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With a fire in front and stars way above, with cider so crisp and a feeling of love.
Time to enjoy, with good company
where sweet nothing happens
and happens
so nicely.

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Ambion, a part of me wants to respond to this story with some long critique thing that you oh-so-beautifully produce. However, I can sum my feels up on this story with one word. In this case, I'll opt for two to be a bit more descriptive.

Incredibly warm.

A nice scene. Short and sweet. Like a smore.

8174164 how could i top that description. With just two words you described exactly how this story made me feel- incredibly warm

I just want to cuddle up with this story and take a nap. So cute, so artfully constructed, and just so... chill. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

The writing here reads like Applejack's special reserve cider tastes. Perfection, and just the kind of story this night needed.


I'm glad people have been enjoying this. It's a silly little thing, meant just to make you smile. :twilightsheepish:

Loved it! Loved the comraderie (and more) inherent in the group, the atmosphere of it all, the characterization and the warmth with which the friends all viewed the romantic potential energy buzzing between the other two ponies. And the descriptions of Fluttershy's softness. Great stuff!

Nice mix of atmosphere, mood, and sensuality here. I very much enjoyed. Thanks for sharing!

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