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Time moves eternal. Those who were young become old, those who are children, become parents and in the fullness of time, parents of parents.

It's Grampa Neb's birthday and all the family will be there. For Twilight Sparkle, it's a chance to put things in perspective.

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Soft and emotionally evocative. The gentle—and then horrible, though bless their hearts not yet—cycle of generations all summed up in one tidy hilltop home. Briefly, my family had some 5 generations living at the same time, and we managed to get a picture to commemorate the event. It was lovely.

ooh wonder if you can ponify the picture?

Cute and heartwarming as :yay:

His health must be really bad for him to be coughing with a raspy breath like that. I have an uncle in his early seventies that's still riding his bike through the country and state.

Understated in its loveliness, which is precisely the point. This brought some fond nostalgia to mind. Thank you for it.

Utterly charming... loved the feeling of family this generates, from Twilight's recollections to Flurry Heart's spit!

There are no words needed. This is beautiful all by itself.

Ah, a mere 70 years. My father is that old.

And he still fixes his car by himself and works construction.

My mother, on the other hand, developed sudden dementia at age 64.

Genetics is like a game of craps.

All I can say is well done.

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