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Hello there! I'm your everyday guy who enjoys writing lewd stories about gay horses (and the occasional mare). So feel free to stick around if that's your thing, I hope to please you all

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This was just awesome! I already enjoy Braeburned artwork and I enjoy this clopfic even more of the fact. Excellent job! :twilightsmile:

oh fuck yes , that work by breaburned definitely needed a fic :pinkiehappy:

Aww, why does it have to be slight cumflation? Will still read though.

Well this was certainly arousing.


Okay, a few things.

One, I liked a good amount of the prose here. It could stand to be a bit more purple but as of now you seem to have a decent idea of how to write. I would highly recommend getting rid of that tildes habit, though. It really isn't punctuation you should use in any story, even a clopfic.

Overall, though, this was pretty fine. I came I guess so there's that. The world would be a better place with more werepony stories.

5624865 Thank you for the advice! I used to RP way too often before I started to write so the tildes have become a force of habit. I'll be sure to change that from now on.

Neeeeds a seqquueeeellll

Ohh my... I do believe you have earned a favorite and a like. Perhaps a sequel? All that were-sperm has to have some effect on the poor pony. Maybe he himself will become one, Hm?

"Turn back," I told myself mentally, grimacing in perverse confusion as my mouse scrolled over the title. "Nothing good can come of this."

With shaking hands the mouse was clicked, the story was opened and a single bead of sweat dripped off my nose and into my lap. "Turn back," I pleaded, whimpering to the darkness that had become my life. "Please. Just turn back."

Alas, my pitiful pleas were drowned out by the roaring call of impossible fetishes and strange, sexy pones that pervaded my senses as the text scrolled. Too much. I was just a boy. Just a boy...

A tear joined the drop of sweat on my jeans. As it fell, it carried with it the last hope for my innocence. A sparkling gem, snuffed out by denim and early-morning smut. I was just a boy...

"Why?" I cried softly, chest heaving in the dark. My mouse scrolled over a star. One more click and it was over. "Why..."

And as I sobbed my sick indulgences away, a little flag popped up in the corner of a computer, thousands of miles away.

CreepyPony smiled the perverted grin of a madman, gazing upon his interned souls in pride. The boy was gone. The trap remained.

aww dang , i was hopping this fic would have followed the 1 clop pic of wereumber by breaburned.....

Biggest issue was the excessive over use of the word "stallion"

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