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Hawt. The only critique I really have is that the word "swell" is used quite a bit: words like "bulge", "expand", those words work as well. Very nice.

Vanilla:Kinky-->chocolate: ?

This was so fucked up.

Would read again.

Ooh boy...

EDIT: Ha, upvote number 69.

Kinky, kinky all the way! Vanilla is not even a real flavor.

You failed to deliver an ending. I mean yes, they fucked, and that was a thing, but you didn't say whether the negotiations went better afterwards. Clearly that was the important part of this story.

5613920 Nobody cares SHAMELESS CLOP ALL THE WAAAAAAAAAAY! :D:D:D:D:D Sorry...

5613920 I agree. I kinda wanted to see how this would affect negotiations.

5613920 You know, I was wondering if anyone would ask. I might add an ending just for your sake.

Now I want to know if this becomes a common thing between the two...

Maybe Celestia plays hard to get in diplomacatic relations and he "convinces her" with sex.

I agree. The tense political climate this ending bred has left me thoroughly unsatisfied.
Well, mostly unsatisfied.
Slightly unsatisfied.
Alright I pretty satisfied by the end, but still.

Maybe sex becomes Celestia's trump card for diplomatic conundrums with the leaders of the other kingdoms.
Suddenly the minotaurs, gryphons and others become much more friendly with Equestria!
Aaaaaall thanks to Discord.

5613920 Ask and ye shall receive. The political situation now has a resolution.

5618172 Very good. Plot devices deserve to be addressed. Carry on.

You do realize 'vanilla' sex is just plain penetration, right? Nothing added, just vaginal sex. Vanilla. This wasn't vanilla.

Damn, that was pretty hot! I don't think you needed to have two versions, but I enjoyed both. Great story, and congrats on the Feature! Would love to see more stories involving the Saddle Arabians, clop-wise or not. :moustache:

5619167 I took it as meaning "without kinks." Sure, a threesome might be considered kinky, but in comparison with what the kinky version is, I think vanilla is an apt descriptor.

Just as I would expect from a whore like her.

Fuck yeah, Dislestia party +1. Hot, hot, hot! Alas, that i have but one upvote to give.

This fic is just so awesome. There needs to be more moments of weakness where Celestia just swallows her pride and indulges herself. Great job!

Sensible and good ending.

Oh, and hawt.

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