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I think Twilight's best pony because I relate to her the best.


This is what happens when a fanfiction writer and FlashLight shipper misses out on the first seven eighths of Ant-Man and then, watches the entirety of Ant-Man and the Wasp with her siblings one weekend. She stumbles into a rather old meme and thinks, "Gee, what would happen if I combined my OTP with this meme?" Fair warning, if you haven't seen either of the Ant-Man movies, the humor might go over your heads. Unless you're Drax. :ajsmug:

Pre-read by Foxhelm and SuperSonicHeroes. Thanks guys!

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When I read the title, I was like: Heck yes!
Then I read the description, and I was like: Dang, this looks like a good story.
Now that I've read the story, I'm like: I didn't know I needed this in my life.

And yes, I've read the entire thing in Luis' voice.:raritywink:

Okay, I get the Pony in A Nutshell refences, but I seem to have missed the Toy Story one

They’re all like, “Make Canterlot High awesome again with friendship and stuff.”

You could say Friendship will Make Canterlot High Great Again... hah, hah


I'll see myself out.


And Twilight is all, “You saved my life. I’m eternally grateful.”

Oh.... now i feel stupid

What is this meme?

It goes by several names. "Luis recaps MCU," "I want Luis to narrate my life," "Luis recaps stuff," "Luis narrates stuff," "As told by Luis," you get the idea.

Just a fun and silly story. I find it amusing that the reactions are very accurate to what fans were thinking. Glad I could help.

I will begin reading the thing now

I read the thing.

Well, somebody obviously has some feelings about Flash. I've never actually seen a real Flash fan, so out of curiosity, I'd like to offer you a challenge (please don't take this as an argument): Describe his personality. As much detail as you can. Everything you know about him. Because I seriously can't see much personality in him at all, but if you can convince me he's interesting, I'll join you as a fan and maybe even as a shipper.

Me when I saw this fic

In all seriousness though I loved this, you got Luis's story structure (or lack there of) perfectly.

Personally I'm OK with Sci-Twi dating Timber simply because Flash liked Princess Twilight and while they look and act a lot alike they are still different, but that's just me (still loved the story though)


Flash actually has a small albeit dedicated following.

I have noticed that the overwhelming majority of it are made up of girls. come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen a male Flash Sentry fan... Husbando material, perhaps?

Foxhelm and Banshee531 are guys. Also, I'm 99% sure SuperSonicHeroes is a guy. For me personally, I liked him because he reminded me of my guy friends from college, kind, humble, and seemingly unremarkable but nevertheless important. Admittedly, those adjectives can be used to describe guys who are husbando material.

Well then, I stand corrected. :twilightsheepish:
And there's something to be said about unobtrusive and seemingly bland characters. Not everyone has to be quirky or eccentric. For some characters it's the fan base that gives them their personality.

Lol laughing soo hard right cause i watched both movies

Reading this story was like remembering my own thoughts. At the end of it I couldn't help but remember a quote from Silver Quills Amending Fences review. 'Away from me o demon, my mind is not your playground.'

:applejackunsure: Who's the demon? Me or Hasbro? I'm assuming you're referring to Hasbro, but that wasn't really clear. :applejackunsure:

9358401 Whoever wrote this is the demon, for it's almost like it was written by reading my head and writing down they thoughts.

Haha! :rainbowlaugh: I have finally successfully (albeit unintentionally) read your mind. I mean, there was that one other time, but I'm not sure if that counted, but oh well. :twilightsmile:

:ajbemused: You must really not like having your mind read if you're going to be calling me a demon over it (teehee). :rainbowlaugh:

9358476 I just like my privacy. If you can't keep you're own thoughts a secret then you might as well sing everything that pops into you head form the rooftops. :rainbowlaugh:

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