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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.

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If this was any other story genre other than porn, I would not forgive Luna for what she pulled. That was a dick move right there, removing Dusk's memories and practically raping him. Honestly, even with the story genre I can't forgive her for that. That kind of thing is simply inexcusable.

i can only say that if someone messed with my mind to steal memories from me it'd take more than sexual favours to sate my fury.

those are my memories to forget.

Was fun to work with you!!

I hope we can do this more often in the future!


ID for the cover art plez?

8184084 Should be ID485686

this story line is super good and I loved reading it.
and if this is truly the end to the series this is the proper way to do it, with a vary strong story.

8183641 Oh, be real. You wouldn't even remember what you had forgotten to be angry about. That was your past self's problem, and face it, that guy is an asshole. Your present and future self's are being offered Luna's sexual favors for shit you don't even remember happening. You have no reason to be upset about this situation.

Oh, and this one is for the author:

After months of both arduous pregnancy, the birth of her foals, and the care of the two newborn royal twins. Not to mention with some convincing from her still heavily pregnant sister. Princess Luna finally comes to realize that the plan to have offspring to keep as secret rulers should she, and all of Equestria's rules ever all again was never going to work as she had planned.

After months of arduous pregnancy, the birth of her foals, and the care of the two newborn royal twins (Not to mention with some convincing from her still heavily pregnant sister), Princess Luna finally comes to realize that her plan to have her offspring become secret rulers (should she and all of Equestria's rulers ever be kidnapped or otherwise incapacitated again) was never going to work as she had planned.

Luna's 4 month old children can talk. Get it's for story reasons (magical talking pones yo), still a bit jarring for me. All and all though, neat story.

8184943 uh, no? i'd be pissed someone had messed with my mind, that shit is off limits. there is no relationship that can work in such conditions there would always be that fear that she was willing to do it once she could do it again.

8187510 Yep, she did it once, she could do it again. But she could do it whether or not you forgave her. When you're dealing with a being like that, you can't really just enforce your will, you more or less have to ask her not to do it again and trust that she hasn't ten times already because you got pissed at her.

In this scenario, your mistake was getting involved with her at all, because after that, your reality is now hers to shape.

Welcome to Groundhog Day. Luna is Bill Murray, you are Andie MacDowell. She'll just keep trying till she finds a way to explain that doesn't get you angry.

Yet, instinct was taking over and the desire to be bread was coming back to her in full force.

Yes I see it now! We all have the burning, undeniable need to be loaves of bread!
It's all so clear now!

8187644 Of course! That's why they refer to it as having a bun in the oven!

8187618 luna would die of old age before she succeeded in that.

8188788 Heh. And you'd be dust at her hooves, never having known what she couldn't tell you, blissfully unaware of the memories she couldn't give back to you because of your unrelenting rage.

It's an awfully good thing her beau is not you, eh?

I'm kind of disappointed he forgave her that easily. If I knew someone had taken my memories, and of my own kids no less I'd be way beyond pissed.

Not bad, a little boring in as much as with this set up I would've expected something kinkier, along with a mention of them marrying towards the end, but over all, not bad.

8188965 It helps that he basically worships her to start with. From the depiction given, if she'd asked him for permission to take those memories from him, he would have given it. He's upset because she didn't, and in doing so she took his children from him as well. It all comes back to consent. The sex was very consensual, the memory wipe was not.

8188807 nah man i'm immortal. i am immortal until i'm suddenly not.

and i like my fury i use it as fuel, i pour it into everything i make. makes for a good steak.

8192250 :rainbowlaugh: You do you, and good on you for it.

Pity there isn't a Twilight one

I wanted to enjoy the story, and the clop - I really did! - but I spent too much of my time laughing. The story is good, but it needs another editing pass to find and fix all the little mistakes where alternate words were used instead of the intended ones. The one that really broke me was the first here:

Yet, instinct was taking over and the desire to be breadbred was coming back to her in full force. (Bread... Luna loaf... :rainbowlaugh:)

...squeezed tinglytightly in tangenttandem with his hard thrusts.

...and beardedbared her teeth as she felt him unleash... (Come one, come all, to see the great bearded teeth! :rainbowlaugh:)

...drawn out moan that she felt the tickingtickling kiss of his bulging tip...

