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Sunset does not like Timber Spruce. And she's going to do everything in her power to stop him and Twilight from ending up together.

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uuuggghh not a fan of this story sorry.

Haven't read the story yet, but seeing this in my feed gave me a brainfart.

Timber Spruce I do not like,
For Twilight's virginity I shall fight,
Their romance I shall impair,
No way he's sticking his dick in there!

(I promise I'll read this when I wake up tomorrow, sorry for the useless comment)

Tenka #3 · Sep 26th, 2017 · · 1 ·


Ya i agree.
Not funny, story was boring to, sorry thenewyorkborny

Okay, this was cute ^^
And made me want to comb my own google docs. Never know what you may find... I'm glad you posted this

Oh my gosh thats brilliant

-shrugs- they can't all be winners.

Sunset cleared her throat, and began. “Once upon a time, there was a pesky camp counselor who wouldn’t stop hitting on one of his underaged campers. One day, he tried to get in her pants and died. The end.” she had been staring at Timber the entire time, who had been sweating profusely.

Best story ever!

Don't get me wrong it's nice idea, and did think be great, jsut makes Sunset look like a ass, or possive jerk.
She alsmost seem like...Kuno from Ranma 1/2 in a way...SHUDDERS!

Seems like she's back to first personality(not that I'm complaining). Also, I can buy the fact Twilight wouldn't know about... well that considering what's she's been though. I did notice one issue in this story. Like mine, Sunset doesn't seem(from the readers POV) to consider Twilight's feeling in all this(albeit, done better here). Also, if I may ask, how old is everyone in this? If we're going by Camp Everfree's continuity, I'd have to assume 18 but I could be wrong. Otherwise, it's more about jealousy rather then being morally wrong. Of course, that's just me. Still a great story.

Nah its okay. :) i get what you mean

:rainbowlaugh: Flash can't even get any "fuck anything to boost my ego" sex.

Interesting story, but not a fan of the execution. Sunset seems like an ass. It would be easier to understand where sunset was coming from if she was speaking from experience. Like if she was taken advantage of by someone (possibly Flash) when she first came here. It's just a thought however.

Oh, wow. That was certainly something.

Nobody likes Flash, lol.

8450214 Was that refereed to me?

Upvoted just because of the subject matter alone.

Screw Timber.

I'm not the biggest sunlight shipper but I'm all for anything that stops Timbertwi from happening

8450335 Ah. Well, what I said earlier still stands so there's that.

Sunset considered it for a moment, but then she remembered how much she really didn’t like him, and rolled over. “Nah, you’re good bro.”

Still pissy that he dumped you eh?

Yeah, as much as I dislike the Timber/Twilight relationship because of the age difference, Sunset was being a definite ass and acting far too clingy to Twilight for me to like her here. She's actually fairly creepy and dare I say it, sociopathic here. So no, just no.

Instant fav cuz "F#?_$ you Timber", that's why xD

That and SciTwi x Sunset

i like that you had sunset point out the underaged thing timber is just creepy to me

even if he is the same age (which makes no sense as he is helping run a camp) as the girls he still should not be flirting with campers

why is the male councilor in charge of the girls any ways that is just asking for problems

I'm not one for shipping in either universe (expect for...one...), but this was a great read!
Well done, mate!

So after seeing Sunset spend the better part of the day hitting on Twilight, Flash's plan is to go up to her and proposition her right outside of Twilight 's tent.. Yeah, that's about the intelligence level I've come to expect from him.

I keep forgoting that Timber is at least 18. Also I'm pretty sure Pony Twilight is projecting her attraction to the Pony Flash. Just saying.

This was fucking amazing. I died of laughter when Sunset told her "story" lmao

I personally don't really have much against SpruceLight other than the age difference, and I actually am kind of a fan of SunFlash ever since reading JayTheBrony's stories. :applejackunsure:

But eww, why would you do that?

Sunset saw Timber Spruce, Gloriosa Daisy’s brother, talking to Twilight and frowned. They were nerding out over something, gems or whatever. Great. Another guy trying to get in Twilight’s pants. At least this one wasn't creepily obsessed with her double.

Which is kinda ironic, given that Sunset seems to be creepily obsessed with Twilight herself.

“Twilight, I was interfering with him making moves on you because you should be dating me, not that loser!” Sunset insisted.

I wonder if she took into account a tiny possibility that Twilight may be, like, straight. No wonder Twilight prefers to spend time with Spike – everyone who's into her seems to be a bit unhinged (and now I'm imagining Flash, Timber, and Sunset drowning their sorrows over being rejected together).

8450975 The whole Pony Twilight/Flash attraction thing is another can of worms that I'm sure even Sunset doesn't want to open.

Just as long as it isn't one sided you know. I don't want to read that Flash is deemed creepy for liking the wrong Twilight only for the Pony Twilight to be attracted to pony Flash you know.

Ha cockblock shimmer got blocked! Nobody wins! XD

And the moral of the story is to let your friends make their own decisions. Especially regarding romantic matters. Otherwise...

Well, at least Sunset gets to sleep under the stars. Just not with them. :twilightangry2:

8451436but what evidence there is even an age difference? For all we know the age requirements for camp counselor might be lower. I mean this an alternatie version of Equestria and also common sense should tell people(fans) that Hasbro wouldn't have an older guy date and teenager possibly 17-18. It just seem like most of the time shippers pull out asinine reason to try and sink ships they don't like ie straight.

This is Equestria girls. Your trying to apply real world logic and laws to a world where everything is solved with friendship. I'm just saying it never seems to cross any ones mind that maybe the age requirements for camp counselor is lower than that in the real world.

Here you go guys timber spruce is not over 20.
Ishi Rudell (2017-05-01). Ishi Rudell on Twitter: "@SeanHorace 17-18". Twitter

even if he is not and adult its still an abuse of power for a counselor to flirt with a camper

timber is a creep end of story

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