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Everyone is filled with their own constant fears that they keep from the world, either because of bravery or fear of reception, but those fears will never be quelled if we do not trust in the voices of our caring friends. Storm King was defeated, but Spike still has nightmares about the opposite occurring.

Commission for yodajax10.

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Comments ( 8 )

Daawww~~~ you make really great fic's.

B_25 #2 · March 13th · · ·

And you're a great person.

An adorable scene. Very good sharing of feelings and the importance of knowing it is okay to let your guard down so you can be helped. After all you cannot help others if you can't help yourself. Spike needed help and now he'll be in a better place to process his feelings, rid of himself of the nightmares, and aid Tempest in her friendship studies. :)

Spike and Tempest? That's a pairing we want to see.

I'd rather Spike be untrustworthy of Temptest after everything she had done.

It's not really being made fun of, as it was being feared, that happened to Tempy in her youth. Even so, it's still a sweet fic as a whole. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::yay::eeyup:

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