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Tail? Why would you look at that? I'm more interested in what it's attached to.

Oh wow this is GREAT. I've always wanted to see Celestia do something with her tail. Most people who write clop never take advantage of unique pony parts, I think it's very creative and half past time people made use of that ethereal appendage.

Bring that booty!


I mean I guess the tail is pretty hot in the sense that it's covering up her plothole, but more as a tease kinda thing surely ^^, to each their own though

6308952 agreed but a little change might be interesting

perform wreak all kinds of havoc.

Evil Celestia, (malicious chuckle):pinkiecrazy:


Is it bad that I like this?

6426300 I think I feel the same way.

It was good, but the sudden Evil!Celestia seriously lowered the enjoyment. :applejackunsure:

Seriously, there was so much that could have been done after he walked away. She could have gone back to him and said that she was still teasing him, and not being serious about actually not giving him any choice in the matter. There were so many possibilities, and we get Celestia doing a 180 in personality? This was so well written, and the descriptions were really well done, but the characterization at the end was really disappointing. I'm sorry if this is being harsh, but this happens so often in stories I start to enjoy. Out of nowhere, the characters do something utterly bizarre. Not only that, but this is perhaps the only fic I've seen with a tail focus.

Is there any chance you would do an alternate timeline or something similar to that idea, where she doesn't go all slave crazy?

6441153 That kind of thing can happen with commissions. And I'm not sure I would say she has a mind to enslave him. She's intimidating him, threatening him even, but the likelihood that she would actually go through in harming him is pretty low. It's a domination slant, not an evil slant necessarily.

I tend not to put too much stock into commissions once they're finished, so I doubt I'll ever do anything with this specific story again. I'm open to writing more Celestia and more tails, but I'd probably have to be paid to do it, or otherwise motivated. It's certainly possible. My prices are pretty damn low at the moment.

As much as I guess the guard is happy.. its rather strange to see a very grey recruitment. I don't even understand why it was necessary when simply asking the guard during the dinner without the tail stuff might have been successful anyway, and they could have hashed things out.

Heck, even if the Guard decides not to, she could ask other guards, she has a castle full of them. Just feel sorry for the guard.

6794231 I wouldn't. He likes it, even if he might not be willing to admit it. Sometimes it's very possible for people to say one thing and want another. As bad as that sounds, though, the bottom line is that he's enjoying himself.

6794281 Huh. I'll take your word for it. I guess the guard was hoping to incite that response. Thanks for the info.

6309287 It's so true. That is where mammals' tails are and I often get annoyed when they're depicted as being lower.

(I don't like this kind of story so I didn't read it, but I found it in my search for tail-related stories to add to my new group (which it must fit into due to mention of "gratuitous tail fetish"), and I have an M-rated section specifically for stories like this, so as to not discriminate). My interest in tails is strictly standard, but I won't hate people who like them in the other way

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