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Clop and furry porn writer. Bisexual. Favorite ponies to write are Discord, Shining Armor, and the Cakes. Married to a lovely artist.

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Erotic, romantic, sweet and spicy. Great job. :ajsmug:

Inspiration truly can come from anywhere.

I wouldn't write anything for Mr. Ghostman if I were you, dude. Anything you throw his way just goes right through him.

(waits patiently for people to get the joke and applaud his witty and zany humor)

Thank you so much for this Hardcover. :heart:


*applauds* :rainbowkiss:

6428858 See, that'd be funnier if your avatar wasn't that.

But you get an A for making an effort I guess.

(slowly claps)

But...don't the Oranges live in Manehattan?


That was amazing very erotic. The foot fetish parts were great.
Love the you used twilights parents they need more love.

A very sweet clop with a knack for getting in the characters heads.

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