...all Luna could think was how much she'd loved to be filedfilled like that... (Into the cabinet with you, Luna! :rainbowlaugh:)

...this time he's be there to tend to her honey(????) needs...

...she felt his swollen balls bouncing against rippingrippling flesh of her plump, royal butt... (Ow...)

...she continued with her timid, subjected rollrole...

...she coated his throbbing letchlength and crotch... (His pee-pee is lecherous, naturally. Isn't everypony's? :rainbowlaugh:)

...would only make their lives even worse. stain t(????) you did is wrong...

And that's just the stuff before the scene break and after I decided to step in. The rest of the story needs going over, but I'm not in the right mood at the moment. :raritywink: There were definitely a couple places with solitary E's floating in between words.

Anyways. Was good, regardless. :twilightsmile:

8203857 Yeah, you're right. I was really stuggling to find and editor on this one that could actault do it propperly. Nevertheless, the story had just been re-edited, so it should be a lot better to read now.

8203857 I recently finished editing and adding to this story, so it should be updated soonish with the (dare I say vastly) improved/edited version.

...and no more desires to be bread. :rainbowlaugh:

"They were both just so captivated looking out of the window when they were in this chamber me today, and then Aurora asked if they could go outside and...well, I don't know what came over me when I said yes."

Celestia said, and Luna solemnly bowed her head, as she looking back her sister.

From the looks of their fangs and ears, both werebat pony foals

Yet, Lunawas not laughing even as he’d seemingly uncovered her prank, and had instead started crying. 

I sealed your memories behind a magical barrier the moment the after we mated

Dawn could recall now how Luna enticed him into her room


"That, this...what kind of stick joke is this!? 

A very bad stick joke as it doesnt involve sticks i guess. :trollestia:

That, in reality, was one of his dreams; to meet a pretty mare, settle down with marry her, and have a family.

was it just her or did it look evenlarger than the last time? 

I'd be so mad at you right now for making forget just how hot you really are for so long!"

Nevertheless, Luna’s remorse was short lived as she felt along tingle pass along her spine,

and right now she really did wonder if it truly was was bigger then she remembered. It sure felt bugger.

Luna remembered that had asked her sister why either of them should just stop at one pregnancy. The only difference was this time is what there was no underlying ambition

Wincing slightly at the minor discomfort, Luna laughed and shook her head."No, Nocturne, I would never even dream of doing anything to hurt you," she assured them, and

Just stops like that then next paragraph

Yep, I just got off shift and I'm going to sleep too,

off my shift

"Do you want me to come with the tower with you again?"

Whelp, that was a ride, but just because the clopfics ended doesnt mean you cant write non clop about the lives of  Aurora, Solar Beam, Nocturne and whoever Luna woud give birth to.

Also when will the princesses swap partners. :trollestia:

I still think it was a bad idea for them to both be mothers at the same time. They simply have too many responsibilities to do so. In fact it makes a lot of sense now to try this. Before Celestia couldn't because she was the only queen on the throne so she had nopony to cover for her. Now however they do.

>we...we willll
-A lot of willlllllll there ?

>the honer

Rape, raped, rapist, rape, rape, rape, rape, rape... YES ! OK ! WE FUCKING KNOW ! Stop overblowing this and hammering it with a 50Tons anvil ! Gods damnit... -_-

(paraphrasing the character) ''She took my memories, after we had sex and- raaaaaaape''
...Siiiiigh. You can easily picture a 'wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man' every time the author throws the word in this story.
It's like the author didn't really know how to exactly handle the idea of 'taking someone's memory after having sex' and just oversimplified it and went for the ''big, shiny, shocking word'' to stick on it.

Just quite annoyed at how it was handled, I must say.

Ok this is interesting.
1st story, like number 450.
2nd story, like number 250.
3rd story, like number 149.
While not exact it is still close enough to mention. A coincidence that would make Pinkie pie proud.:pinkiehappy:

If this was me in this situation I would call off the relationship, tell her to give me the children, and move away from canterlot. If she says she’ll do anything to “make this right.” then she isn’t gonna deny giving me the foals.

I believe in the whole “You’re gonna steal from me, them I’m gonna steal from you” thing. In this case if Luna’s gonna steal my memories, and try to forever keep me from my children.

Then I’m gonna take my children back and she won’t see them again, it’s harsh circular karma.

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