob the reader of the depths of their emotions. I will say that it can feel overwhelming if done badly but I find that instead of swapping every thought that if I kept the thought process for the scene in one characters view and then showed the scene from the others it would keep it cleaner, easier, and more natural and comfortable. There are some singular scenes obviously Rarity making dinner and then Spike on the couch for example. I was taught in High School, at some point or another, that you should use transition sentences over page breaks or scene breaks. And much like proper semi-colon usage it really stuck with me, even if everything else went out the damn window.

You see a lot of internal dialogue with Spike and Rarity. I didn't use italics because I felt that it would hurt the emphases held by the other italicized words in the story. Twilight thinks out loud, it's something you see in a lot of intelligent people. It's easier to really think about something when it's not stuck in your head with 1000 other thoughts. Plus some things sound way better in your head then they do out of it.

Thank you for your opinion and honesty. It is hot and the nice thing about anthro from a clop writer and readers perspective, all the fun of furry with BOOBS, GLORIOUS BOOBS!

749100 Attention captured! :eeyup:

749165 yay indeed! :yay:

Okay, I see where you're coming from on transition sentences over page breaks. In some instances, like the space between a few minutes and taking place within the same location, that's fine. But when you switch from Twilight and Rarity talking on the outside patio to Spike being in Rarity's home, that's going to need a page break. I had to reread that paragraph to figure out that Twilight's part was over and we were in a completely new location.

I guess it's just a personal tick then: I'm the only one on the site who doesn't care for alternating POV's. Feels bad, pony. :raritydespair:

749165 you never saw me
i was never here

749222 Meh, if everyone was the same the world would be boring. Yea my proofreader yelled at me for it to. I hoped the knocks would be a written form of scene change. Mayhap, I struck out there.

749235 Oh, it's not the biggest deal in the world. I just prefer to limit the perspective from scene to scene in my own stories because it incorporates a sense of mystery. If one character starts crying or they get mad suddenly, the question on the reader's mind is "Why are they upset?" And that becomes the big focal point at the moment, figuring out what upset this character.

Not sure if you've read my Chronicles story (It's Twilestia, no Sparity at all so I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't) but for that story I stay completely in Celestia's head. If the reader knew what the other characters were thinking, it would have ruined the story, especially for the first chapter.

Anyway, I've berated you enough. Keep it up. :raritywink:

749225 i see everything


749282 sometimes there are things i see i wish i didn't see :pinkiesick:

749288 oh you
dont lie
i know you like my body

749290 it aint gay its bi-sexual

749360 how ever you sleep at night babe

749360>>749368 /SMACK don't make me get the sleepy time bat.

749372 oh shit!
the author is on to us!




749263 Twilestia so cute though, but no I haven't. Most likely its on my to read list. Here though we'd lose a lot if it only came from one of their perspectives. Spike's progression sexually would be incredibly lacking. Rarity's reasoning behind her actions and why she's doing them would be out the door entirely. I have to move them both towards the end game, like chess.

I just checked, yes, yes it is. Molestia fun ftw.

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