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So cheating on her spouse not regratable

.......Maybe a sequel where Twilight Velvet moves in with the princesses and divorces Night Light

8013839 I do plan on doing a sequel but I really don't want to spoil what I have planned.

8013798 In the eyes of Velvet, the way things are going cheating on Night Light with the princesses is far from regrettable.

8013868 Thanks and nice avatar you have there.

8013875 ha yeah im from the south. and your welcome.

Oh joy, more of the "screw my vows to my spouse, I NEED to fuck" trope. Sorry, but I ain't exactly rooting for someone who's willing to cheat on their SO just to get their rocks off.

Yes, Velvet, believe it or not, sometimes your husband might not be in the mood for sex, and there's nothing wrong with that! If you're that damn horny, masturbate. Use a vibrator. Anything else other than cheating on your husband, you nympho c:yay::yay:t.



I'm really not a fan of clopfics depicting Twilight Velvet as this adulterous, cheating bitch who cheats on Night Light because he's this "tiny-penis-couldn't-pleasure-a-mare-loser/cuckold" that most clopfics tend to write the poor stallion as.

And not even the clop itself is that great either.

Same for the ones with Cup Cake and Carrot Cake. I'd imagine if a list was made there'd be more fics with the couples cheating than being together in clopfics focused on them.


It's the whole "I need sex" part that gets me. Like... girl, if one night without sex has you screaming at your poor husband before storming off to cheat on him, you've got far bigger problems than not getting laid.


Sadly true. The only canon couple that tend to have a bit more clopfics of them being faithful to one another is oddly enough the royal couple (Shining Armor/Princess Cadence) albeit in a more "fetish-y" way to say the least, usually more of either Shining or Cadence (mostly the former) banging other mares and/or stallions with approval from one another. Though I've grown a bit tired of how many clopfics depict Cadence as a cuckquean/voyeur fetishist who get little action if any let alone getting off of seeing Shining fucking his sister/mother/etc.


Which is why I like clopfics of married couples having an open relationship/consensual swinging and partner swapping because all of the parties tend to have drama-free sexy times. Which is why I also commission most of the clopfics involving married couples having sex with one another with some added kinky fetishes foot fetish, big penis, cum inflation being one of my favourites.

Edit: Thanks to whoever downvoted me. I really appreciate it. :pinkiecrazy:

I must say, this is an interesting story. I was kind of hoping that you'd have Twilight Velvet divorce Night Light and move in with the princesses. This story is screaming "I want a sequel" and I do hope you write one. It seems like Luna is in love and is afraid to admit it.

Don't let the "poor Night Light" folks get to you. Personally I like Twilight Velvet being depicted like this (well as long as she goes after mares). But then again I like most of your shipping stories because they contain lesbian couples, the best kind of couples.

One the problems I have with the fan base is that a loyal marriage is almost taboo, in fact that I would like to see a fic in which the royals roast someone over the coals for violating one of the core values of their socity.

No hetro is the best

You know what my problem is?

It's the intense double-standard. Twilight Velvet is a selfish, lying, cheating, violent bitch who gets everything handed to her. She gets Luna after lying about what happened (she said they had a fight, when it was her hitting him several times before he even made a hint of maybe defending himself!). And that is somehow less bad than him just not being in the mood?

No. Screw that.

Night Light should divorce her. He's a victim of domestic abuse. He should divorce her, and she should be arrested.

8014084 pretty sure there's already art of that, only instead it involve Applebloom.
why is it people have a problem with lolicon and not cannibalism? gore of any kind really.


why is it people have a problem with lolicon and not cannibalism? gore of any kind really.

Here is the thing, foalcon or anything lewd involving underage ponies in the eyes of some is pedophilia, myself included. Naturally pedophilia is one of those things that people across the world detest.

Cannibalism does not involve sexual activities between two minors or a minor and an adult. Yes in the eyes of some cannibalism is a taboo subject but I have nothing against it as it has shown up in some of my stories....particularly my "Colgate's Practice" series.

8014429 but these characters are not real so age should not be an issue

8014475 Even in the eyes of Knighty stories involving sexual relations between adults and minors involving human and anthro characters will be rejected. I don't do them because I don't like the idea of minors engaging in sexual activities. I know they are fictional characters but still, many people frown upon it.

8014528 what if its just between 2 minors? no adults,

If it involves a minor, be it anthro or humanized (not feral), site rules state that toes the nebulous line of fetishizing children, even stories that might involve normal experimentation and body exploration that many teens and preteens go through. That opens up possible legal troubles under distribution of child pornography. Even if that rule did not exist, it is very unlikely site staff will be prosecuted, but the rule is there regardless.

8014568 What Journeyman said.


Though I've grown a bit tired of how many clopfics depict Cadence as a cuckquean/voyeur fetishist who get little action if any let alone getting off of seeing Shining fucking his sister/mother/etc.

I agree with you on that one. I do think Cadence deserves better although given that I write her as bi and her primary benefactor is Celestia, I'm sure plenty of people would dislike that as well....and I do despise seeing Shining Armor screwing Twily and Velvet.

8013848 I don't like this story for many reasons but the main reason you don't like this is how you are writing this you make your main character seems like the person who is the problem. are you showed us that night light is he been having a problem with sex while another hand Twilight velvet is actively cheating and actually hitting him waiting to her son is away to sleep with his wife you are showing us Twilight velvet is a problem, not night light.

I say this needs a sequel.

8076817 Once I rest my mind for a few days after finishing "Sweetie Belle's New Experiences" I'm thinking of starting one.

8076829 Yeah this ended so abruptly that it kinda needs it and deserves it. This is good.

Yeah I can see why this got dislikes beside the fact that most of the characters are unlikeable the only one likeable gets the shit and that's night light cause he wasn't in the mood one night dear god the humanity he didn't want sex that moment and the princess and his wife calls him a colt and is being a baby for thinking of a sport he wants to see but really she has the temper tantrum from his reaction really she should be called out on this and really I can see night light being pissed I award this story 2/11

Hmmm, with comments like those, maybe it deserves a read...:trixieshiftright:

error I just found
Velvet wrapped her arms around Velvet's flank, pressed her face in further and began to suck harder. Velvet began to grind herself up against Luna moaning, "Oh Luna, Oh Luna, Oh Luna!"

This doesn't have the porn tag, but reads like it needs "porn logic" to make any sense at all. This feels like someone who never experienced other human beings before had them described by someone who also had no experience with them and was going off of what a third person told them based on watching porn only.

The last chapter you have Velvet and Night get into yet another fight. Complete with horn lasers. Velvet shoots her husband with "immense energy" and burns him. Instead of reacting at all, he goes back to watching TV.

The story is just filled with little things like that. It's like you have some vague idea of what people are, but you're missing about 70% or more.

I'd suggest you try to find some real people and interact with them for a few years and try to fit in. Learn how they interact with each other. How they think. How they express love or react to pain.

If your intention was to get the reader to side with Night Light in this series, you've absolutely succeeded. Twilight Velvet is the definition of abusive partner, assaulting her husband repeatedly because he doesn't want to have sex and then twisting the story round to make her husband the nasty one (which sadly happens in real life; my mother, when she worked as a lawyer, had to deal with such a case). I haven't looked at the other stories yet, but Night Light has good grounds for divorce here under the unreasonable behaviour clause of the Divorce Act.


You'll enjoy the third story of this then.....it winds up going good for him.

I've read the full series now. Velvet got what she deserved.

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